Useful Safety Tips For Women Travelling In India For Tour

Despite of the lack of safety and security, it is inevitable to travel the exotic places in India. However it is necessary to be careful and make sure to avoid risky attempts like arriving alone on train platform at night. Also be cautious about your behavior and clothing. Here are few safety recommendation if you are travelling alone in India.

Research About Culture and Safe Routes

Travelling in India is as same as Thailand, Greece or Caribbean. It’s massive, traditional, diverse, ancient and still an overwhelming experience. Try to know as much as about the culture. For instance Rajasthan, a desert land but it is not westernized like Dubai. Wearing shorts and tank tops can be risky. So avoid to be revealing.

Correct your expectations

When you are from west, don’t expect to move freely and do anything you can do at homeland. Drinking here is allowed but need care, were loose modest clothes and refrain from overly friendly behavior and be careful when moving at night.

Be confident, not polite

You may find many discussions online about women who travel to India. Most of them express how to carry yourself. Be confident and you are less likely to attract unneeded attention. Apparently most of the men look for easy targets, so be confident and not polite. India possess hospitality culture but for women being polite is something that never work. Anyone stranger trying to annoy you become very adept by being cold or ignoring them, even get angry quickly and scream loudly.

Learn how you can relate to men

Try to learn how to relate to men, especially uneducated ones such as transportation, service and hospitality. Being friendly to any men here means you are inadvertently giving them wrong signals. So don’t express any type of feeling that you are available.

Remember India is traditional society, and don’t like male and female mix gatherings. Although there are many educated and well-mannered men in Metros like Mumbai and Delhi, and many in country side consider friendly behavior as an open invitations.

Use transportation strategies

You can travel through many means, trains, taxis, auto rickshaws and even motorcycles. But always be cautious and use correct transportation strategies such as avoiding night time traveling. Also if you are in a hotel Tthepiccadily.Com is best and safest hotel in Chandigarh, ask their staff to help you find taxi or any other transportation. When in the taxi, call someone and loudly tell the taxi number so that driver can hear. Plan your travelling to ensure not to arrive in middle of night, or try to have somebody to pick you from airport or train station. Many travel and tour firms, hotels and offers such services so take help from them.