I know I write a lot about Linux, and Ubuntu, but the fact remains that at my day job I am primarily a Windows admin. What does that mean? Well, it means that I don’t always get the chance to play in a Linux terminal. In fact, most of the time if I want to do stuff in Linux for the blog, or whatever, I have to mess with it on my own time.

Now some Linux commands are easier to remember than others because I use them more than others. Stuff like cd, nano, ls, sudo and so forth are used almost every time I do something in Linux. Other stuff like showing system uptime I rarely use, so I have to look up those commands.

Well, a writer for Fosswire.com named Jacob Peddicord created a really cool Linux/Unix quick reference cheat sheet, and he made if available for free using a Creative Commons License. Click the image below to download it!fwunixrefshot9

The PDF is available in other languages as well:

I for one am going to paste this thing up by my desk at work. Not only will it help me with some commands I don’t normally use, but it will also server as a little protest to Microsoft.

[Via FOSSwire]