The Ultimate Guide to Build Links Through Guest Blogging

The requirements to search engine optimization change all the time. A blogger, a content manager, a SEO manager, or an owner of a website should track these changes to keep a website updated and make it rank higher in search engines. The ranking is crucially important for your conversion rates. If people cannot find you on the first two pages of Google or other search engine, you lose leads and your sales drop down. It does not matter what kind of business you have on the Internet, the loss of ranking affects it badly.

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Why SEO is important for your website

Of course, the process of SEO optimization is rather complicated and it is not enough just to know what’s happening in SEO world. You need to implement these changes into the way you run your SEO strategy. As the changes happen all the time, it is always better to have a person who is competent in search engine optimization.

As you probably know, SEO is one of the marketing tools that help to promote your site in a search engine. By choosing proper meta tags and keywords you help people find you. However, meta tags and keywords are not enough today. Google becomes more demanding and it ranks high only those websites that provide useful and trustful content. Here the question appears, how it actually determines that the content is useful and trustful? If there are enough links that lead to the article or the blog, the level of trust grows, and Google changes the ranking of this website to the higher one.

Link building is one of the most popular methods to improve ranking and promote your website. The more links lead to your site, the more chances there are that new visitors will become your leads. But the process of link building is not as easy as it may seem. To successfully implement this method, you need to understand its tricks and problems. In this article, we are going to cover the most important issues on how to build links through guest blogging.

What is guest blogging?

First, let us find out what guest blogging is. In fact, this is nothing more than writing about your blog in other blogs. For example, a blogger writes a post about cooking and inserts a link to your blog using special keywords that explain to the readers that the link leads to the post of the same theme. A reader who is interested in cooking will click on it and will become your lead.

How to use guest blogging

So, let’s move to the most interesting part – how to use link building in blogging. We created a pathway for your success that professional SEO managers use to improve optimization of a website.

Step 1. Become a writer

There are three basic methods that are used in guest blogging:

a blog owner writes a post for free (for example, if you are friends or you follow some terms of mutual cooperation and advertisement),

a blog owner writes a post with a link to your website for money,

you write a post and contribute it to a blog.

The third method is the most popular one and this is the method that actually has immense benefits. The matter is that every time you write a post, you need to make it perfect. You need to present yourself as a professional who provides high-quality posts. Keep in mind that when you contribute your post, the first thing a blog owner pays attention to is its quality. What does it mean? Your post should contain truth-revealing details, results of research, your own vision of the problem, or profound analysis of the situation.

This is a perfect way to build your high-quality professional portfolio and over time you will notice how it benefits the number of your leads.

Step 2. Find websites for contributing

When the post is written, you need to decide where to contribute it. In fact, this is one of the most important steps if you care about your leads. When you choose a good blog with a high number of visitors for guest posting, you may expect that the number of leads to your website will increase. So, how to choose a good place for your post? There are three basic methods:

Via Google – just enter guest post or guest blogging in the search bar and you will find multiple blogs that allow contributing posts. Check them to find the most suitable for your niche.

Via Twitter – again, here you can find portals that allow blog posting by entering certain keywords into the search.

Via checking backlinks – find websites that attract the attention of users by using guest posting links. To get the results, use Open Site Explorer and check the list of sites that publish links to these sites.

After you have chosen blogs that are perfect for your niche, check the opportunities that these blogs offer to contributors. It is always better to choose blogs that offer a possibility to write about an author of a post at the beginning of an article as here you may already include the link to your website. Also, a good choice is a blog that allows creating a page for an author providing the opportunity to put several links into an article. It is always better to choose the blogs that allow adding social media profiles.

Step 3. Submit your article

First and foremost, contact the owners of a blog to make sure that your article suits their demands. Perhaps, they have certain requirements and limitations that are not listed on their website but are important for blog posting. Besides, it is always better to build good relations with blog owners to be able to enjoy some benefits in the future. Perhaps, you will be able to build a certain line of cooperation and communication that will help you appear in the Top posts of a website.

Another thing that you need to ask is when your post will appear on a website. Perhaps, the editors need some time to check it and decide whether it suits their requirements and whether it will be interesting to their readers.

Check-list for article contribution

When you submit your article to a blog, make sure that you have done everything correctly. Here is a brief check-list that will help you not to make a mistake with link building via guest blogging:

1. Check whether you have chosen a proper topic for your article

2. Check whether a chosen website is in your niche

3. Check your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes

4. Check whether your article is full of details and interesting information

5. Check whether you have formatted your text well for easy reading

6. Check whether you have chosen necessary images (if required)

To notice the results of guest blogging, you need to contribute at least several articles to the high-rated websites with a big number of visitors and readers. If you have selected low-rated sites, you need to contribute even more articles. If you want to make this strategy work for you, we strongly recommend that you build your backlinks carefully, paying attention to the slightest changes in traffic. Thus, you will be able to determine sites that will bring you more leads than others. Good luck with link building!

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