As most of you all know, I am a huge proponent of Ubuntu. I even make my own version of Ubuntu Linux (Newest version posts tomorrow!). Some of you though are new to Ubuntu Linux, or even Debian Linux from which Ubuntu is based.

For the most part, If you are just casually using the desktop version of Ubuntu you don’t need to know a lot of these command lines. I mean, most things in the desktop version are gui based which makes it easy to use for the beginner. Still though, once you get past the cuteness, and ease of use of the gui, you may find that there is a hell of a lot more you can do from the terminal!

In fact, if you ever want to be a Linux admin yourself, you have got to start learning terminal commands because most server versions of Linux come in a terminal form only.ubuntu-cheat-sheet_thumb3
Source http://www.bauer-power.net