Top Ten Keyword Research Tools

You are aware that relevant keywords are very much important for getting a good number of visitors to your website or blog. Keywords are to be incorporated in title or in first and last paragraphs or in the body of the article, whenever you post contents in a blog. Keywords are also important for the search engines to identify your website and place it in the web pages with high ranking and thereby bringing heavy traffic to your website or blog. Many people ignore this fact and do not insert proper keywords in their blog posts and hence they lose a good number of visitors.

In this article, the top ten keyword research tools are discussed for getting SEO friendly keywords for your posts.

Google Ad word Keyword Tool is the best tool for finding apt and targeted keywords for your contents and the facility is available at free of cost. You will also be able to find short tail and long tail keywords and in this way, you can increase your ad sense earnings.

Word Stream Keyword Tool is another tool that helps you to find SEO friendly keywords. You can search for keyword grouping, keyword niches and other options using this tool. For a limited research of keywords, the search is free and if you want to get more than thousands of keywords for your appropriate selection, you need to use paid version.

Word Tracker is yet another tool to search for SEO friendly keywords and here too, free and paid versions are available for your research of keywords.

Keyword Eye is another useful tool in finding searched keywords and you are allowed to search for more than 10 keywords per day and if you register yourself with this tool, you can be benefited by more searches for keywords.

SEO Book and Uber Suggest are the best tools available for keyword research and if you enter any keyword in the search box, you will get a list of targeted keywords, from which you can select your relevant keyword.

You can get a list of SEO friendly keywords from Bing Keyword Research Tool and you can choose the right keywords to enhance your ranking in web pages.

Similarly, Keyword Spy, SEMRush and SpyFu are also the available best tools to do your research on SEO friendly and SEO friendly keywords.