Top Ten Free Web Hosting Sites

You are aware that web hosting is very much essential for your website and there are thousands of websites, available on the internet that come forward to host your website free of cost and these sites provide you necessary bandwidth along with reliable and faster service. In this article, there is a discussion on some important websites that provide you many features including web hosting and you will be able to get new and amazing ideas to start your own website free of cost. If you are not in need of advanced features for your website, it would be better to go for a blogger. But, if you require PHP, My SQL and some other features, you need a website and not a blogger.Top Ten Free Web Hosting Sites

Here is the list of top websites that provide you free web hosting with features such as PHP, My SQL, C Panel and others and that too free of cost. After learning about web hosting, you go for the purchase of web hosting from a reliable website, available online.

1. is one among the websites that provide you free web hosting along with features like PHP, My SQL, C Panel and other important features. Many users are using this site to host their website and enjoy great benefits.
2. is also another site providing web hosting services with necessary features with almost cent percent guarantee and provide you 1.5 GB disk space and 100 GB data transfer.
3. is also a free website builder and provides you free webhosting and other advanced features. This is also considered as a trusted website that provides you necessary services.

4. is yet another reputed website that provides you free web hosting with some advanced features. This website offers unlimited disk space and you have the liberty to start any type of website.
5. is also one among the great websites that offers special features like PHP, My SQL and others for your benefits. As thousands of templates are available in this website, you can make best use of them to start your own website.
6. is another website offering free web hosting to you and if you intend to start a business website, you can utilize the services of
7. is a site that provides you with PHP, My SQL, Control Panel and other facilities along with free web hosting and 1000GB disk space. The speciality is that you can start a professional website with the features that are offered by this website.
8. is another website that provides you with free web hosting with 25 GB free disk space and 6 GB data transfer. They also provide you 24 hours technical support to you.
9. 1 is also a free web hosting site that offers 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth and 5 free e mail accounts. You can also utilize the services offered by them to achieve fast growth for your website.
10. is a website that is liked by students and teachers, as they offer great features related to the study of several subjects. This website provides you with 32 GB disk space with some excellent features to build an education website.