Top Ten Best SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs

Top Ten Best SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs- For any website, particularly for a business website, traffic is vital and the success of your website and online business depend on the amount of traffic to your website. To increase the traffic, search engine optimization is very much essential to bring the rank of your website to a higher level in web pages. Those, who are familiar with SEO tricks and tips, can mange their traffic to their websites, but what about the people, who are ignorant in such techniques?SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs

Actually search engine optimization is divided into two parts namely on page SEO optimization and off page SEO optimization. If you are a user of a blog, then you need to make certain changes in your template to make it totally friendly with SEO or otherwise, you can use such blogger templates, which are already optimized with on page SEO. When this process is completed, you have to go for off page SEO optimization and do your best to increase your blog ranking.

Top Ten SEO Tips:

Choosing correct post URL will always help you to get more visitors to your site or blog. This will actually help remove stop words from your post URL and make it SEO friendly. When you write one post for your blog, then change its permalink and remove stop words from your post URL.

Search engines usually give importance to the post title at first and if you optimize your blog post titles, your site may find a place in the first page of web rankings and hence you get increased traffic. The steps in this regard are as follows.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template>> Edit HTML.
  2. Find <title> < data: blog. page title/></title>
  3. Replace the above code by the new one as bellow.
  4. <b: if cond =data: blog. page type ==& quot; index & quot:>

<title>< data:blog. title /></title> <b:else /><title><data:blog.pageName/ I

<data:blog.title/>< /b:if>.

Search engines give due importance to Mega Description for your blog. You can add more than 150 characters in Meta Description followed by post description.

Enable Custom Robots Text is also one among the SEO tips for making your blog SEO friendly. Similarly, Enable Custom Robots Header Tags is also considered as a better SEO tip to make your site SEO friendly.

Optimization of images in your blog is also one of the best ways in increasing blog traffic and there are different methods to do this and some of them are Using Keyword in Image Name, choosing the best format, adding Title tag and Alt. tag and using of proper dimensions.

Inviting blog comments are good to increase the web traffic, but on the contrary, if you get irrelevant and bad comments, your blog reputation will be in lurch. Therefore, you need to add no follow attribute in your comments section. The steps involved are as follows.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Edit HTML.
  2. Find expr:href=data:post.createLinkURL

Replace the above code by the following one.

rel =external nofollow expr:href=data:post.createLinkURL.

  1. Click on Save Template and you are done.

You need to optimize blog labels to enable the visitors to navigate your site easily and this is one among the best SEO tips to get more traffic.

You have to add internal links to make your blog SEO friendly. Internal links are nothing but hyperlinks that are to be added on targeted keywords.

Improving your blog loading time is very much important. This is because, if the visitors experience more loading time to reach your blog; they will lose their patience and move to other sites, without spending much or no time on your