Top Java Blogs, Websites, and Newsletters for Programmers of All Level

The Java Programmers, no matter whether they are beginners or well experienced, sooner or later everyone needs proper guidance and support when their code is interrupted by any issue or bug. Today we are here to make you familiar with the group of an online place that will keep you renewed with all the recent announcements about the Java programming, platform, API, libraries, IDEs, etc. We have discussed the list of top rated websites, blogs, and newsletters that can make your life simpler in the world of Java programming.

Highly Reputed Sources of Recent News Updates

Java newsletter is a complete review of the day’s most significant news articles and blog posts from the well reputed Java websites, and web portals on the web. We have discussed a few of the portals to make you reach best Java newsletter, and by subscribing them, you can get daily updates to your email inbox.

Sun Developer Network

Well, this is the perfect place, to begin with! Being a standard Java developers’ website, it includes all the knowledge you require. The website is upgraded with the newest articles each week. Furthermore, it has some important segments for the developers, such as blogs, developers’ spot light, knowledge about several Java technologies peak downloads, and links for the community. If you want to get technical updates on Java, different libraries and IDEs, this site contains all that you require!

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Being entertained by Sun Microsystems, this Java community website leads the head to toe news on Java. It includes all the valuable information consisting blog, news, spotlight, magazines, events, and much of for the experienced Java programmers as well as the beginner. If you have an enthusiasm to distribute your Java experience or project perspicacity, get into and let the world aware of the thoughts and innovations that you made in Java.

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Java world

Here’s one of the originators, which produces weekly Java article updates. Apart from this, users can also browse some of the most useful and engaging sections like top 5 articles, forums, featured articles, news and views, and a lot. Additionally, you can receive a weekly subscription for your selected articles. If you’re searching for some robust Java resource, you simply can’t afford to miss this one!

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IBM’s Developerworks

If you’re slowly moving ahead in Java, it is a must go site for you! Being managed by IBM and its Java developer’s community, it’s an excellent origin for the growing Java programmers trying to clear their Java fundamentals. The Java segment of IBM’s Developerworks includes everything a Java programmer requires to understand Java such as online tutorials, articles, forums, community events, etc.

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It is a useful root for experienced and skilled Java developers looking to keep themselves upgraded with the recent events in Java. Java articles on this website are hosted at DevX. Other helpful sections involve Java Zone for latest and featured articles, forums, article archives, and special announcements. However, it principally deals with web-based application development.

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Top-Rated Java Blogs to keep you Updated


It is the core of the Java developer community! Dzone is a news website for software development wherein it operates JavaLobby platform to publish Java related news and articles. It’s a community-operated website, and therefore the community publishes all the articles and content but is stringently observed. I would assume this website is fun for the readers and lots of developers share their blog articles here to make the beginners aware of latest technologies that are in trend.

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It is a great origin to get information about several aspects of diverse technologies. Paul Leahy, the mediator of Java about pages, retains the column refreshed everything with the latest updates in the Java development and community. No matter what your intention to visit the site, you will regularly learn something new here.

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Java Code Geeks

If you stay connected with Java development, you surely keep on knowing everything about the latest updates that are regularly refreshed on this online community. It is a “Unit” for the Java developers, without counting in their level of experience. It is an excellent resource for the technical architect, Java developers, senior and junior developers, project manager, etc. JCGs serve the SOA, Java, Agile and Telecom communities using the news written by domain experts on a daily basis, tutorials, articles, reviews, announcements, open source projects, and code snippets.

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After starting its journey in late 2007, it has become among the best web resources amid the Java experts of entry to expert level. With a broad spectrum of Java tutorials, commencing from Spring, Hibernate, Grails, Struts, Struts 2, etc., Mkyong has become a perfect destination for the everyone intending to get into Java development with robust fundamentals about Java frameworks and programming.

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“Promoting the extent of innovation and knowledge in enterprise application and software development” – This is what the slogan of InfoQ.  No matter, whether you are searching for the latest updates in Java or looking for videos, conference reports, interviews, or anything else, the InfoQ’s astonishing Java community will bring nearly everything you’re seeking for Java.

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List of Website to Keep you Updated with Java


You plausibly be aware that you can host your websites free there, but you may not be familiar with one of its excellent feature. It is a fantastic resource for mastering Java libraries and frameworks. For example, if you desire to study Spring MVC framework, you can find and explore various open source projects here. It makes the learners available with easily understandable examples that make it a perfect destination for all level Java programmers and developers.

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Java SE Technical Documentation

All the documents and assets that you need to utilize Java SE API can be easily accessed from here. No matter, whether you are an advanced level Java programs or a beginner, this is an excellent place from where you can get everything that you need to learn.

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The Server Side

If you’re working with the server-side Java applications, this site is an “unmatched destination” for you! This is one of the most preferred resources for all server-side Java specific discussions. It has the latest news, featured articles, what’s new section, modular code, Java management, and mobile app development segments for visitors, which turned out this online platform more engaging for the Java developers.

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Over 50 million Java developers and programmers visit this website to look for the solutions for their issues, doubts, and queries. This is an excellent platform for the users to learn, share their experience and strengthen their careers.

It is among the most famous websites in the world of programming. Millions of helpful questions and answers can be checked here which will surely help you solve your issues. Learning a programming language or an API generally, depend on code examples, here the users will find a lot of code fragments.

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Oracle Java Tutorials

Oracle, a global software development hub, has acquired its own free online Java course for both experienced as well as beginners. Being constantly updated, this model shows how to develop applications in a simple and easy approach. In addition to the basics, you’ll also conclude what GUI is and how to build it, read more regarding JavaBeans and custom networking.

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You just saw the top Java tutorials and courses but do you know which of the above ones is “the best”? To know the best one click here.