Top 5 Mistakes that New Vapers Should Avoid

The vaping experience can turn from fun to disaster due to some small mistakes. A new vaper can be carried away by the excitement of this new experience and throw caution to the wind. Vaping, like smoking, requires technique and

Vaping is taking the world by storm and people are moving to the e-cigarette world. A new vaper might be intimidated by the complicated e-cigars that have continuously flooded the market.  An excellent new vaping experience can be heavenly, but a horrible first-time experience could be a turnoff for a new vaper. This situation can be avoided by avoiding these top new vapers’ mistakes.

Cheap Products

Cheap has been and will continue being expensive. Nothing good can come at a cheap price. If an e-cigarette or an e-juice falls below the normal market price, ask yourself what the product is lacking. A new vaper might be attracted by the low prices from unknown companies.

This can turn out to be your worst experience as a new vaper. New manufacturers are flooding the market with poor quality vaping products to make easy money. Look out for reviews and ask around from experienced smokers for some advice before settling on a new e-cigarette.

Nicotine Level

The level of the nicotine in an e-juice must be perfect. The mistake of purchasing either too little or too much nicotine ends up as an epic vaping fail. A newbie must buy the right amount of nicotine to avoid nausea and dizziness from too much nicotine or lack of satisfaction from too little nicotine.

When the level is lower than normal, you are likely to wonder why you even quit smoking. For a smooth transition from smoking to vaping, ensure that the nicotine level is perfect. If you are a dabbler, start with the 3mg nicotine and rise as you go. If you are a chain smoker, the 24mg nicotine is the perfect strength for you.

Wrong E-Juice

Any new vapor will get overwhelmed by the numerous brands of e-liquids in the market. A new vaper should start from the familiar tobacco e-juice and rise to the sophisticated chocolate and fruit flavors. It is important to take one step at a time for a smooth transition.

Diluents are major factors to consider after the flavors. Start with the natural odorless and tasteless 50 vegetable glycerol to 50 propene glycerol ratio products and adjust the figures as you proceed.


The e-cigarette requires maintenance like any other electronic device. Many new vapers do not know that an e-cigarette requires cleaning to maintain its usability. The coil requires replacing as time goes by to maintain the functionality of the e-cigarette.

If you are not planning to go back to smoking after being frustrated by the vaping device, maintain it by replacing the coil, also known as the atomizer head. The coil converts the e-juice into vapor. The coil is likely to get clogged by dirt with time, and it should be replaced regularly. The coil must be primed or soaked in the e-juice before being lit.

Forgetting to switch off your Vape

The pocket-sized devices can easily turn from little harmless products to products of destruction. A new smoker is not used to switching devices on and off. The new vaper might accidentally drop the vape into the pocket and rush to run an errand.


The result of this mistake ranges from ruined battery life to leakages. Ensure that your vape is switched off even if you are going for a few seconds. This precaution will save you so much money and headaches. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There is a huge difference between smoking and vaping. New smokers should never assume that since they have perfected the art of smoking that vaping should be an easy ride. Vaping and smoking are as different as heaven and earth. Do not get it twisted though; Vaping is not rocket science.

All a new vaper needs to do is to take precaution and look for information. Ask around for information or look for reviews from unbiased platforms. Vaping is a lovely experience that will keep you away from smoking for good if you do it right.