Hair is the part of personality that can abolish or demolish your personality. A little change in the hairstyle can change the overall impact of your personality. Similarly healthy hair will enhance your personality while bad and damaged hair will destroy the personality.

Here we will discuss top 5 Common Hair Mistakes  that damage your hair and how to avoid them.

Common Hair Mistake 1:

Common Hair Brushing Mistake

Brushing the hair is very important but most of the females brush their hair roughly and hardly. To unlock the tangles do not brush harshly as it damages the hair by breaking the hair strands. This also weakens the hair roots which lead to hair fall. And this in return makes your hair look bad. So for unlocking the tangles use wide tooth comb move it softly through the hair especially from roots then use the brush to brush tangles gently. Never brush or comb your hair when they are wet because they are more likely to break. Let them dry then softly comb them.

Common Hair Mistake 2:

common hair dye mistake

Females love to dye their hair but neglect the care which should be taken to keep it long lasting. Mostly they use shampoo to wash off the dye from the hair without knowing that the shampoo they are using is dye friendly or not.

Not all shampoos are good for dyed hair. Use shampoos that are especially designed for dyed hair in this way your dye will long last and will not fade soon. Another important thing is that do not immediately shampoo the hair after dying wait for almost 24 to 48 hours to keep the vibrancy and glow of your hair color.

Common Hair Mistake 3:

Common Straightening Hair Mistake

Now a day girls use straightening iron to straight their hair. The most common mistake that damages hair is straightening wet hair. When your hair is wet they are very fragile and break easily. So let them dry then use iron to straight them. And if you want to straight immediately then use blow dryer instead of straightening iron. Use large round brush for straightening. This is how you can avoid damaging your hair.

Common Hair Mistake 4:

Blow Dryer Style Hair Mistake

Straightening iron and blow dryer style your hair with heat. Heat damages your hair a lot making them rough and frizzy. It may lead to hair fall and loss of shine. Many hair serums and hair cream are available in the market that makes a protective coating on the hair and prevent it from the direct contact of heat. Thus you can use heating tools without losing natural moisture of the hair as the serum locks the moisture inside. So girls do apply heat protective spray or serums to avoid damaging.

Common Hair Mistake 5:

most common hair mistake of females

When hair becomes wet they are more sensitive and damages easily if treated harshly. It is the common hair mistakes of females that they tie their hair tightly after washing them. This makes roots weak and may cause headache. So avoid this and let them dry before tying.

We ourselves are responsible for hair damage. By avoiding these top 5 common mistakes that damage your hair you can get healthy good looking hair.