To Be An Advanced UX Designer, What’s Your Next Step ?

Since Donald Norman put forward the term of “user experience” in the 1990s, but if you want to be an advanced UX designer, you have many to do. The UX design industry is still a new area worthwhile to explore and learn, and the market demand for the UX designer continues to increase at nowadays. So today we will introduce the user experience related to the design and use of interactive products, and list the best learning UX design resources to help you advance to be an advanced UX designer.

We Fix UX

The blog designed and run by Paulina of Rome and Pauline Makuch. You will find a lot of case studies and topics here.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?


Articles about UX are divided into categories: analysis and research, research, design and interesting facts. Just getting started!

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Recipe

A checklist, through it, you can see how you stand with the project, and even calculate the cost.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

DT Telepathy

If you are not totally Greens of UX, we encourage you to review the blog team from DT Telepathy, the Topics about-Uxowe.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

Usabilla Blog

It’s a pretty good blog, although it still at the beginning stage and we cannot sure whether they call themselves Usabilia or Usabilla, or due to the selected font. There are a lot of texts about UX, as well as digital marketing.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Intern

Monthly podcast interviews with UX designers.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Checklist

This is a very helpful UX checklist, which will carry you through the entire process and all the steps in the creation of User Experience.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Booth

A professional blog that covers many articles about UX. You can read about the UX analysis, and the story about the philosophy of usability and research.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

Mockplus Blog

Popular design tools, the latest design trends, popular shared design skills, and the classic design books, etc, all you can find here.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Movement

Do you want to know why Hamburger menu will help you increase conversion? Are you looking for a variety of well explained examples of how to design buttons, navigation and how to decide grid? UX Movement is best for you.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

Design Talks – UX

On this site, you will find more than 350 talks about design, including almost 50 of UX design. By subscribing to their newsletter, you will receive 1-2 the best design speeches of the conference from all over the world on each email.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UXPin – Ebooks

UXPin is not only launched one of the most popular tools for prototyping, but also pushing about the free eBooks to designer on UX, information architecture, flat design, mobile typography, usability testing, design, responsive design, etc. There you will find some of the best e-books available online for free, with a mass of useful links, examples and case studies. Check out the UXPin blog-a mine of knowledge on strategies, the interdepartmental cooperation, design, ux.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

Udemy – UX Course

On the popular learning platform Udemy, you will find more than 60 courses about the User-Experience (including 6 totally free) at different levels.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Mastery

This site dedicated to the whole User Experience. In here you will find articles, sources (books, podcasts, courses, conferences, technology, tools, etc.) . And there is a forum where you can exchange ideas and comments with other designers.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

UX Design

The blog was run by Matt’s July of K2’s UX department. He has written articles about user experience, service design, interaction design, information architecture, usability, and HCI (Human Computer Interface), which allows people to interact directly with computers directly through the user interface.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?

What is UX? Infographics

This article is about the differences between User Experience and User Interface. With the help of inforgraphics, you will understand what is ux more intuitively.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?


UXBite, which is the tasty morsels about UX prepared by 3 UX Designer. In this site, the articles are categorized from the usability testing, interaction design, usability, and design patterns. These will take you to understand the UX. In the downloads section, you will find other content about the career Report in UX or checklist test with users. The blog has stop update for a long time, but you can also find many helpful things.

What’s Your Next Step to Be An Advanced UX Designer?


Mockplus Christmas Sales & Giveaways for Year End – 64% Off

The holidays are really the most wonderful time of year, and this year Mockplus wants to make them as excellent as possible for their beloved customers. As 2016 Christmas comes around the corner, Mockplus is offering up to 64% discount for its annual billing subscriptions from this page, with no promo code required. Furthermore, here is a round-up of bonus deals for folks working on creative projects. Let‘s go and see more detailed information.

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Prototyping Design Tutorial Roundup: Best Video Tutorials

In general, pen and paper prototyping is most often used to display conceptions in the product development process. Which processes simply and rapidly with a brief sketch. But you still have a lot of work to do, if you want to get the wireframes to be more perfect. On YouTube, somebody shows a paper-based prototype for Daum’s webmail service. All the button clicks and page interactions displayed logically and clearly by two people cooperated with each other. While time is money and everything at this quick tempo environment. Some users wondered how long it takes to rehearsal for the presentation. The more worried is the sequence of the paper pieces, and the problem of documents missing.


Comparatively, employing with a variety of wireframing/prototyping tools is a more advanced operation. So many introduction or summary of such tools explosively listed. But, do you really know how to use it? Maybe some of you are eager to find out the video tutorial on YouTube or somewhere. It is better to teach you how to do it better than only names. There are some video tutorials of the frequently-used tools. Just take a look.

Wireframing Tool – Balsamiq

Balsamiq Tutorial

Balsamiq Mockups started in 2008 in California. It is the pioneer of hand-drawn style prototyping tool and reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard. It is a simple wireframing tool, which means it cannot use to make the interactive prototype. To help users learn better and faster, a 3-minute video tutorial shows at the home page. More detailed tutorials are available on YouTube, such as this Balsamiq Tutorial with 65K + views, which created in November 2013.

Interactive Prototyping Tool – Mockplus

30 seconds prototyping with Mockplus

Mockplus is a simple and easy-to-learn interactive prototyping tool. Which interaction design is fully visualized, that’s WYSIWYG. It’s unique link points allowing you to create interactions between components and page drag and drop easily. A 10 minutes video tutorial available at the Tutorial page, that is, learning right, using right. Also, you can find more tutorials on YouTube, then you will learn that Mockplus could help you to achieve the more advanced and complicated interaction effects. Its comparative advantage could see from the “30 seconds prototyping with Mockplus”. Mockplus tutorial has accumulated 10K + views within a few months.

Interface Editing Tool- Sketch

Sketch App Tutorials Series Introduction

Sketch is a vector drawing application for all designers. Vector graphics is currently the best way to conduct web pages, icons, and interface design. Experienced designers spend a few hours can use it well with their own design skills in Sketch. If you are a beginner and don’t know how it works, simply follow the tutorial videos. LevelUpTuts’ Sketch App Tutorials Series Introduction, which has 300K + views will teach you well in learning Sketch.

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Collaboration & Presentation Tool – Invision

Invision video tutorial

Strictly speaking, InVision not an interaction design tool, but it can help designers and design teams to do prototyping more efficiently. Creating an online prototype requires only four parts: creating a project, uploading visual design drafts, adding links, and generating online prototypes to communicate with colleagues, users, and get feedback. A 3-minute video tutorial available on it’s website for a quick overview of Invision. Similarly, you can go to YouTube to find more detailed Invision video tutorial.

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Top Design Trends of Website Creation

Awareness of the latest web design trends is a must when it comes to creating websites. This is because a well-designed website should be the sample of modern ideas and their representation. In order to attract the attention of potential users, a website should feature all the characteristics and techniques that are in demand on the date of its creation. So, if you are right about to create a new website to establish your online presence, you should know what design trends of website creation should be considered these days. This is what we are going to talk about below.

Speaking about trendy web design ideas that are going to dominate this year, it makes sense to point out the following.

1. Card-Style Interface Designs


The increasing popularity of card-style interface designs makes it possible to assume that this trend will be extensively used by web-designers around the world. It is reasonable to represent the idea in all kinds of products – from web-based applications and up to printed products. Everyone likes cards and implementing them into the design of your website is a great way to attract clients. A card-style interface is a kind of entertaining tool for users, who want their websites to stand out in the crowd.

2. Movie-Style Presentations

2 movie-style presentation

The advancement of the Internet technologies has made it possible to offer users movie-style presentations. It is really engaging to browse through a website, which represents high definition elements and images that help create the online movie experience most people have not faced before. Websites created with the integration of movie-style techniques always differ from lots of other resources available on the web these days and can give you the chance to create an outstanding website design, which will become a real “masterpiece”. By the way, this idea is not widely implemented yet, so it makes sense to give it a try!

3. New Color Theory Interpretations

3 image theory

You may be surprised to find out that a website should not contain too many colors to attract the attention of the target audience. The more colors you use, the worse the perception of the site may become. The fact is that it is a real “art” to be capable of representing colors in a harmonious and effective manner in order to improve the user experience. According to the prognoses of the web design experts, implementation of color schemes in the projects is going to change, giving place to more restrained color combinations. The priority will be given to the combination of two or three colors and their shades, which is more than enough to create a user-friendly interface that will encourage people to keep browsing through the resource.

4. Material Web Design  Prevalence

4 webdes

Material web design ideas that have recently been introduced by Google in the development of their Android apps, is going to gain popularity this year. This trend is based on the combination of principles of the popular classic design and those of innovative technical achievements. The design is easy to recognize due to the set of characteristics that include minimalistic features, bright color schemes and combinations, implementation of shadows and lighting, grid-based website layouts, responsive transitions and images as well as padding techniques. Does this sound close to impossible? Well, maybe, but you will really be surprised to find out that the best website builders have already started using these and other modern web design ideas in the development of their templates.

5. Minimalistic Animations

5 minimal animation

Animations have always been the focal point of the prevailing amount of web design trends. They can be large and small, bright and dull, cute and tremendous, but their presence has already become a must in the web design niche. The only distinction between the animations is that this year they are going to diminish in size. This, however, will not affect their popularity in a negative way, because animated elements of interfaces are among the best tools to drive the attention of users and keep them encouraged to visit the site again and again.

6. Sketch Designs


Websites designed using images and sketches always look unique and entertaining. Sketch designs are a perfect choice for all kinds of websites, be it an entertaining, business, child-oriented or other resource. The best advantage of the trend is that all images and sketches look hand-created, which gives the site a personal touch and makes users feel special.

7. Slide Implementation

7 slide

Implementation of slides has marked the new era in the web design development. It all started with the usage of moving sliders, the mission of which was to represent content in the most favorable light. Now, however, the trend is going to become more advanced, with full-screen slideshows that are used to provide more content, which is more visually appealing and attention grabbing. Experts are sure that this approach will change the whole website perception, making the users get the most out of their web design experience.

Will these trends become popular this year or, maybe, they will fade away in less than no time? When it comes to web design, predictions do not make any sense. So, we just have to wait for a while and watch the result!

Contributed by http://superbwebsitebuilders.com/