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Designhill vs 99designs : Top Crowdsourcing Site for Logo Design

When it comes to creating important brand elements, such as a logo and website, majority of small businesses and startups today opt for crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing provides a lot of benefits to the designers as well as clients as it is cost-effective and offers flexibility. Hiring professional graphic designers who work on on individual basis are usually very expensive. Therefore, startups find crowdsourcing the best solution for their graphic design needs.Top Crowdsourcing Site

However, these days, even crowdsourcing is becoming unaffordable for startups and small business having limited resources. There are crowdsourcing platforms that charge exorbitant fees for launching a design contest to create logos, business cards etc. Startups, on the other hand, usually try finding sites wherein they can get quality designs at affordable prices.

If you too are one of them, your search ends here as Designhill – one of the leading graphic design marketplaces – continues to be a cost-effective platform for startups and small business owners to get the face of their company which is logo. By using this site, entrepreneurs can secure a quality logo design in as low as $129. All you need to do is launch a logo design contest. You will receive dozens of design entries from their pool of experienced and talented designers, of which you will have to pick one winner. It’s that simple. Moreover, if you don’t like any of the designs, there is nothing to worry! The site refunds your entire amount back under its 100% Money Back Guarantee offer.

There is another design crowdsourcing platform in the market that has caught attention of the people. It is 99Designs. Small business or startups often get confused to use which one of the sites for crowdsourcing designs. However, to make things simpler for you, we present to you an elaborate (price) comparison between the two heavyweights in the industry – 99Designs and Designhill.



Designhill offers four level of pricing for clients which are the most competitive as compared to its leading counterparts. You can launch a logo design contest at the lowest possible cost. You can take the Fast Track package that allows you to start the contest at only $129. With this package, you can expect 10+ designers and 20+ design entries. Usually, this package successfully satisfies the graphic design needs of startups and individual entrepreneurs. But what makes it more attractive is its 100% Money Back Guarantee offer. This implies that you will get your entire money back in case you find the work unsatisfactory, which is rare as the site has hundreds of talented designers in its fold.

However, many businesses need sophisticated logo designs that require high-end skills of experienced designers. Designhill has carved out special packages with special features for them.

Entrepreneurs can opt for the Normal package at $229 to attract greater number of professional designers to their logo design contest. In this package, you can expect to receive atleast 20+ designers with 40+ design entries.

However, if you wish to see more designers working on your logo design, you can opt for the Executive package at $329. With this package, your contest attracts at least 35+ designers with more than 100 design entries. The last package you can go for is the Premium package at $529. This is a package that mostly ambitious business owners opt for as they wish to generate a tough competition amongst talented designers for creating a logo. As the enticing prize money will attract greater number of experienced designers, you can expect 140+design entries.

All the 4 packages come with features that add value to a design contest. You access unlimited designs per designer. Designhill also allows you to highlight your logo design contest so that it is visible at the top of the contest list. Also, you can promote your contest on social media platforms using Designhill to attract more and more designers.Top Crowdsourcing Site Prices

99Designs is also a great crowdsourcing platform with a network of thousands of designers working round-the-clock to provide you with some amazing designs. However, as far as pricing is concerned, the logo design packages at 99Designs start from $299 (Bronze package) as against $129 in Designhill.   Therefore, even initial package seems to be out of reach of many startups and small entrepreneurs.

Their highest package (the Platinum package) is of $1299 which is way too expensive for startups and small business’. At best, a medium level business owner can settle for middle packages of Silver and Gold at $499 and $799 respectively.Top Crowdsourcing Site compare prices


Therefore, the above comparison clearly highlights that Designhill is a far more cost-effective site for creating logo designs than 99designs. Startups, small businesses and individual clients can rely on this platform for availing unique logo designs at affordable costs.

Designhill does not compromise on quality front. There is no difference of design quality offered by the two sites discussed above. A look at design samples and entries posted on Designhill is enough to convince you about high quality standards the designers keep at this platform. You can visit to explore how users found the site useful.

Designhill – A trusted platform

Besides being cost-effective, clients see Designhill as a trusted site for timely delivery of design works, meeting customer complaints, feedback and coming true on promises. Leading review sites have rated Designhill high.

Site Jabber gave 77% positive scores to Designhill on meeting standards of consumer complaints, queries and feedback. Trust Pilot rated Designhill as 7.3 on the scale of 0-10.

These higher ratings for Designhill are due to the site making persistent efforts to win trust of its clients. The crowdsourcing marketplace recently launched a slew of interactive campaigns including series of interactive infographics, interactive quizzes and mocrosites.  Reputed sites such as The Next Web, Huffington Post, and Forbes Magazine took note of Designhill in their blog posts.  Forbes Magazine featured a story ‘Startups: Why Giving Stuff Away For Free Is the Best Marketing Toolproviding stats and information from Designhill’s interactive infographic.


Though both the sites are great source of high-end quality of logos and other graphic design standards and both boast of having thousands of experienced designers, Designhill beats 99designs hands down when it comes to pricing. For startups, individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, Designhill offers extremely competitive packages.

Also, Designhill testimonials clearly depict its commitment towards meeting customers’ queries and delivering projects on time.