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Making Use of the Cloud for Your Small Business

Data storage can take up a lot of memory, and backing up your computer systems can be a pain. However, IT systems are vital to the running of your business, and it’s important to keep all your data secure. Enter the amazing world of the Cloud, where you can store all your files and conduct most of your business remotely if you so wish. The use of the cloud has been increasing rapidly in recent years as people come to understand the benefits available compared to storing your own data, so could this be a viable solution for your business as well?

How does the cloud work?

Cloud computing is a way of storing as much information as you like away from your own systems, by holding it securely in servers that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The terminology of the cloud implies that your data is floating around in the ether somewhere, which of course it isn’t! You create a secure account and upload as much or as little information as you wish in order to get going. The data is stored on banks of servers across the globe, which means you can access your files from wherever you are in the world.

IT systems


The main worry for prospective cloud users is the security of the data that is stored in the cloud. There have been instances in the past where businesses have been told their data is secure and backed up, only to discover when something goes wrong that the information has been lost, or can only be accessed in an unwieldy format like a text file. These instances have been the exception, but with so much riding on safe storage, people can naturally be a little wary of how safe their data will be. The best thing to do is approach the companies you are considering using and find out more about how they backup your data, so you can satisfy yourself that their systems are robust. You can also discuss security and data retrieval processes with a specialist service such as available with Secure Data Recovery.


Having cloud storage means you no longer need to store your business information on your office systems, keeping your computers free of an overload of data to store, which will help stop your systems slowing down. You will be able to grant access to the cloud-stored information to anyone who needs it using a secure log-in, so your staff can access any documents they need at any time, no matter who created them. You will also have your data automatically backed up in case of system failure, saving you the bother of carrying out your own back-ups. In some businesses like personal coaching and accountancy, you will also be able to create a client hub where they can log-in securely to access their account information from anywhere.

There are definite benefits to getting on board the cloud, so it pays to assess how using the cloud could work for your business.