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Why Artificial Intelligence is the Big Risk for Digital Marketing Jobs in Future?

How many of you doing the same work you were doing 5 years ago? I bet, no one!

Change is the rule of nature, few years ago where firms completely dependent on cold calling, managing customer accounts, handling the support queries manually. Now it’s completely software based. Now people managing marketing campaign details in CRMs, Analytics tools and strategic reports.

But, what will be the next? No human at all?
No, it’s not like that! The future of digital marketing will be completely automated. Currently wide range of companies introduced Sales automation, marketing automation tools to make things easy for the marketers. These software are replacing human brain. These software are self-driven. They are designed to perform the specified set of tasks. What digital marketer will be doing then?

Why Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is the process of making machine smarter like human. AI could provide better analytics, decision making, and information source for all your marketing needs.

Now intelligent machine are available to find the backlinks, to check the indexed pages, to make the bulk submissions, to automate the social media. Everything can be done by using the software and tools. The machines given 100% accuracy and exact estimations of sales & revenue.

Some companies which are the market leaders in building automation tools like Oracle, Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot.

A few years ago firms use to hire a team of digital marketers to promote their business. The major tasks they were doing includes website analysis, customer analysis, keyword ranking, off page submissions, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, cold calling, customer feedback handling etc.

How things has been changed by AI?

Now to perform these tasks companies doesn’t hire a team, they hire an experienced digital marketing person to perform all these tasks by using automation tools, marketing cloud offering wide range of tools to perform these task in less time with more accuracy. AI machine increases the efficiency of the marketing work by reducing the human efforts.

To run a digital marketing campaign you need to understand the trends of almost 3-5 years. It’s too much time taking process. Market place is now highly competitive and risky. Every day new competitors are entering into the market, companies cannot wait for longer to execute the digital marketing campaigns. They need quick accurate estimates and results. It’s a tough task for a digital marketing professional.

AI based marketing software can help you design the effective marketing strategy by providing the market trends, sales trends, segmentation, targeting, filters, web optimization, content generation, sales and funnel visualization and lot more.

How to keep growing in digital marketing?

Keep yourself armed with great knowledge base of what is happening around. Being aware of the problem could hint you the better solution. To make plan for the future, you should keep informed to save your job.

Upgrade your skills could be another best solution for you. Skills are always need to be up scaled for better performance to save you position. There are always a risk associated with the technologies which you should be able to handle.

Each and every company is looking for highly performing digital marketing assets, to make money, be build a brand equity, to manage their customer more efficiently. The expectations are now higher. Marketers has to be ready for the biggest challenge to save their jobs. Only good performance are likely to grow faster in the competitive era. Yes, Machine are smart and intelligent but humans made the machine and they can utilize the available tools and software for better digital marketing campaigns. Worst is yet to come. It could be bigger than just inflation, cutting down the manpower. AI can vanish some job positions completely in future.

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4 Reasons B2B Firms should be Spending More on Content Marketing

If you are not sure about the right marketing technique for your B2B firm, then content marketing is the area where you should work harder. Content marketing works for all kinds of firms such as small size firms, large size firm.  Internet is full of content, content ad content!


Generating your own piece of information gives your organization with a variety of untouched opportunities to boost revenue. No matter if you distribute a handful of articles in a week, sharing videos, doing webinars, any form of unique informational content could convert your visitor into the potential customer.

Why you should keep a separate budget for content marketing? Here’s the answer:

  1. To leverage your existing marketing mix

The content marketing activities which companies are doing these days is far away then it should be. Content marketing can be a meaningful tool to get good brand equity. Lot of B2B firms trying to get leads to increase the sales. For that you must be doing SEO, Social media campaigns, promotional activities, events and lot more. But, content marketing support all these activities actively.

  • PPC: If you are running the paid PPC campaign you can provide them informational landing page where you can keep them engaged with the unique informational article, or maybe short write-up related to your industry. Why? Because most of the time it’s not necessary to push for the sale, maybe the customer is not in the situation to purchase the B2B product or services. B2B revenue generation needs lots of attention and involvement from the top management. It’s a business buying decision which goes through different phases. So, providing the information and relevant links to R&D can help your visitors to know your business better. When they engaged and loved your B2B product or service you can retarget them by doing other remarketing campaigns from Facebook Ads or Google Display Remarketing Ads.
  • SEO: You must be thinking how content can leverage website optimization effectively! But, it’s true, content marketing helps your site getting ranked in Google search results Content is the critical ranking factor. Without content you can reach no where in the search results because of highly competitive marketplace. Adding more keywords in the content by adding the blog posts can help you cover the trending keywords to beat the competition.
  • Social media: What people going to see? Why they would click on your content? How can you keep your audience engaged in the social media? The answer again is Content! You have to provide different forms of content such as infographics, charts, facts and stats, information articles, latest trends only then you can implement a successful social media strategy.


  1. Get potential visitors by driving targeted traffic

Through content marketing B2B firms can acquire good-quality traffic.

Content promotion can assist you increase visitors to your website through all of the above mentioned channels. To generate B2B leads, content marketing contributes in the most effective manner according to the studies. It’s simple and cost-effective method to get leads as compare to the traditional communication techniques.

Content marketing shows magical effects to convert qualified leads from potential visitors in B2B firms. It could increase the conversion rate of your website from 5% to 10%. You are offering the information what they want to read, in the forms of news, what’s new, Whitepapers to make decisions making easy for them. You give unique content instead of pushing your product to increase the sale. It is the trust building exercise to get a large number of potential visitors to your business website. Content marketing is the kind of relationship based marketing.

  1. Low risk factor

When you spend the amount on the advertisement campaigns you are at high risk, because of the highly competitive environment. You have to pay even double sometime to get a click. It doesn’t guarantee you to give qualified leads. Advertising is like an experiment you run multiple times to get into there.

In contrast, content marketing is an inexpensive source of revenue generation. It doesn’t cost you an extra penny to publish the article on your own site, it doesn’t charge for distributing the content on the existing social media channels. You can experiment with your content format without risk. You can provide different content variations like Whitepapers, press releases, videos, short stories, success stories, video testimonials which keeps your audience engaged with your business.

  1. To stay in the competition

Most of the B2B firms in the various industries already doing it and making money. If you are not spending on content marketing you are losing a huge market share! You should be in the competition, to keep challenging them.


According to the research –

“Only 30% B2B firms using content marketing effectively, which was 38% last year.”

“The content marketing budget is 28% of the marketing budget in B2B firms.”

More than 50% B2B firms are planning to expand their content marketing spend by 28% to 45% in future. If you are still thinking of why you should spend your money for content marketing you should take it very seriously this time. You can be the market leader by just focusing on well-designed content marketing strategy. Please write me on @01richa90. I would love to hear your feedback.

About author:

Richa Pathak is a product marketing consultant having 5+ years of industry experience. She has contributed more than 25 firms around the world, & advised handful of startups to grow. She writes about product marketing, event promotion, digital marketing, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and advertising. You can connect with her on the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.