BlackBerry KEYone

Design and Screen of the BlackBerry KEYone


BlackBerry KEYone breaks with that determinism and retrieves a physical keyboard that we did not see in the previous models but without the width of the BlackBerry Passport and without hiding like the BlackBerry Priv. And speaking of dimensions, BlackBerry KEYone is a robust and relatively large device, more by weight and thicker by width. However, gripping is not uncomfortable, in fact, the thickness is likely to influence the comfort as the curved edges with a full semicircle.


The lock button is not as comfortable as it is too high, bearing in mind that our hands will tend to be at the base when the physical keyboard is there. Although BlackBerry KEYone is not small, it is not heavy and the rear plastic keeps the BlackBerry logo with a rugged pattern finish that prevents the device from slipping.

The comfort of the physical keyboard is subjective and will influence the dexterity and the desire that we have to habituate to us if it is not the case. The keys do not require excessive pressure and once you become familiar with gestures as a cursor on the keyboard, these are quite useful, especially to throw words from the prediction during writing to the text on screen.


You will have to try BlackBerry KEYone for a longer time to determine if it is easy to get used to this keyboard when you are not a regular user with a physical keyboard, but at least we have seen that the fingerprint reader is integrated in it and it works quite a bit well, which is the space bar.


Everything is a little relative to the KEYnote and the dimensions of the screen do not escape this. A priori is a bit shocking to see that a new smartphone that is not small presents a screen of 4.5 inches. But it is the space that the physical keyboard leaves the panel, remaining out of the competition for the use of the front by the screen with 55.9%.

Leaving this aside, the screen is IPS with a resolution of 1,080 X 1,620 pixels, having sufficient level of detail and good colors, perhaps something cold in general. The tactile sensitivity is correct, although we had some unresponsive taps or slow response.


Indoors the display is alright bearing in mind that the BlackBerry booth had a rather low light. We can run split screen easily from multitasking as long as the apps support it.