7 Sleeping Habits That Makes You Fat

As nations continue to strive with epidemic of obesity, lifestyle changes that can curb anyone’s weight are becoming very important. People realize the link between sedentary lifestyle or poor diet and weight gain. What is still to discover is the link between unhealthy weight and sleeping habits. Below are 7 sleeping habits that makes you obese.

Eating too late

Late night eating or snacking raises body’s insulin levels and in turn causes body to produce less melatonin that leads to poor sleep as well as growth hormone that boosts body’s cells. To avoid this issue, keep 3 hours before bed time snack free.

Exposure To Light

Be it security light out in the street or alarm clock light, it can interfere with release of growth hormone and melatonin which raise cortisol level that is found to be connected with weight gain, particularly around abdomen. To avoid this ensure to sleep in dark room or keep digital devices away

Drinking Late

While you want to keep your body well hydrated, drinking too much before bed can be a problem. It increases the chances to get up in middle of sleep for bathroom run and interrupt your sleep pattern, which in turn, can put you at serious risk to obesity. Stop drinking at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Nighttime Exercise
While sedentary lifestyle isn’t good, exercising too late can also be a problem, because it raises body temperatures as well as suppresses release of melatonin, which lead to sleep problems because of elevated release of hormones such as cortisol and dopamine that are stimulated by activity. Better is to avid heavy exercises at least three hours before sleep.

Late Night Computer Use or Watching TV
Most people unwind at night by watching TV shows or web surfing. As this is tempting means to decompress at end of a long tiring day, it can interfere with good night’s sleep due to stimulating dopamine and cortisol.

Warm Bedroom

When bedroom is too warm, it causes poor sleep. Without cool environment, release of growth hormones and melatonin are disrupted which makes it less likely that body will burn fat during sleep Read More. Ensure that the room must be at around 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Tight-Fitting Clothes
Wearing tight clothes may be an underwear, bra or pajamas is uncomfortable and it can raise body temperature as well as disrupt hormonal patterns and interfere with your sleep. Sleeping nude or wearing light weight loose clothes is best.