They Said That Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is Good For You. Here Is What They Didn’t Tell You

Many people believe that consuming warm lemon water in the mornings on an empty stomach is beneficial for their health. They are right; the lemon water is very good for our overall health.
Lemon juice is full with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins B and C. potassium and flavonoids. It improves the immune system and has potent antiviral properties. Consuming lemon water will strengthen your immune system and provide it with the necessary boost by helping in the fight against infections thanks to the bioflavonoids (citric acid, calcium, magnesium and pectin) included in the lemon. Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach will cleanse your organism and remove the toxins from your system. In this way you will lose weight faster, normalize your body’s pH and prevent some digestive problems. Now when you know this, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consume this drink every morning.


Health Conditions Helped by Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

1. Acne

By consuming lemon water you will be able to metabolize the acidic temperature of your body, which will keep you safe from acne.

2. Weight loss

Lemon water normalizes your blood sugar, and this will help you to maintain your desired and healthy weight. The pectin included in water lemon will suppress the desire for food, which result with consuming less food during the day.

3. Kidney Stones

Many people don’t know that lemon water can solve their problems with kidney stones. Thanks to the potassium in lemons, the citrate levels in urine are raised, which will disable the forming of oxalate. It will help you in ejecting the stones out.

4. Immune System

Lemon water is not only useful for the immune system, but for the lymphatic system as well. These two systems are functioning in synergy.

5. Gall Bladder

In case you are suffering from gall bladder stones, you should drink lemon water while eating and your pain will be lowered.

6. Cold and Flu

Lemons are one of the greatest sources of vitamin C. This vitamin boosts the immune system and has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties which is making it the perfect remedy for cold and flu.

7. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Lemon water will be good substitution for TUMS.

8. Finger Nail Health

Lemon water has positive effect on our nails, making them stronger and removing the white spots which are appearing sometimes due to lack of vitamins.

9. Food-Borne Illnesses

Lemon water keeps you safe from any type of food poisoning.

10. Fibromyalgia

In case you are exhausted from fibromyalgia you should consume lemon water and do some lemon stretches. You will surely feel better.

11. Inflammation

One of the greatest reasons for appearing inflammation is acidity. The lemon is able to prevent the acidity because of its strong anti-inflammatory characteristics.

12. Muscle Soreness

Sometimes you can feel pain in your muscles after an exhausting workout. Water lemon will diminish the pain significantly.

13. Joint Swelling and Pain

Lemon water decreases the uric acid amounts in your joints, which will instantly decrease the inflammation. People who suffer from arthritis will reduce the pain.

14. Alcohol Cravings

Lemon water can suppress the desiring for alcohol.

15. Colitis

Colitis is an imbalance of the acid/alkaline amounts in the organism. Water lemon has been proven as very successful in normalizing the pH levels of our body.

16. Constipation

Lemon water allows normal bowel movements. If you drink lemon water regularly you will never have constipation problems again. Lemon water is perfect for your digestive health.