Reboot Your Commute: Tern Vektron Folding Electric Bike

About this project

Electric bikes let you escape the typical hassles of commuting. They soften hills and headwinds on your 15-mile commute, and leave you with energy to spare.

Still, electric bikes are large and unwieldy. It’s hard to take them on trains, put them in cars, or store them indoors. The Vektron is different. With the world’s leading electric bike system from Bosch, it folds in 10 seconds for easy transport, storage, and theft prevention.

With the Vektron (formerly known as the Elektron), you can…


Steep uphills become a thrill, and you’ll easily maintain up to 20 mph to cover ground quickly.


Arrive at your destination without having to spend time and energy to shower and change.


It doesn’t matter what kind of lock you use. The only way to maximize the security of your bike is to store it indoors. With the Vektron, you can fold it, roll it into the elevator, and store it under your desk.


Take your Vektron on a train or bus to cover those extra-long commutes. Ride to the station, hop on, hop off, and keep riding. Already taking public transport? Complete the first and last leg of your commute faster by riding, instead of walking.


Last-minute dinner invite? Change of weather? You won’t be stuck wondering what to do with your bike. Just fold it, and throw it in the trunk of an Uber, taxi, or friend’s car.

You can even avoid downtown traffic and parking fees. Just park your car on the edge of downtown, pull your Vektron out of the trunk, and ride the rest of the way into the office.

We’re passionate about helping people get around cities. Tapping into our expertise in urban cycling and folding technology, we’ve designed our dream commuting bike.

We just previewed the Vektron at the world’s largest bicycle trade show in Germany. Here’s what the bike experts had to say about it…

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There are other folding electric bikes but none ride better. Why?

1) Nobody is better than us at developing stiff and stable folding bikes that ride outstandingly well. 

2) Nobody is better than Bosch at creating powerful, quiet electric drive systems that sync so elegantly with your pedaling. 

Thanks to the unique geometry and a super low center of gravity, the Vektron's ride quality compares favorably to even the best large-wheel electric bikes.

Thanks to the unique geometry and a super low center of gravity, the Vektron’s ride quality compares favorably to even the best large-wheel electric bikes.

Ride quality is always our #1 most important feature. See what our Team Captain says about how the Vektron rides…

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Once you fold your Vektron, it’s easy to move around in roll mode. Just extend the seatpost, and use the saddle as your push handle. We’ve even built in a comfy GripPad™ under the nose of the saddle.


The Vektron folds so small that you can fit a few in the back of your car for weekend getaways.

Fast forward to the good part of the ride
Fast forward to the good part of the ride


School runs have never been more fun! The Vektron is designed to fit the Yepp Maxi Easyfit child seat (children up to 6 yrs and/or 48.4 lb).

The Vektron resizes in seconds—no tools required—so you can share the bike with anyone in your family between 4’10” and 6’5”.

Quickly adjusts to riders of different sizes.
Quickly adjusts to riders of different sizes.


Adjust your handlebar position—in seconds—for comfort, aerodynamics, and resizing.
Adjust your handlebar position—in seconds—for comfort, aerodynamics, and resizing.


Bosch is the market leader in electric bike drivetrains with a system that charges fast, offers incredible mileage, and delivers a natural cycling feel. It’s powerful, intuitive to use, and is backed by stellar service.


Adapted from Bosch’s automotive applications, the Drive Unit provides pedal assist up to 20 mph. It delivers just the right support demanded by the terrain. The centered but low positioning on the bike is ideal for power, efficiency, and stability.


The on-board computer feeds you information such as speed, range, battery level, and distance. And the smart range calculator constantly updates the remaining range, just like a typical German car.

With the push of a button, you can switch between four riding modes, and add between 50% and 250% of your pedaling power. Changing riding modes feels smooth, and you don’t need to take your hands off the handlebars.

There’s even a handy walk-assist mode for pushing up driveways and ramps.


This high-energy 400 watt-hour battery drives the Vektron for a whopping 40 – 80 miles, depending on conditions such as the terrain, headwinds, riding mode, etc.



With our folding technology and the Bosch system, we’re creating an unbeatable combination. Back our Kickstarter campaign, and get a Vektron for $300 to $425 under the eventual retail price. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sales tax.

You can change your reward at anytime during the campaign. 

Want to take the kids on your commute? The Yepp Maxi Easyfit seat works seamlessly with the Vektron’s rear rack. It normally sells for $199.95 but we’ll ship one with your bike if you add $175 to your pledge during the campaign. (We only have black seats.)

Just back this project and pick a reward. You will essentially be pre-ordering the Vektron at a one-time-only discount. Here’s what you need to do…

1. Click the “Back this Project” button 

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3. Increase your pledge amount by $175 to add a Yepp seat (Optional) 

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That’s it. You won’t be charged until the campaign ends, and only if we reach our funding goal. We’ll get your shipping information after the campaign is over.