Place Your Feet in Vinegar For 30 Minutes What Happens Is Wonderful !!

unnamedMost already we know the use of vinegar and is very useful in the kitchen, but also has other uses that can be given and these are healing.

We will teach you all the benefits you will get, with only use it on your feet, I’m sure you will love one you see you try it.

Benefits of Vinegar Foot

Just putting your feet in vinegar, you will get many benefits throughout your health, you can quickly discover, you only need to do it every night, you’ll notice, as all these results will surprise you.

Eliminates foot fungus

When using vinegar on your feet, you kill all fungi you have. You can use the combining it vinegar with another equal part of water that appear on your nails, you do not want to disappear under any circumstances and combat all fungi are housed, between the middle of your toes you need to rest your feet with vinegar apply all day for 15 minutes.

Eliminates Itchy Feet

Remember that there whenever you have an itch can be by fungi, it can also be caused to some infections.It may be that your feet are very sensitive or are using new shoes.

To eliminate the itching must dip our feet in water containing 04 spoons of vinegar.

Remove Warts

We will use in this case Cider Vinegar, since it is often very effective, as this eliminates all the warts that have been on your feet and in 16 minutes you will see how the magic happens that warts will disappear.

There are many benefits you get from it, wear it where you have to solve problems quickly and effectively.