You have to Optimize Images for SEO in Blogger

Any website would like to have more visitors to gain popularity against competitive websites and for this purpose you have to create images in blogger and optimize them. This is because, search engines prefer optimizing images to provide high rankings to any website or blogger and therefore, optimizing images has become an essential part in gaining popularity to websites. Many people ignore this part of optimizing image, but, it will consume only less time in doing this optimization. If you optimize your blog image, then you can feel the experience of receiving a large number of visitors to your blog or website.You have to Optimize Images for SEO in Blogger

First of all, you must select the image in proper format and save all image in PNG or JPG format. Moreover, when you optimize an image, you have to compress its size to occupy less space in your blog or otherwise, the blog loading time will increase. Compressing the image will help in getting higher rankings by the SEO. As soon as you capture an image, you have to provide it with an attractive name that is SEO friendly keyword. This will enable to get more traffic.

You have to use hyphen in lieu of blank space to your images as search engines will easily crawl it. For example, if the title is Optimize Images for SEO, you have to change it in the style Optimize-Images-for-SEO. This is only an illustration. Here are the necessary steps to optimize images for SEO in blogger.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Create New Post >> Upload your image.
  2. Click on image and select properties.
  3. Here, add your image title and alt tag.
  4. Now, click on OK and you are done.

It is, therefore, asserted that you have to optimize image in your blogger and then search engines will work on giving higher ranking to your blogs and thereby increase your web traffic.