Learn Here: Classic Glamour Bridal Hairstyle

d Divide the hair in the middle of the head in a drop shape the back comb inflated.

Comb smoothly to the back and shift to make a nice form, then tighten under hair base.

Back-comb the front hair and comb up to make a suit form. Comb smoothly to the right side and apply hair spray.

Comb right hairlines to the back then twist the hair. Lay over the base on the right.

Divide the hair down each section and twist in the same way. Lay the hair in a level along the base row nicely.

Comb the left hairline smoothly to the back. Twist the hair and lay adjoin the left hair base. Secure with hair pins.

Backcomb each section to the back and comb smoothly. The shift to make a nice form then secures it under the hair base with hair pins.

Divide the hair under hair base and coil it neatly. Lay the coil over the middle part under hair base.

Coil the next hair section a little diagonally to the left of the first section.

Coil each hair section lay on a level down to the right.

Decorate with hair accessories gorgeously.

Source girlyisland.com