Improve Your Content Performance Through the Art of Stealing [Infographic]

“Producing vast amounts of content for your site doesn’t always do the job of increasing traffic.  It’s actually the quality of the posts that matters. Publish one piece of content that’s packed with data, or reveals a trick that you have personally invented and no one else has thought of yet, express a non-traditional view on a popular issue – and you’ll get more links and shares than for five generic blog posts you could’ve published instead.

A good idea is always a start for writing your post. But are you sure that your writing is good enough? Maybe you should think twice about the structure of your publications.

Since you are a blogger, you must’ve read hundreds of blog posts by now. And some of them were so good that you sat there in awe, wondering how the author had done it.

It’s time to get to work and produce content that will get the same attention and create more links and shares.

The team from Essay Tigers have made an infographic that shows exactly how to do that.

The title of the infographic might look repulsive, but that’s just to attract attention. There is actually not a word there about stealing. Instead, it’s about studying the writing techniques of other bloggers, implementing the fiction writing tricks and using your old content.

Let’s begin with the first one – copying the structure of your favorite blog post. Pick the post that you recently liked most. See if it has gathered a big amount of likes and shares – and there you go – you have a post for studying.

What you have to do, is examine the article and see why it grabbed your attention in the first place. Were there any emotional triggers used? Did it have any stunning statistics? After that look closely at the language and the phrase choice. Maybe you could use some of those tricks in your post? Now it’s time to break the article down into parts and create a template. Now you can try the template for one of your blog posts. Remember to use those other tricks you’ve found in the post, too.

It’s a good idea to create different templates for various types of content – videos, infographics, texts, etc. Also, try to find out which templates and methods will work best for you. Check your site metrics every time you try something new.

The next part of the infographic exposes the method of blog writing where you use fiction writing techniques for your site. And there is a good reason to do that. Fiction writers use specific tricks that keep the readers’ attention till the last page of the book. Among them – creating a character, a setting, creating a whole plot, etc. And yes, you can do all of that on your blog.

Now one of the most “ethical” parts of this infographic is the one where you “steal” content from yourself. By this, the authors mean nothing more than taking your old content and repurposing it to capture much wider audiences. Turn your old blog post into a podcast, interview – into a slide show, and so on.

See, with a bit of work you will grow to get as much attention as those blog posts you once liked so much.”

Improve Your Content Performance
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