Excellent Drink That Melt 10 CM Stomach Fat Waist As If By Magic!


Excellent drink that is made from simple ingredients and it removes up to 10 centimeters of fat deposits around the waist in only four days.455-696x353

Ingredients :

– fresh ginger

– fresh mint leaves
– a cucumber
– a lemon
– 8.5 glasses of water

Preparation :

Wash the lemon (but do not peel it), cut it in half and remove the seeds. Each half of the lemon should be cut a little bit, and then you can place them in a bowl with water.

Peel the cucumber and chop it into rings and then add them to the water. Wash 8 to 12 fresh mint leaves, and add them too.

Peel the ginger, and then chop it, and after that add the slices to the water with the other ingredients. Mix the ingredients, cover and place them in a refrigerator and leave the mixture to stay there over the night.

At least four days prepare fresh water each day and drink every day throughout the whole day and the results will be visible.