How to Disable Clicks on Post Images in Blogger

The images, you upload, will usually be stored in Picasa web album. Suppose a user, who visits your website, clicks on any image, then it will be opened in a new window or in light box. The confused visitor is likely to move away from your website without reading any of the contents and this will act against the reputation of your site, as your site bounce rate tend to increase daily. Further, the search engines will not give due importance to your website, as the reputation of your site is lowering. Therefore, it is very much essential to disable clicks on all post images by removing the hyperlinks.How to Disable Clicks on Post Images in Blogger
At the same time, if you have any blog on wallpapers topic, then it is not good to disable clicks on images, as your blog reputation will badly be affected. In this context, you can use image light box in your blog and make all the images appear in pop up windows. Other than wallpapers, if the blog contains any other topic or information, you can disable clicks on all images as described below.

In order to remove hyperlinks from images, you have to edit all posts of your blog and remove hyperlinks from HTML tag. Suppose, you have a lot of posts, then it will be better to use some CSS coding to remove the hyperlinks. As a result, your website bounce rate will increase and you can display some PPC ads inside your blog posts to increase your income.

The necessary steps to disable clicks on post images in blogger are as follows.

  1. Go to blogger Dashboard>> Template>>Edit HTML.
  2. Find ]]></b: skin >in your template.
  3. Now copy and paste the coding given below in ]]></b: skin.
  4. .post{ Position: relative! important
    z-index: 10!important}.hentry img, .separator{Position: relative! Important

    z-index: 1 !important


  5. Now, click on Save Template and the task is completed.