Consume Green Tea 2 Cups a Day Lived a Life Free From Diseases Caused by Excessive Fats

It is the desire of every individual to lead a healthy life. This can only be achieved by ensuring regular health fitness and good diet is observed at all times. There is no specific food that will maintain your body healthy because you need to couple diet with exercising and other health precautions like avoiding smoking.

Green tea has been found to be of great benefit to the body. It improves blood flow and lowers cholesterol levels. It also prevents a wide range of heart related conditions like high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

Regarding weight loss, there is some EGCG contents in green tea that contributes hugely in dropping your body weight. It serves as a great alternative to your daily workout plan. Instant slimming may not be achievable but if you develop a routine of taking two cups a day you are assured of achieving controlled body weight. In addition, regular intake of green tea enables you to burn about 50,000 in a considerable amount of time.

Green tea is very advantageous to help tone our body as well, shedding extra pounds from it. Many Survey show and prove that the people who drank green tea 2 to 3 cups a day lived a life free from diseases caused by excessive fats.

Published in the British Journal of Nutrition a study was conducted on the health effects of green tea catechins in overweight and obese men.  Over time, a lower body mass suggested that green tea’s catechins may increase metabolic function and decreased body weight.