Co Sleeping with Your Baby

Practical Reasons to Practice Co Sleeping with Your Baby

The work habits of ours make most of the families have only few hours a day together with our babies and sometimes not even an hour. With co sleeping you’re offered an opportunity to recover the lost time and share more physical and emotional contact.

Parents often want to sleep together not only to make love, but also to talk, hug, pamper and wake up together. With children this happens as well, sleeping with them makes the family can share the sweet dream and also all those moments of intimacy and affection offered by the night time. And for lovemaking, if there is time and strength with a baby at home, there is always opportunity and place in the house, for example, in the room that you would have destined for the crib.


With co sleeping, children feel better. The cry of a baby sometimes responds to physical needs, but sometimes it is out of fear, cold, pain, need for contact and pampering or discomfort. The earlier you address these needs, whether material or emotional, the less time the child is experiencing that problem and the less crying, because if you do not heed to it soon, he/she may feel nervous or scared, and it will cost him/her much more to leave of crying and feeling calm and comforted.

Knowing that their parents will see him/her immediately makes the baby feel safer when going to sleep, or so late in getting to sleep, and also, will feel calmer while sleeping. There is no reason to fear of loneliness or obscurity, for people who love and protect are at his/her side and even if the baby wakes up, he/she feels you close, hear you, touch and smell, making no reason to ask for the company since they already have it by simply extending the hand.

It promotes good sleep habits. The physical and emotional needs are covered, the child can sleep suckling, which is natural in the baby, and has a feeling of night protection that will make the time to go to sleep as something pleasant.

This may happen that the child does not fall asleep immediately when his/her parents consider it is time. Sometimes there are daily experiences that have disturbed him/her and need to express in his/her own way.

It’s tiring to look after a baby as if to confront the next day without having been able to sleep through the night. Sleeping with your child is not going to eliminate his/her awakenings, but it reduces them. I am sure you would like to practice co sleeping and we suggest dockatot as one of the best co sleepers. To find detailed Dockatot reviews, pay a visit to