How to change URL or Permalink of Published Posts in Blogger Posts

Every one should be aware that Blogger is the biggest platform with many advanced features and it is also simple and free to use blogger. One may have some valid reasons to change the URL of posts or you might have typed certain words wrongly in your Permalink posts and you may like to change the wrong words to the correct one or some times you may feel to add some other targeted keywords in your URL post. You may also feel that these changes are very much essential. There are some easy methods to edit your blog post or change its permalink, which are to be discussed in this article.

How to change URL or Permalink of Published Posts in Blogger Posts

Many new users of blogger are not aware about Permalink and start publishing their posts without changing Permalink and as a result, they are forced to lose some good traffic from search engines and thereby losing the precious high ranking in the web pages. To be precise, Permalink is nothing but a URL of your blog post and whenever you create a new post and write its title, then one Permalink is automatically generated. But many new users of bloggers are ignorant of this fact and they publish their posts without changing the posts’ Permalink and without adding some targeted keywords. This is very much essential to invite targeted traffic from search engines. Here are the essential steps to be followed.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Create New Post and write the title of the post.
  2. You will see Permalink option appearing on the right side of the screen and click on this option.
  3. Now, you will come across two options namely Automatic Permalink and Custom Permalink. Add some targeted keywords of your post.
  4. Click on done and your task is over.

As regards to change Permalink of published post, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Posts and edit your post in which you want to change Permalink.
  2. Now, click on Revert to Draft button that appears next to update.
  3. Now, you post will be reverted to draft and you can change its Permalink.
  4. Change URL and click on Publish post and post and your URL will be changed.

However, if you are having a good traffic to the post URL, you wish to change and your web traffic will be reduced as Google has to search the new URL. Moreover, you have to remove the old URL or otherwise, your visitors may face problem like 404 page error.