agile project management

Challenges to implementing in agile project management

What is Agile Project Management This is an iterative or incremental method of managing design and builds activities for information technology, engineering, and the new product and service development projects in a highly flexible or in interactive manner, for example agile software development. Challenges are implementing in agile project management Self organization It is nasty […]

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why you should invest in a voip dialer

Why You Should Invest in a VoIP Dialer?

The modern cord-cutting revolution is not just limited to Netflix and consumer cable. With the advancements in VoIP technology and increasing availability of cheap high-speed internet services, a large number of companies are letting the traditional landlines go and are now investing in a VoIP dialer. The reasons that make VoIP an excellent choice for […]

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ZTE’s crowdsourced smartphone is going to be an ‘eye tracking, self-adhesive phone’

After announcing its plans to crowdsource a smartphone, collecting user ideas, and letting people vote on the designs, ZTE has announced that the user-submitted “Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive Phone” concept has won the Project CSX contest with over 36 percent of the votes. The winning design (which is described in full on ZTE’s forum) features a pair of cameras on […]

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Xiaomi Made A Bendable Touch Screen

Lenovo, Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi are all reportedly working on bringing bendable phone screens to the public. We’ve seen some of these prototypes in-person, as well as in leaks online, and today we’re getting a look at Xiaomi’s idea for a bendable touchscreen. A 30-second video put online this past week seems to suggest Xiaomi […]

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HP Spectre x360, Envy Laptops Launched With Thinner Design, Bigger Batteries, and More

HP India on Monday unveiled its next generation premium laptop line-up, consisting of the upgraded Spectre x360 and Envy models, to address the needs of customers at home and on the go. HP Spectre x360, the world’s thinnest 13.3-inch laptop, now comes with a longer battery life and the laptop is expected to be available from the […]

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Kello Alarm Clock

Like many bedside alarm clocks, Kello comes with an integrated Bluetooth speaker, so you can use it to pipe music all throughout the bedroom, whether you’re reading a book for bedtime or first in thing in the morning to help you rouse you from bed. It also comes with onboard Wi-Fi, allowing it to hop […]

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