How Can I Connect With My Children?

Any parent will tell you that there are times when it seems their kids are speaking a completely different language. From their questionable taste in music, to the activities that they find enjoyable, it can be difficult to stay connected when what your children enjoy is so alien to you. However, participating in the same hobbies as your children can give you not only a better understanding of why they like them, but also, a greater understanding of the child. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you must suddenly develop a taste for hip-hop, or start saying whatever words and phrases are “in” at the moment, it merely means finding a way for you to hang out with your child in a way they enjoy so you can both connect in a fun and meaningful way.


Like it or loathe it, playing games online is a popular pastime for children all over the world, and there is a reason why a lot of adults play too. Gaming can be immense fun as well as educational, which is why you should attempt to dive into the virtual world and in on a game or two with your child. A great game to begin with is a time management/building game during which you can take turns to build, and discuss ideas as you play. A great game to connect with is Jack of All Tribes 2 Play Online on your laptop and enjoy working as a team to build and play.

How Can I Connect With My Children?

One on One

If you have more than one child, it can be tricky to give each child your attention, especially if one has more needs than the others. However, lack of one-on-one attention can cause resentment among siblings, and so, it is important that you set aside specific times, be it every week, or every two weeks, where all your attention is on each of them. For younger children this can be a day out at the park, bedtime reading, or a playdate at home making crafts. Older children may benefit from a day out shopping, a trip to the cinema, or even a film night at home when younger siblings are in bed. Devoting one-on-one attention is beneficial, for your child, for you and for the family in its entirety.

Eat together

Meal times are the perfect opportunity to talk through the events of the day and to share any achievements, problems, or just to talk in general. Make mealtimes a family event and involve the children in setting the table, preparing the food and clearing up afterwards. All these elements help children feel part of the family unit, and can sometimes be the only time during the day that the entire family hang out together before disappearing to do other things.Even if schedules don’t allow for daily family dining, ensure you get together at least once a week as a family to eat and enjoy each other’s company.

Enjoy connecting with your children, and reap the benefits of nurturing a close, loving relationship.