Your Brain May Be Full Of Toxic Aluminum. Here Are 3 Ways To Detox It ! Your Brain May Be Full Of Toxic Aluminum. Here Are 3 Ways To Detox It !

We use aluminum in our everyday life, as example in antiperspirants, the air, beauty products even in the food that we’re eating. Aluminum is considered a neurotoxin, which means it poisons the brain and nervous system and limits their ability to do the jobs they are meant to do.Screenshot_2-300x156

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience stated:

‘’ Much of our research has focused on the potential contribution of aluminum to the AD process: (i) because of aluminum’s remarkable abundance and bioavailability in the biosphere—in fact it is the most abundant naturally occurring neurotoxic element to which we are exposed; (ii) because of aluminum’s remarkable cellular toxicity and genotoxicity at low nanomolar concentrations toward brain genetic processes, and (iii) because of aluminum’s highly structured, specific and unique interactions with the phosphate-rich nucleic acids associated with the expression of genetic information in the human brain.’’

His is what you shall do to clean your body from aluminum:

1. Add silica to your water. It helps aluminum to eliminate trough urine, but the metals we need like iron and copper keeps them inside.

2. Look into L-Theanine. It helps to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and protect the nervous system. L=Theanine is capable to allow for brain to be able to repair itself by increasing antioxidant activity and reduce oxidative stress.

3. Turmeric. As we all know how turmeric is useful for our organism it is also useful for eliminating the aluminum from our brain.

For more information look at the video below !