The Best Combination Of Pepper And Turmeric Cure For Many Diseases

A combination of black pepper, turmeric and plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, or even cancer.turmeric_blpepper3-e1383003390201

Although turmeric is in itself a powerful medicinal plant, when consumed orally is poorly absorbed because it accelerates the liver.Therefore, black pepper in combination with turmeric may increase the absorption of useful compounds, to prevent inflammation and infection!

The health benefits of black pepper and turmeric

Recent studies have found that a compound in black pepper, which is called piperine, participates in the fight against cancer with turmeric and it seems that curcumin from turmeric becomes 1000 times easier to absorb. Without piperine, biological content of turmeric is very low. In a study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, the researchers found that curcumin and piperine, when combined, have the ability to destroy cancer stem cells.
Reduce pain and inflammation

Piperine and curcumin are compounds that affect more than 700 genes, and can prevent the activity and synthesis of the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 (koks2) and 5-lipookigenase (5-loxy), as well as other enzymes that are involved in the inflammatory process.

Weight loss

Turmeric and black pepper can help you lose weight. Piperine in black pepper speeds up metabolism and increases calorie burning in the body. It also causes a feeling of satiety.

The natural anti-depressant

The active substance in turmeric and black pepper have anti-depressant effects. Such compounds can raise levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain and prevent the action of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that is associated with depression, if it is present in the brain in large amounts.
Effective Substitute for Chemotherapy

A study was conducted by the Researchers of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment on Mammosphere formation, in which the stem cells of breast were studied.  They published the findings of their research in their journal – that curcumin and piperine could get rid of the cancer cells.

The researchers examined the epithelial cells of a healthy breast, the normal stem cells and the progenitor cells. Piperine and curcumin dosage provided to them was 20 times stronger than one naturally consumes through food. Every stage of the treatment with these spices was observed. The two spices hindered the formation of Mammosphere. Moreover, they proved to be harmless, making sure that they were the possible anti-cancer agents. Even chemotherapies are ineffective to the cancer patients at times, and the cancer cells appear again.  Moreover, the study revealed that stem cells of the breast were self-renewed and the cancer causing cells were demolished.