How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is like making a sales pitch, only in this case you are selling your skills and experience, not products and services. A cover letter is an opportunity to make a case for yourself, to tell the story that cannot be captured by the CV.


It’s important to always accompany your CV with a cover letter, whether the recruiter requests for one or not. You are trying to get a job and you should pull out the stops to get it. A cover letter helps this cause.

Here are tips on how to write the perfect cover letter.

Personalize it

A common mistake among job seekers is to have one cover letter that they only change the company’s name and use it for all their job applications. This is selling yourself short because every job posting comes with different requirements and therefore calls for a unique application.

Tailor your cover letter to match the job posting. This way the person reading it will fill you are better suited for the position they are looking to fill. You might have better skills and experience but you will never get shortlisted with a general cover letter that addresses nothing in specific.

Straight to the point

Your cover letter should tell a story but that is not a license to write a lengthy blog post for a cover letter. Keep your cover letter short and straight to the point. More importantly, the writing style should reflect the kind of job you are applying for but the language should always be professional. There’s no need to tell you why you shouldn’t use offensive or swear words in your cover letter.

Your cover letter should be no more than 4 paragraphs or three quarters of a page. Check Iresumecoverletter.Com for cover letter templates and examples.


Sell yourself

The main purpose of a cover letter is to tell the recruiter why you are an ideal candidate for the job. As such, you need to convince them to pick you over other candidates who may also have the same experience that you have.

So using the job posting for guidance, craft a cover letter that addresses some of the expectations they have for the candidate. The better if you have demonstrable experience to back up your words. If they are looking for a sales manager, then illustrate how you improved sales in your previous role and the strategies you took.

Don’t copy paste your CV

Your cover letter is not the prose format of your CV so don’t copy everything in your Cv and expect to get a favourable response from a recruiter. They already have your CV, tell them something else that is not captured in the CV. Moreover, they won’t enjoy reading the same content twice.

Your cover letter is chance to tell more about yourself than is possible within the strictness of a CV so don’t blow it by repeating everything therein. Use your cover letter to give suitable examples of why you are good fit in the role.

IT systems

Making Use of the Cloud for Your Small Business

Data storage can take up a lot of memory, and backing up your computer systems can be a pain. However, IT systems are vital to the running of your business, and it’s important to keep all your data secure. Enter the amazing world of the Cloud, where you can store all your files and conduct most of your business remotely if you so wish. The use of the cloud has been increasing rapidly in recent years as people come to understand the benefits available compared to storing your own data, so could this be a viable solution for your business as well?

How does the cloud work?

Cloud computing is a way of storing as much information as you like away from your own systems, by holding it securely in servers that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The terminology of the cloud implies that your data is floating around in the ether somewhere, which of course it isn’t! You create a secure account and upload as much or as little information as you wish in order to get going. The data is stored on banks of servers across the globe, which means you can access your files from wherever you are in the world.

IT systems


The main worry for prospective cloud users is the security of the data that is stored in the cloud. There have been instances in the past where businesses have been told their data is secure and backed up, only to discover when something goes wrong that the information has been lost, or can only be accessed in an unwieldy format like a text file. These instances have been the exception, but with so much riding on safe storage, people can naturally be a little wary of how safe their data will be. The best thing to do is approach the companies you are considering using and find out more about how they backup your data, so you can satisfy yourself that their systems are robust. You can also discuss security and data retrieval processes with a specialist service such as available with Secure Data Recovery.


Having cloud storage means you no longer need to store your business information on your office systems, keeping your computers free of an overload of data to store, which will help stop your systems slowing down. You will be able to grant access to the cloud-stored information to anyone who needs it using a secure log-in, so your staff can access any documents they need at any time, no matter who created them. You will also have your data automatically backed up in case of system failure, saving you the bother of carrying out your own back-ups. In some businesses like personal coaching and accountancy, you will also be able to create a client hub where they can log-in securely to access their account information from anywhere.

There are definite benefits to getting on board the cloud, so it pays to assess how using the cloud could work for your business.

How Can I Connect With My Children?

How Can I Connect With My Children?

Any parent will tell you that there are times when it seems their kids are speaking a completely different language. From their questionable taste in music, to the activities that they find enjoyable, it can be difficult to stay connected when what your children enjoy is so alien to you. However, participating in the same hobbies as your children can give you not only a better understanding of why they like them, but also, a greater understanding of the child. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you must suddenly develop a taste for hip-hop, or start saying whatever words and phrases are “in” at the moment, it merely means finding a way for you to hang out with your child in a way they enjoy so you can both connect in a fun and meaningful way.


Like it or loathe it, playing games online is a popular pastime for children all over the world, and there is a reason why a lot of adults play too. Gaming can be immense fun as well as educational, which is why you should attempt to dive into the virtual world and in on a game or two with your child. A great game to begin with is a time management/building game during which you can take turns to build, and discuss ideas as you play. A great game to connect with is Jack of All Tribes 2 Play Online on your laptop and enjoy working as a team to build and play.

How Can I Connect With My Children?

One on One

If you have more than one child, it can be tricky to give each child your attention, especially if one has more needs than the others. However, lack of one-on-one attention can cause resentment among siblings, and so, it is important that you set aside specific times, be it every week, or every two weeks, where all your attention is on each of them. For younger children this can be a day out at the park, bedtime reading, or a playdate at home making crafts. Older children may benefit from a day out shopping, a trip to the cinema, or even a film night at home when younger siblings are in bed. Devoting one-on-one attention is beneficial, for your child, for you and for the family in its entirety.

Eat together

Meal times are the perfect opportunity to talk through the events of the day and to share any achievements, problems, or just to talk in general. Make mealtimes a family event and involve the children in setting the table, preparing the food and clearing up afterwards. All these elements help children feel part of the family unit, and can sometimes be the only time during the day that the entire family hang out together before disappearing to do other things.Even if schedules don’t allow for daily family dining, ensure you get together at least once a week as a family to eat and enjoy each other’s company.

Enjoy connecting with your children, and reap the benefits of nurturing a close, loving relationship.


Know About IOS Application Development Companies

As a business visionary, whether you are hoping to hire the iPhone app development services or iOS developers, your primary objective is to give business a strong backing of highly advanced technology which will help you to flourish in this competitive market and maximize the ROI.

The iPad and iPhone advancement have made the world experience the transformation in the way gadgets are getting operated.

Whenever there’s a launch of new advanced versions in iOS, the business sector gets something new to discuss every time. The topic of discussion always moves around the experience of a user and technology advancements.

The new APIs enhanced UI, and framework for iOS developers, make iOS app development a better subject matter in iPhone app development services offering the world.

The release of new applications and frameworks give the iOS developers along with your business the required credit.

Let’s get to know some of the patterns.

Swift rules

It is the new programming language; Swift rules the market of app development and is also the first preference of iOS developers.

With iPad and iPhone, Apple TV and watch are also getting advanced in the sector of business and also drawing a lot of consideration among millions of innovations.


Swift is a compiled and multi-paradigm programming language which is developed primarily for OS X, iOS, and watchOS with tvOS. It is very compatible with Linux.

With the Swift 2 release, the language is made more user-friendly and compatible, empowering the developers to concentrate more on application development than on the technology itself.

Paid applications versus free applications

In the past, iOS ecosystem has focused more on the paid apps whereas the Android ecosystem depends entirely on free apps.

There’s a change in trend now, the downloads, as well as the demand for free applications, is increased. Therefore, it is anticipated that the iOS free apps will experience the hike of 25 percent.

Cloud-Based applications

This is the hot topic in the market of application which offers numerous benefits to the users whether the end user or the developer.

Additionally, these applications due to the vast abatement in size and syncing of multi-gadget ability would keep up the dominance in the marketplace.

In other words, day by day dependence of multitudes on handheld devices increases the commerce market of mobile.

Therefore, as the entrepreneur, if you wish to use the modern technology and get millions of attention of customers, then now is the time to hire iOS app development Company or a dedicated iOS developer for the business app development.


Estate agent shaking hands with customer after contract signature

Property in Dubai Confidentially

How to Buy a Property in Dubai Confidentially?

To buy a property in Dubai you must keep few things in mind. Dubai real estate market is continuously experiencing a boom since year 2000 and the main reason behind this is that foreigners are being allowed to buy property in Dubai.


Those who want to keep ownership of a property confidential, they can buy through ownership association management companies in Dubai that works with offshore companies. Let’s find out how you can do this.

How to buy property in Dubai and get it registered

First of all, you must deal with only a reputable agents and developers that are registered with RERA. In Dubai, you can get registration done through DLP and any of the registration trustee office.

Rules of Land Department

One of the various function of Land Department in Dubai is to offer ownerships and registration of properties. Generally, registry fee of purchasing any property in Dubai is 4 percent. Besides, once sale is finished, you need to pay this 4 percent amount to real estate agent as commission.

Jebel Ali offshore companies

Before the year 2011, you could contact to any offshore company for buying property. But now, you can only go with a licensed company or Jebel Ali offshore company. In fact, Jebel Ali offshore companies are authorized as ownership association management companies in Dubai.

How to Set Up an Offshore Company and Register Property

Setting up offshore company in Dubai

  • Individual has to provide these important information and documents with registrar;
  • Name and address of offshore company
  • Type of Business
  • Name and addresses of founders
  • Articles of association
  • Share capital amount
  • Any other documents asked by registrar
  • As soon as registration process is complete company will be provided ID number and registration certificate

Registration process

After this you need to submit this contract to any of the registration offices trustee in Dubai.

Other things required are;

  • Copy and/or original of trade license of the company
  • Passport copies of shareholders
  • Arabic and English translation of Power of Attorney
  • Arabic and English Translation of Board Resolution
  • Urdu and English translation of Company memorandum
  • English and Urdu translation of Shareholder’s certificate


Final steps

In the end, concerned parties will sign contract and submit application to employees of trustee offices in presence of RERA. After this new owner will be registered with DLB. This process takes 4 days. Owners association management companies in dubai will charge a Registration fee which is AED 2,000 but if property value exceeds AED 500,000 this fee will be AED 4,000.