BlackBerry KEYone

Design and Screen of the BlackBerry KEYone


BlackBerry KEYone breaks with that determinism and retrieves a physical keyboard that we did not see in the previous models but without the width of the BlackBerry Passport and without hiding like the BlackBerry Priv. And speaking of dimensions, BlackBerry KEYone is a robust and relatively large device, more by weight and thicker by width. However, gripping is not uncomfortable, in fact, the thickness is likely to influence the comfort as the curved edges with a full semicircle.


The lock button is not as comfortable as it is too high, bearing in mind that our hands will tend to be at the base when the physical keyboard is there. Although BlackBerry KEYone is not small, it is not heavy and the rear plastic keeps the BlackBerry logo with a rugged pattern finish that prevents the device from slipping.

The comfort of the physical keyboard is subjective and will influence the dexterity and the desire that we have to habituate to us if it is not the case. The keys do not require excessive pressure and once you become familiar with gestures as a cursor on the keyboard, these are quite useful, especially to throw words from the prediction during writing to the text on screen.


You will have to try BlackBerry KEYone for a longer time to determine if it is easy to get used to this keyboard when you are not a regular user with a physical keyboard, but at least we have seen that the fingerprint reader is integrated in it and it works quite a bit well, which is the space bar.


Everything is a little relative to the KEYnote and the dimensions of the screen do not escape this. A priori is a bit shocking to see that a new smartphone that is not small presents a screen of 4.5 inches. But it is the space that the physical keyboard leaves the panel, remaining out of the competition for the use of the front by the screen with 55.9%.

Leaving this aside, the screen is IPS with a resolution of 1,080 X 1,620 pixels, having sufficient level of detail and good colors, perhaps something cold in general. The tactile sensitivity is correct, although we had some unresponsive taps or slow response.


Indoors the display is alright bearing in mind that the BlackBerry booth had a rather low light. We can run split screen easily from multitasking as long as the apps support it.


3 Reasons Why Sleep Causes Your Weight Gain – Becky Holman

If you are a short sleeper (5 to 6 hours a day) you will have problem losing weight. A 7 years study of over 7000 people of middle age, reported that people especially women with sleep problems my experience a major weight gain of 10 pounds or more.

So there is a direct connection between sleep and weight gain. This article is all about why lack of sleep may affect your ability to lose weight?


1.Sleep less, burn less

A research published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that had a group of men sleep for 12 hours a night and didn’t allow them to sleep next night with allowing them to eat a lavish buffet the following morning. The results measured that the energy expenditure was 5% less then it was when they got a good night sleep and post-meal energy expenditure was 20% less.

2.Sleep less, eat more

In 2011 Scientific Sessions at American Heart Association, it was proved that women with only 4 hours sleep ate 329 additional calories the next morning then those who slept 9 hours. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition took 11 volunteers for 14 days. They broke the sleeping sessions on two periods. In first period, they let the participants to sleep for 5.5 hours a night and 8.5 for the others. With deprived sleeping they experienced the increase in nighttime snaking and were more likely to choose high-carbohydrate snacks.

3.Sleep less feel more starvation

Sleeping two little (less than 6 hours) affects your hormone levels. Insufficient sleep raises the ghrelin level, the hormone that tells you eat. Ghrelin’s function is to increase fat production, boost your appetite, and make your body grow or see Becky Holman’s Program old school new body ( for best guideline for your body fitness. Insufficient sleep also reduces leptin, a hormone that makes you feel fuller. Leptin levels run high in the night, which tells your body as you are sleeping you don’t need anything to eat. So high letpin levels keep hunger at bay.


Best Herb Grinder Machine

How Could Marijuana Legalization Save Our Planet?

We have finite resources on our plane and some researches state that oil can end within our lives while the world hunger and famine are prevalent. These problems could all be solved, or at the very least eased, by making marijuana legal. Marijuana is known as ‘weed’ for a reason. It is a weed and it grows fast and as there are varieties that can adapt to any climate, it grows anywhere.


Hemp seeds are rich in nutrition, and like the rest of the plant, can have many uses. The seeds can be ground to make flour, pressed to make oil or simply toasted and eaten as a healthy snack. They contain large amounts of oil that is almost entirely unsaturated, and are composed of the essential fatty acids needed by the human body in the exact proportions needed. This wonder food grows easier and is cheaper to produce than other tradition food aid such as simple grains and rice, and is also of a higher nutritional value. In struggling third world countries it could very easily help play big role to help the sufferers of undernourishment, and help make villages more self-sustaining. The crop has the ability to endure the severest of ecological circumstances and should therefore be utilized as the standby so as to assist the country dweller to survive the vilest dry seasons. This would have a two-fold benefit. Through good management, hemp can actually improve soil quality and avoid soil erosion, meaning that land previously used to grow hemp could be used to grow more diverse crops.

As previously mentioned, the logging industry is choking the planet. We are cutting down the forests at an alarming rate, destroying natural habitats for much of the planet’s wildlife and removing our main source of oxygen producing trees. Mostly this logging is for the paper industry. However hemp can be used to produce much cheaper and higher quality paper. One study suggests that, weight for weight in raw materials, hemp will produce 3-4 times more paper than traditional methods using trees. There are also fewer chemicals needed in the production of hemp paper as opposed to wood.

Hemp can also be used as an incredible energy source. Methanol can be produced from hemp, which can be used as a cheap and clean fuel for cars. Indeed, Henry Ford’s first ever automobile ran on hemp methanol, for a fraction of the price of regular petrol and making much less of an impact of the environment. Whilst it still produces CO2, the actual growing of the plant uses so much CO2 and produces oxygen, that the carbon footprint of using hemp as a fuel source is practically zero. It is also an incredibly productive fuel source. One acre of hemp grown could produce as much as 1,000 gallons of methanol andthat’s a lot of fuel. The greed on the part of the oil barons and logging industries keeps marijuana illegal. Reform is needed to make sure his wonder plant can save our planet and our modern way of life.If you are into marijuana, you need the best grinderto taste it perfectly.



Useful Safety Tips For Women Travelling In India For Tour

Despite of the lack of safety and security, it is inevitable to travel the exotic places in India. However it is necessary to be careful and make sure to avoid risky attempts like arriving alone on train platform at night. Also be cautious about your behavior and clothing. Here are few safety recommendation if you are travelling alone in India.

Research About Culture and Safe Routes

Travelling in India is as same as Thailand, Greece or Caribbean. It’s massive, traditional, diverse, ancient and still an overwhelming experience. Try to know as much as about the culture. For instance Rajasthan, a desert land but it is not westernized like Dubai. Wearing shorts and tank tops can be risky. So avoid to be revealing.

Correct your expectations

When you are from west, don’t expect to move freely and do anything you can do at homeland. Drinking here is allowed but need care, were loose modest clothes and refrain from overly friendly behavior and be careful when moving at night.

Be confident, not polite

You may find many discussions online about women who travel to India. Most of them express how to carry yourself. Be confident and you are less likely to attract unneeded attention. Apparently most of the men look for easy targets, so be confident and not polite. India possess hospitality culture but for women being polite is something that never work. Anyone stranger trying to annoy you become very adept by being cold or ignoring them, even get angry quickly and scream loudly.

Learn how you can relate to men

Try to learn how to relate to men, especially uneducated ones such as transportation, service and hospitality. Being friendly to any men here means you are inadvertently giving them wrong signals. So don’t express any type of feeling that you are available.

Remember India is traditional society, and don’t like male and female mix gatherings. Although there are many educated and well-mannered men in Metros like Mumbai and Delhi, and many in country side consider friendly behavior as an open invitations.

Use transportation strategies

You can travel through many means, trains, taxis, auto rickshaws and even motorcycles. But always be cautious and use correct transportation strategies such as avoiding night time traveling. Also if you are in a hotel Tthepiccadily.Com is best and safest hotel in Chandigarh, ask their staff to help you find taxi or any other transportation. When in the taxi, call someone and loudly tell the taxi number so that driver can hear. Plan your travelling to ensure not to arrive in middle of night, or try to have somebody to pick you from airport or train station. Many travel and tour firms, hotels and offers such services so take help from them.


7 Sleeping Habits That Makes You Fat

As nations continue to strive with epidemic of obesity, lifestyle changes that can curb anyone’s weight are becoming very important. People realize the link between sedentary lifestyle or poor diet and weight gain. What is still to discover is the link between unhealthy weight and sleeping habits. Below are 7 sleeping habits that makes you obese.

Eating too late

Late night eating or snacking raises body’s insulin levels and in turn causes body to produce less melatonin that leads to poor sleep as well as growth hormone that boosts body’s cells. To avoid this issue, keep 3 hours before bed time snack free.

Exposure To Light

Be it security light out in the street or alarm clock light, it can interfere with release of growth hormone and melatonin which raise cortisol level that is found to be connected with weight gain, particularly around abdomen. To avoid this ensure to sleep in dark room or keep digital devices away

Drinking Late

While you want to keep your body well hydrated, drinking too much before bed can be a problem. It increases the chances to get up in middle of sleep for bathroom run and interrupt your sleep pattern, which in turn, can put you at serious risk to obesity. Stop drinking at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Nighttime Exercise
While sedentary lifestyle isn’t good, exercising too late can also be a problem, because it raises body temperatures as well as suppresses release of melatonin, which lead to sleep problems because of elevated release of hormones such as cortisol and dopamine that are stimulated by activity. Better is to avid heavy exercises at least three hours before sleep.

Late Night Computer Use or Watching TV
Most people unwind at night by watching TV shows or web surfing. As this is tempting means to decompress at end of a long tiring day, it can interfere with good night’s sleep due to stimulating dopamine and cortisol.

Warm Bedroom

When bedroom is too warm, it causes poor sleep. Without cool environment, release of growth hormones and melatonin are disrupted which makes it less likely that body will burn fat during sleep Read More. Ensure that the room must be at around 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Tight-Fitting Clothes
Wearing tight clothes may be an underwear, bra or pajamas is uncomfortable and it can raise body temperature as well as disrupt hormonal patterns and interfere with your sleep. Sleeping nude or wearing light weight loose clothes is best.