8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Stomach Happy While Traveling

Traveling is always fun. However, this fun can easily fade away if you ignore your health. While traveling, it is easy to fall into bad habits that can disrupt your digestive system and create problems like acidity, constipation, and even diarrhea. Sometimes, it happens due to disrupted cycle of eating and sleeping. If you also face such problems while traveling, here are some important tips for you. By following them you can avoid these problems to a great extent.

Take Plenty of Fluids

It is important to keep your body hydrated during travel. Therefore, keep plenty of fluids with you. Drink fruit juices and clear water more often while traveling. This may not only relieve constipation if you have it, but may also softens the stool so it is easier to pass and you could spend most of your time in enjoying your tour; not spent it in the RV Toilet.

Plan Your Diet

Plan your travel diet well in advance and keep it simple. Include enough fiber in your diet and opt for dark leafy veggies and fresh fruits like Broccoli, Apricots, Blueberries, Collard Greens, Kale chips, Arugula, etc. Keep in mind that the recommended amounts are 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit every day. In addition to this, try to avoid raw food and unpasteurized dairy foods while traveling as they can lead to acidity.

Avoid Oil and Sugary Food

Because of limited food options while traveling, most of the people stick only to ready to eat oily and sugary foods. Low-fiber snack foods and desserts can make your constipation worse. Therefore, it is right decision to cut greasy and sugary foods that are high in fat.

Stay Active

Stay active and keep your body moving. It is another great idea to keep your stomach happy while traveling. However, it is not possible every time, especially when you’re traveling on a plane, bus, or train. Nevertheless, whenever you get time take stretch breaks and keep enough fluids with you.

Don’t ignore your body’s signals

Whenever you feel you need to go to the restroom, don’t try and control this urge. If you do not like using public bathrooms, try to give yourself time to relax and make yourself comfortable as much as you can. Do not ignore the urge, it can worsen your constipation and leave you with regrets.

Wash Your Hand More Often

It seems like a common practice, but is very crucial for your health. Wash your hands with soap every time you go to the toilet as well as before and after taking your meals. You can also keep a good hand sanitizer or paper soap with you.

Take Probiotics

Consult your doctor about taking the right probiotics supplements for while traveling. They come in handy packaging and contain healthy bacteria that help balance your digestive system. One capsule is enough to prevent various types of infectious you could catch in a foreign land.

Take Enough Rest:

Even the machines need rest. So, why not human beings! For us, it’s all the more important. Taking rest and proper sleep is essential to our health and well-being. Therefore, take adequate rest during your travel and enjoy your trip as much as you can.

Travel your heart out but don’t ignore your health. That should always be your priority because healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And a healthy person is better able to enjoy everything.


Advantages of Choosing Comfort Care Family Dental Services

Oral health is considered as the most important aspect of overall personality. If you are dealing with tooth damaged or gum disease, you aren’t likely to enjoy great oral health. Moreover, due to wrong teeth alignment, you may have to deal with an unwanted appearance. Obviously, you will always like to get rid of it. For this, you need to look for an experienced dentist with great expertise on the subject. However, there are various options available to go with, but you are advised to determine comfort care family dental services. Why should I choose only this option? If you are also dealing with such a question, you need to check out stated below reasons.

A Team of Experienced Dentists

There is no doubt that when it comes to availing health services of a doctor, you first want to confirm the experience. You aren’t supposed to choose a novice doctor or dentist when it comes to treatment of oral health. It is the point where you will find comfort care family a right option to go with. This oral health services provider is known for having 24 years of great experience in eliminating different types of oral health issues. So, the key reason behind choosing this dental service is that you can easily grab services from a team of highly experienced dentists with great expertise.

Use of Modern Dental Equipments

Whether it is about taking digital dental X-rays or invisible braces, you will always need to unveil the power of modern dental equipments incorporated with latest technology. This is another key reason behind the growing demand and popularity of comfort care family oral health service. Since they have all the necessary dental care equipments, they are capable of dealing with any sort of dental issues. There is no doubt that technology has changed the way dentists used to work. Dental equipments incorporated with innovative technologies have made it possible to get rid of dental issues even without feeling pain.

Customized Oral Health Solutions

There are different types of patients with different types of oral health conditions. Therefore, they should be given treatment accordingly. This is the point where you need to look for customized oral health solutions. Choosing this dental care option means you can be able to enjoy customized dental health solutions. This dental care clinic is known for offering adequate oral health solutions to patients of all ages – from toddlers to elderly people.

Anyone Can Afford

Affordability is something that can’t be denied whether you are looking for oral health treatment or something else. This is the main reason behind the growing popularity and demand of comfort care family dental. Since they are highly affordable option to go with, anyone can easily afford their services. Here one point should be noted that choosing affordable dental care services doesn’t mean that you need to cope with substandard quality of services. But it means that you will enjoy quality-oriented dental care services at most reasonable prices. So, if you are looking for an experienced dentist to get your oral health problem resolved, you should look at nowhere else but comfort care family dentists.

Wardrobe Ideas

Top Wardrobe Ideas You Will Instantly Fall in Love With

Wardrobes are one of the most used furniture in the entire house after a bed. Considering its usage one should always ensure that they are easy to operate have enough space storage and go well with the decor of the house. They come in many design and here we have scouted a list of different wardrobe designs.

Furniture is the first most thing when it comes to designing a room. Furniture gives a grace to overall look of the room .The wardrobe in room plays a major role in building the aura of the room and make it look awesome.

Wardrobes cabinets are one of the most important things in the bedroom. The colour and finishing of the wardrobe is what defines the beauty of the product.


 Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

wardrobe ideas


We bring you some new ideas for creating a great looking wardrobe for your bedroom. Wardrobe cabinets are essential for a bedroom.

Wardrobe Design ideas:

1) Take complete measurements. Make sure you are aware of the ceiling height and other essentials before you start construction.

2) Take a look at how would you want your wardrobe to look like. Will it have a lot of shelves, racks or just doors to separate two compartments? Will it have hooks for robes and bags or plain shelves? Will it be a combination of two colours or not.

3) Make room for shelves that are at a height. You can store unworn or unused items there for future use.

4) Another decision you’ll have to make is whether you want open wardrobes or wardrobes with shutters. You’ll probably find that though a shutter-free existence does make life easier, it also makes it dustier.

 Wardrobe designs:

  1. Sliding Wardrobe

The sliding doors in the wardrobes makes the room very spacious. The bedroom wardrobes design  are so simple and sober that it looks really great and make you feel fresh every time you enter the room.

  1. Classic Style Wardrobe

Classic style wardrobes are in fashion no matter what the current trends are in order to build a classic wardrobe you need to stock up on timeless pieces in flattering fits, shapes and colours. 3. Wardrobe with Dressing Table


Wradrobes with dressing table  are one of those very particular pieces of furniture that aren’t crucial to the smooth running  of our bedroom .without doubt dressing tables have an old fashioned elegance all of their own, even if you are modernist at heart with you sights set on a chic.



  1. Wardrobe with TV Panel


Wardrobes with TV panel are very much in nowadays. It  gives a the Bedroom a complete and compact look.

  1. Wardrobe with Drawers

Wardrobes with Drawers are very important for any household and bedrooms as it helps in storing the necessary things in a proper manner. Drawers help in up keeping the wardrobe neat and tidy.

  1. Wardrobe with Mirrors -2 sides

Wardrobe with mirrors are very much in nowadays as it gives the room very elegant and rich look .It is both ways helpful as dressing and as show as well.

  1. Simple Wardrobe Design

Simple wardrobes are simple but yet so stylish .These are forever wardrobes design. They give the look of elegance to the bedroom.

  1. Wardrobe with Mirror and Drawer

Wardrobe with mirror and drawers are multipurpose or two way usage wardrobes. It can be used for different storing and dressing as well.

  1. Full Mirror Doors Wardrobe


Adding that extra elegance and Richness to the bedroom full mirror wardrobes are very much in trend can completely use it as a dressing area as well.

10.Cabinet Wardrobes

Imagine the bedrooms without the wardrobe cabinets. They would look dull and empty. Aside from colors, textures also work well for wardrobes like wooden or glass finishes.




  1. Contemporary Wardrobes

Here, this contemporary marvel is made into a warm, liveable space with lots of ash wood splayed throughout the bed room- from the bed frame to the cabinetry.

  1. Walk in Wardrobes

Every Female dreams of having a walk in wardrobe. They love shopping and secretly wish to display everything at one place in an organised manner. Walk In wardrobes add a touch of luxury and rarely found. All you need is to get some shelves and hanging space fitted.







  1. Customised Wardrobes


Building your dream home? Confused with the type of wardrobe you want?  Ditch all the available options and get yourself a customised wardrobe. It can be made exactly according to your space requirement and given the finish that would suit planned décor.




  1. Armoires

Made usually of wood Armoires  are free standing wardrobes with the vintage feel .They usually buit in storage options like drawers, rods, dividers and shelves.




4 Command-Line Graphics Tools for Linux

Images and the command line. They seem an unlikely pair, don’t they? There are people who’ll tell you that the only way you can manipulate and view graphics is with GUI applications like GIMP.4-command-line-graphics-tools-for-linux

For the most part, they’re wrong. Command-line image tools do much of what their GUI counterparts can, and they can do it just as well. Sometimes, especially when dealing with multiple image files or working on an older computer, command-line tools can do a better job.

Let’s take a look at four command-line tools that can ably handle many of your basic (and not-so-basic) image manipulation tasks.


GraphicsMagick isn’t a single application. It’s a set of 14 single-purpose utilities that, taken together, are like a multitool for manipulating graphics at the command line. GraphicsMagick includes tools that let you convert, resize, compare, animate, and view images. And it does a lot more.

GraphicsMagick supports over 88 image formats, and gives you a considerable amount of control over how you can manipulate images in those formats. You can, for example, tell GraphicsMagick to convert an image from TIFF to JPEG, resize an image, and add a caption to it in a particular font.

If you find that you’re using the same set of commands over and over again, you can combine the GraphicsMagick batch utility with a shell script to run those commands in one fell swoop. That cuts down on the number of keystrokes.


Most Linux distributions come with a simple graphical screen capture tool. You can also find any number of more feature-packed screen capture utilities. If your needs are simple, then turn to the command line and Scrot.

You can find Scrot in the package manager of many a Linux distribution. If it’s not available, or you want to embrace your inner geek, you can grab Scrot’s source code from GitHub and compile it yourself.

With Scrot, you can grab a shot of your entire desktop or of a particular window. You can also set a delay, allowing you to get a window into position before Scrot snaps. If you need to, you can create a thumbnail of the screen capture.


Feh is a simple tool for viewing one or more images from the command line. Those images don’t display in the terminal. Instead, they pop up in a very basic graphical window on your desktop.

All you need to do to use Feh is navigate to a directory and start the application. Feh creates a slideshow that you can move through by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Nothing complex, nothing pretty, but it works.

Feh has a number of options you can add at the command line to, for example, display metadata from photos, create a fixed-size window, view images in full-screen mode, and hide the mouse pointer.


Most photographs contain metadata that identifies where and when those photos were taken, the model of camera used, and other information. Sometimes that metadata might not be correct or you might want to scrub it from your photos. That’s where Exiv2 comes in.

Exiv2 can easily add, delete, extract, print, and modify a photo’s metadata. Exiv2 supports two dozen image formats and has a large number of options. You probably won’t use a fraction of those options, but you never know when they’ll come in handy

This isn’t a tool for the casual photographer. If, however, you need to manipulate the metadata in one or more of your photos, Exiv2 is more than up to the task.

Two other tools worth looking at

Video files can be huge. If you have a short clip, embedding the video in a web page can be a bit overkill. Why not use an animated GIF instead? Gifify does just that, allowing you to resize a video, compress the resulting image, an even add text or subtitles to the image.

Album takes a directory of images and generates a set of thumbnails and an HTML page which become an online photo album. The tool has a number of themes you can add to the HTML page and supports several plugins that add features like automatic captions and an RSS feed to an album.



How to Improve the SEO of Your Magento Website

In the growing digital marketplace, site owners are being faced with a high competition. As the number of online buyers is increasing, there are more and more online stores opening in an attempt to serve the best to them. If you are running an e-commerce website or planning to launch a new one, one of your priorities should be to be sure that the growing range of consumers finds you in the

SEO is the first and foremost thing any website owner should look into while creating a website. If you are developing an online store by using Magento, then you get a wide range of things that you use to make your site stand out from the crowd. In this article, you will find out some amazing tips that you can use to improve the SEO of your Magento website:

Web Configuration

The first and most important thing you need to do to optimize your website is the website configuration. Just Go to System->Configuration->Web in the admin panel of your Magento store. In the URL options, you will need to change the setting “Add Store Code to URLs” to “no”. It will help you keep unnecessary keywords out of the URL. Moreover, set “Server URL Rewrite” to “yes” under Search Engine Optimization in the same section. It will help you remove “index.php” from all URLs.


Make sure you have filled out keywords and description for the page in the metadata of your every CMS page. Besides, you should include five keywords and a detailed description of the business you are going to start. You must use at least top five keywords that must be related to your online store and products. All the major search engines will use this data to find out how relevant a users’ search term is to your store.


Most people forget about this one of the most important aspects and face several difficulties regarding SEO ranking. Make sure that the robots.txt file permits robots to crawl your Magento website. It is a fact that if search engines do not crawl your site, then your business will not be standing out from the crowd.

Product Pages

The heart of any e-store is the wide range of products. There are a large number of things that you can give your site a boost on the product pages. Remember, the content is king; don’t forget to keep your content detailed. Also, make sure to fill the metadata section with complete details about the product while updating the URL Key. It will build a search engine friendly URL that will however improve SEO of your website.


Images are also the important aspect that must be taken into account. An e-commerce often has several product images, so this is a section where you really need to emphasize. Don’t forget to use meaningful names for your images as it defines what the image is. Also, use the title and alt tags on your image files wisely. It will provide crawlers information about the website or page that they could not otherwise be able to get.

No Duplicates

Check your website several times if there is duplicate content. There is a wide range of online tools available that will help you check the copied content on your site such as siteliner. You need to check all the CMS and product pages. Your e-commerce website must have unique yet useful content that engages the user.


If you want search engines to index all the pages and content of your website, then make sure your website have a good internal link structure. The pages of your site should not be more than 3 clicks away. It’s necessary to have a proper sitemap of the navigation structure of your Magento website.

Optimize your PHP

You should also make sure that PHP code executes fast. If your website is running very slow, a user won’t stay on it and thereby results in increasing the bounce rate. Optimizing your PHP code will surely have a significant effect on the speed of your website. It is also a fact that more optimized code tends to be error-free and boost the website speed.

There are several other things that you can do to improve the SEO of your website. The field of Search Engine Optimization industry is changing every day without providing any guidelines. However, you should consider all the above-mentioned points while creating a Magento website.

Author Bio:

Ankur Purohit is a Digital Marketing Manager by profession, a writer by hobby and works for Baymediasoft- A Magneto Ecommerce Development Company. With Six years of experience working in the field of development and digital marketing, he has technical as well as marketing skills to deliver valuable web solutions. More Info Click here