Amazing Ways to Improve Your Kids Brain Power

Children today are so brilliant and impulsive by nature; however, the growing environment has several repercussions to it. Children’s brain grows very quick and grasps everything around effectively during the first 10 years of birth. Sometimes, even before birth! When a child is fully conceived in the mother’s womb, and after crossing the first trimester, which is when the organs fully grow, the child starts to listen and absorb. Talking to the child right from when they are in the womb makes their brain shaper and quick respondent. This article will provide the readers with some amazing ways for enhancing the brain power of growing children.

Kids Brain Power

Playing Video Games

Don’t be surprised if you are told that playing video games will give a superpower to your child’s brain. Yes, it does! Video games and other online games that the children are really addicted today is super brain power, provided it is played within a restricted time limit. Having adult supervision in the choosing the right games will also be an added benefit for tuning the child’s brain in the right way! Though it is not the only way; it has a definite sound role to play in shaping the brain of young children and making them spontaneous in thinking and deciding. Game Guide World will be useful for parents to decide about the constructive games for their child.

Gross Motor Skills

Many schools today focus on gross motor skills which develop the hand-eye-brain coordination for growing children and make their thinking abilities work quicker. Playing zip-zap-zoom, ‘oh pillar,caterpillar’,games that involve hand and mind will be a good exercise for this development at home.


Meditation is a very good exercise for boosting the brain cells in young children, as it relaxes and rejuvenates the brain cells and gives them complete refreshment to think smarter. Only five minutes every day in the morning, if children practice meditation, the complete day of school will be fruitful for them.

Mind Maps

Practising mind map concepts for the young children will be a fun-filled way to develop their thinking ability and brain power. Imagining a concept and relating different topics to it by connecting one other in sequential order is the basic idea of this concept and it will definitely be a good workout for children to creatively think out of the box.

Online IQ Tests 

Today children being in front of gadgets all day long, it is good to train them to attend online IQ tests and memory games, which will be a good boost for the brain. Playing Dual N-Back game will help increase the IQ level.


Make your children book-friendly, as their complete future is taken good care of. To start with, get them books that are visually appealing, while also practicing the habit of reading from it. A good book is always a good friend for the child’s brain.


Early the beginning, successful the progress! Those parents, who have aspiration in raising their children with super brain power, must commence meeting the needs for it right from conception of the child. However, never the late! If you haven’t yet started focusing on it, start right today, and the results are really not far away!