This Amazing Drink Melts Fat in Only 4 Days

We do not want to do exercise and want to reduce belly fat also. The reason behind it is our busy life schedule or may be fatigue which we feel after remaining busy whole day. Keeping in view this context we are going to share a magical drink.

This drink is a perfect solution forweight loss and is refreshing. Another good thing is it is inexpensive and all the ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger are used in this drink. Lemon denies the food desire and mint controls the appetite. Cucumber is rich in fiber and ginger lowers the chances of overeating.

Best Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat


  • 1 teaspoon of organic Ginger root Powder
  • One Medium sliced Cucumber
  • One medium sized lemon
  • About 12 Mint leaves
  • 8 ½ cup filtered water

Method of Preparation:

1.  Take a saucepan. Put water into it and boil

2.  Let it cool

3.  Take bowl add thinly sliced lemon but remove seeds from lemon

4.  Take cucumber, wash it and thinly sliced

5.  Add cucumber in bowl of lemon

6.  Wash mint leaves properly and also add in the bowl

7.  Now take a jug and put cool water in it

8.  Add ginger powder and put lemon, cucumber and mint leave from the bowl in the jug

9.  Keep this mixture in the jug overnight

10.  Remove all the ingredients from the jug in the morning

11.  Drink this water whole day.

This drink is beneficial and you will feel the difference within 4 days. This drink is highly nutritious. All the ingredients that are kept overnight in the jug offer various health benefits.