9 Basic Things That An iPad Surely Help You Out Any Where

1. Research –

We use Ever Note (see our comments above) and Instapaper App to collect and organize market research and customer research. Both Apps automatically sync your information with all your other devices (that you have installed their Free Apps) including an: iPhone, Mac, PC or Laptop. These two apps are free, very powerful and can greatly improve your productivity.

2. Daily Reading of the News –

Flip Board App is the hottest iPad app for reading the news each day. I also read the news using the Zite App (which is now a CNN Company).

In addition, we listen to Free Audio and Video Podcasts using the Free Apple iTunes App. The Podcasts are an excellent inexpensive way to keep up with your industry, politics and the news.

3. Digital Signing of Contracts –

Both Dousing and Echo Sign App (purchased by Adobe in 2011) are used on the iPad to legally sign contracts, proposals and orders in the USA. Excellent App to reduce the time it takes to close a sale and reduce paperwork.

4. Travel & Dining Info –

When I leave the home or office, the iPad greatly helps me plan my day or week. I use Yelp to check out restaurants or coffee meeting locations. We use the Open Table App to book our restaurant reservations. Every day, I check Google Maps or Apple Maps (built-in) for traffic conditions and to get directions to the meeting location. I use the Weather Channel App to check for driving or flying conditions around the world. The Apple Face time App (built-in) or Skype App are great to see our family when traveling overnight or just working late.

5. Entertainment –

Netflix is one of the best apps for watching TV and movies. Flixster is a good movie App to check out movie times, find the nearest theater and the latest reviews. I use the iTunes App, Spotify and Pandora for music listening and movie rentals. I also use the Apple iBooks App (built-in) and the Amazon’s Kindle App to read eBooks. Game Apps on the iPad are now amazing – great to keep you busy in a hotel room at night during a business trip.

6. File Sharing –

We use three Top Cloud Services for sharing and syncing files to the iPad: Dropbox, iCloud and Box.com. Apple’s iCloud works with all Apple products and other top iPad Apps. DropBox is one of the top apps to use in a Small Business for sharing and syncing files between your iPad, iPhone, and Android, PC and Mac products. The first 2-gigabytes of storage are Free. It also integrates with many of the top iPad Apps. It is the number one way to get files on and off the iPad today. Box.com App is a little more complex to use. However, it has more security options and is used by larger companies. There is a free version with limited cloud storage. The business versions run $15 per user per month with a minimum of 3 users.

7. eMail Marketing –

There are dozens of Marketing Automation Systems that can send email out for your company. However, if you have approval and need to just send out a large number of emails, there are a few apps that work well with iPads. The Mail chimp App is a top web-based marketing app that allows you to run and manage your marketing campaigns from your iPad (or iPhone).

8. Social Networking –

We use the iPad to run our Social Networking Programs. It helps reduce the time it takes to manage your social networking programs. The following Social Networking Apps all work on the iPad: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Salesforce.com Chatter is another social networking App for business. We use Hootsuite to manage our Social Marketing. They have a free version that you can test with three social services.

9. Voice Commands –

Apple Siri and Google Now are incredible productivity apps that are Free on the iPad Tablets. I use Siri all the time for sending and reading text messages and emails. I also use the voice function to speak instead of typing text into any field on an iPad. I use it for making To-Do lists, playing music, making calls and finding out the weather anywhere in the world. Once you start using these voice apps, you can see your productivity go up. Note: the voice technology is far from perfect… so expect the unexpected 🙂

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara Jim who is Sr. Technician and delivery manager at Tablets4Rental which is one of the top ipad and tablet rental service providers in UK.