7 Creative Ways to Use Live Website Chat Software

With the increasing demand of immediate attention by the customers, investing in live chat software has become an unavoidable part of the business. Though most of the business have gradually understood the importance of live chat software and have already installed it, some companies particularly the SMP spaces are still rigid about it. They still focus on building relationships and try to crack the deals on the basis of their relations with the clients.

Even the companies that have already installed the software are not able to leverage its power to the fullest. They just consider it as a customer support tool and look at it when some customer comes with a query. If you look at it as a sales and conversion perspective, the widget can work as a strong sales agent boosting your business.

A business that has live chat support on their website still use the same age-old technique like personalized email, ad campaigns, and A/B testing to understand customer requirements. This is because they are unaware of the power of live chat. By using it creatively, you not just offer a quick and effective solution to the customers but also talk to them at their peak point of interest to gain more knowledge about their interest.

If you are still confused how to use the software, here are seven creative ways you can leverage live chat widget in your business. It will help you generate more business by leaving a lasting impression on online customers.

These are the top 7 ways to use live chat:

Onboarding client assistance

In this, you can use proactive chat invitations to start a conversation with your top tier clients. Engaging with the clients when they sign up for a new account is the right time to approach them and win their trust. Proactive chat doesn’t limit the reps to just offering assistance when customers look for it; rather, it gives them an opportunity to provide instant, personalized and reliable solutions.

Multilingual Chat Support

Online ecommerce stores can get customers from any part of the world. It can also include people, who might not be comfortable with English or the language used on your website. With live chat software on the website, you can offer multilingual chat support to immediately connect customers with the brand.

Facebook Fan Page Chat

Facebook Fan Page Chat

Only a few live chat software companies like REVE Chat offer Facebook Fan Page Chat widget. With nearly 1.10 billion users and 77% of all the social logins, Facebooks becomes one of the largest platforms to connect with the existing and potential customers. By adding a ‘Chat with us’ tab on your Facebook page, you allow visitors to get in touch with the team in real-time, which also serve as a lead generation channel for your marketing team.

Easy pre-chat form

This is nothing but a technique to gather basic information about the visitors to connect them with the right live chat agent. While using the pre-chat form in your live chat widget, just make sure it is short and simple with only a couple of fields. It is a win-win situation for both the visitors and the companies, as visitors don’t have to follow a long path to engage with the right agent and companies don’t have to keep the customers on hold to find an appropriate team for them.

Proactive chat on 404 page

One of the most frustrating things when browsing a website is to come across a page with 404 page. Visitors generally exit the website and never visit it back. Instead of leaving your visitors confused and irritated, give them a list of another helpful link they can visit on your website. Some live chat widgets immediately send a proactive chat invitation when a customer lands on a 404 page to help them find the information they are looking for.

Real-time online counseling

If you think that live chat support on the website is just to guide the customers, you are still unaware of the power of the widget. If you have a medical website or any other business where visitors look for counseling, live chat software on the website can be a great tool for you. Make their every moment beneficial with professional and real-time online counseling.

Text-to-chat customer support

You can allow your clients to start a chat session with your support team through a simple text message. All you need is to show your ‘text-to-chat’ phone number on your website.

These are some creative ways you can use live chat widget on your website. If you get live chat software with higher pricing but with impressive features, you shouldn’t think twice. Just install it and get ready for the business growth.