50 HTML5 Tools for Designers & Developers

Web development tools always make your web design project easier with the help of advanced features. HTML5 is the most popular language for developers and designers as it offers numerous amazing features such as cross-browser support, structure specific tags, visual elements and many more.

Also, all these tools will help you to understand HTML5 language and will show you the easier way to create attractive & stunning websites.

Below is a collection of 10 excellent HTML5 tools for designers & developers that will help you execute your ideas in style and high-quality manner.


JSCapture is screen capturing library implemented with pure JavaScript and HTML5. It allows you to make screenshots and record a video of your desktop from your browser.

HTML KickStart


HTML KickStart is a ultra–lean set of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery (JavaScript) files, layouts, and elements designed to give you a headstart and save you a lot of hours on your next web project.


Maqetta is an open source project that provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces. The Maqetta application itself is authored in HTML, and therefore runs in the browser without requiring additional plugins or downloads.


Initializr is a tool to build HTML5 templates very quickly. It compiles well-known web frameworks like HTML5 Boilerplate or Bootstrap and tools like Mordernizr and jQuery.

HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please helps you to search for a feature that you are looking to use and find out how to do so. If you think our recommendation is incorrect, you can edit the recommendation for each feature and send a pull request.

Mercury Editor

Mercury is a fully featured HTML5 editor. It was built from the ground up to help your team get the most out of content editing in modern browsers.


Mugeda is a cloud-based platform to create and deploy HTML5 rich media mobile ads contents.


Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video. This is also known as an HTML5 Video Player.

HTML5 Test

This tool help you to see how well the browser used supports the standard. Uses a point scoring system and includes comparison tables.


Framework7 is a fully featured HTML framework just for building hybrid (Phonegap) and web-based apps with a native iOS7 feel.

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