5 Ways To Really Relax

When people don’t find the time to relax, they can become extremely unwell. Physically, chronic stress (which is what tends to happen when we are unable to relax properly) results in high blood pressure, heart issues, obesity, and studies are ongoing as to whether it causes some kinds of cancers. Mentally, stress can lead to depression and anxiety. All in all, it’s far better to relax when possible to recharge for the next day and the next stage of life. Here are some ways to do it.


It sounds like a drug, but tryptophan is actually something that can be found naturally in some foods and it is a chemical that helps us to relax. When you are feeling stressed you may also feel as though you want to eat a lot, and if that’s the case then making sure you eat tryptophan-rich foods is your best option. These foods include cheese, nuts, chicken, turkey, and soybeans. Tryptophan raises your serotonin levels which makes you feel happier, plus it also increases the melatonin in your body and that helps you to get to sleep.



When you think of relaxing, you probably think of sitting (or lying) still and doing nothing. However, getting active and doing exercise can help too. When you are feeling stressed out, hitting the gym or going for a run can help you to feel a lot better because it releases endorphins into your body. These are chemicals that boost your mood, making you feel a lot calmer and happier. When you are able to feel like this, coming up with solutions to the issues that are causing your stress is a lot easier.

Breathe Deeply

If you don’t have a lot of time to relax, then simply taking some long, deep breaths can make a big difference to how you are feeling. When you are feeling anxious, you’ll be breathing a lot more rapidly, and that can cause you to feel even more stressed because you’re not getting enough oxygen to your body. If you find that deep breathing helps you, then you should consider classes such as yoga or Pilates, or even meditation, when you have some more time because these can teach you how to manage your stress and your breathing at the same time.

5 Ways To Really Relax

Play A Game

If you enjoy gaming then turning to your console or computer when you are feeling stressed out can help you immensely. Being totally focused on the game you are playing will help you to stop thinking about whatever it is that is causing you the stress in the first place, and even if it’s only for a little while, that will be enough to relax you. To really tune out the rest of the world, you can play with an Xbox 360 headset and be completely in the zone when it comes to the game.

Listen To Music

It’s natural to know that listening to great music – our favorite music, perhaps – will boost our mood significantly, and that is a great way of reducing stress. However, don’t go seeking out what you consider to be relaxing genres of music such as classical or opera unless you love it. If that’s not to your taste, you won’t find it as relaxing as listening to something that you do enjoy, even if that something is something loud and raucous like thrash metal.