5 Hairstyles That Men Find Irresistible

There have been some recent hair trends that girls are obsessed with – going bald, Amber Rose style, or perhaps dying your hair a multitude of rainbow shades. But for guys, sometimes less is more. These hairstyles are bound to make any guy go crazy over you. We’re not sure what exactly it is about these styles that drives men wild, but they’ve gotten the guy-approved stamp, so try it out and see!

1. Side-Swept Bangs
Side-swept bangs will definitely sweep him off his feet. Ok, puns aside, the look is utterly sexy but also a little mysterious, when it’s done right. They make your cheekbones appear more delicate, and a good Cameron Diaz inspired side sweep is just the right mix of effortless and desirable.


2. Textured Beach Waves
The implicit of this surfer girl inspired look gives off the alluring energy of bed-head – it’ll have guys drooling all over you. It’s an effortless but gorgeous look that makes him think about grabbing your hair in the perfect heated moment, with no hairspray or bobby pins in the way.

3. High Ponytail

Wearing your hair up bares your most seductive features like your neck and shoulders. It can be elegant and sleek, but also has the ability to look sporty. If you rock a sporty ponytail with a natural look, guys will be so turned on by the Sporty Spice vibes.

4. Retro Bangs
Retro bangs bring us bad to the ‘60s, and looks great with longer hair. Spiderman’s GF, much? There’s something that screams cute librarian who still manages to be sexy – it’s a throwback to an older time, without looking old.

5. Ombré Hair Color
This two-toned trend hair trend is such a guy magnet. It makes you think that there’s more to this girl than you might think – it’s an expression of personality, and draws guys in. Some men prefer blondes, some prefer brunettes…;.this way, you can be both! The spectrum of color will really visually draw him in, without being rainbow hair, which is a turn-off for guys.
Source stylendesigns.com