5 Google Announcements You Need to Know About

A new phone, smart home assistant, and virtual-reality headset: these are just three of the products Google announced at an event in San Francisco on Oct. 4. Each of the products are all Google’s next steps into creating more hardware items, rather than just focusing on software as a company. Get a full recap of everything you might’ve missed ahead.www-gifcreator-me_khkz1e

The Pixel is Google’s answer to the iPhone.

The Pixel and Pixel XL are Google’s newest phones, available in two sizes: 5-inches and 5.5 inches. It has three colors to choose from (Really Blue, Very Silver, and Quite Black) and Google touts that it has the best camera out there right now. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, it has alens blur effect to create a depth-of-field photo. The phones come with Android Nougat, Duo (Google’s video calling app), and 24/7 support. It also has a headphone jack and if you charge it in 15 minutes, you’ll get seven hours of battery life.2pixel-google-answer-iphone

Google Home is here to beat the Amazon Echo.

Google Home ($129, preorder) is the company’s answer to the Amazon Echo. It’s a small speaker device that you can command to do certain things with your voice. It comes with Google Assistant, a powerful virtual assistant that helps you with almost anything. Need to make a reservation, look up restaurants, see what’s on your calendar and more? The Google Assistant can do all of that. Google Home also syncs up with a variety of smart home products, as well with Chromecast or Chromecast Audio. You can also choose from either a fabric or metal base, with each base offering three finishes to choose from.3google-home-here-beat-amazon-echo

The next generation of Chromecast is pricier.

If you want to take your binge watching to the next level, the Chromecast Ultra ($69, preorder) is for you. The product offers the ability to watch video in 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Dolby Vision. And if your WiFi isn’t that great, Chromecast Ultra has an ethernet adapter to plug in directly to your internet connection.4next-generation-chromecast-pricier

Google is amping up its efforts in virtual reality.

For anyone who’s into virtual reality and the possibilities it holds, Google’s Daydream View($79, preorder) is one to try. With it, you can plug in the Pixel phone and start exploring plenty of VR videos — or see the sheep of the Faroe Islands with sheep view. It comes in three colors (Snow, Slate, and Crimson) and unlike other VR headsets, you can wash the facepad.5google-amping-up-its-efforts-virtual-reality

Google WiFi wants to make binge watching easier.

Plenty of people know just how terrible WiFi routers can be, which is why Google WiFi ($129-$299, preorder) is here. The router is built to support all of your WiFi needs. You can buy a single one for $129 or get a three-pack for $299. To make your life easy, you can begin with one Google WiFi and if you need more, you can use an app called Network Assistant to add another router, with zero hassle.google-wifi-wants-make-binge-watching-easier

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