3 Reasons Why Sleep Causes Your Weight Gain – Becky Holman

If you are a short sleeper (5 to 6 hours a day) you will have problem losing weight. A 7 years study of over 7000 people of middle age, reported that people especially women with sleep problems my experience a major weight gain of 10 pounds or more.

So there is a direct connection between sleep and weight gain. This article is all about why lack of sleep may affect your ability to lose weight?


1.Sleep less, burn less

A research published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that had a group of men sleep for 12 hours a night and didn’t allow them to sleep next night with allowing them to eat a lavish buffet the following morning. The results measured that the energy expenditure was 5% less then it was when they got a good night sleep and post-meal energy expenditure was 20% less.

2.Sleep less, eat more

In 2011 Scientific Sessions at American Heart Association, it was proved that women with only 4 hours sleep ate 329 additional calories the next morning then those who slept 9 hours. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition took 11 volunteers for 14 days. They broke the sleeping sessions on two periods. In first period, they let the participants to sleep for 5.5 hours a night and 8.5 for the others. With deprived sleeping they experienced the increase in nighttime snaking and were more likely to choose high-carbohydrate snacks.

3.Sleep less feel more starvation

Sleeping two little (less than 6 hours) affects your hormone levels. Insufficient sleep raises the ghrelin level, the hormone that tells you eat. Ghrelin’s function is to increase fat production, boost your appetite, and make your body grow or see Becky Holman’s Program old school new body (LeahsFitness.com) for best guideline for your body fitness. Insufficient sleep also reduces leptin, a hormone that makes you feel fuller. Leptin levels run high in the night, which tells your body as you are sleeping you don’t need anything to eat. So high letpin levels keep hunger at bay.