This 3 Ingredient Recipe Will Make Your Bones 20 Years Younger!!

Everyone wants to have legs that can take them anywhere they want without any hard efforts. As young our legs are usually powerful and we don’t usually think about them after a few years, when we start aging. It is the old that actually know about this problem and are concerned as their legs start becoming weaker and weaker.  Even walking from one place to another takes a lot of effort for them. If you have any kind of problem with your legs or if you are looking for a way to improve the health of your legs, here is a great recipe that can help make your legs younger and extend their lifespan.This-3-Ingredient-Recipe-Will-Make-Your-Bones-20-Years-Younger-800x445

The best thing about this recipe is that it is a grandma’s recipe and requires just 3 ingredients. It’s easy, tested and thrilling to make. You should take it regularly to make your legs 20 years younger.

You will not have to spend more than a few dollars to get all the ingredients. It’s not only inexpensive compared to all the gels, lotions, and medicines out there, it is also more effective. You could also use this recipe for pain in the ankle or back, or the feeling of heaviness in the feet.

  • Alcohol – 300 ml (70%)
  • Iodine – 100 ml
  • Aspirin – 10 pills x 300 mg

You can get all these ingredients from a drug store near you.

Health Benefits of Iodine

Iodine has been tested and used for centuries for its antiseptic power. It is capable of fighting against various kinds of organisms including fungus, spores, infections, protozoans, and micro-organisms.


  • Mix the iodine and alcohol
  • Crush the aspirin pills and add to the mixture
  • Blend the mixture

Keep the mixture in a cold place without light and use it on your legs. It can be rubbed on the affected area or applied as a layer. Keep in mind that this recipe has a life of 3 weeks.

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