Wardrobe Ideas

Top Wardrobe Ideas You Will Instantly Fall in Love With

Wardrobes are one of the most used furniture in the entire house after a bed. Considering its usage one should always ensure that they are easy to operate have enough space storage and go well with the decor of the house. They come in many design and here we have scouted a list of different wardrobe designs.

Furniture is the first most thing when it comes to designing a room. Furniture gives a grace to overall look of the room .The wardrobe in room plays a major role in building the aura of the room and make it look awesome.

Wardrobes cabinets are one of the most important things in the bedroom. The colour and finishing of the wardrobe is what defines the beauty of the product.


 Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

wardrobe ideas


We bring you some new ideas for creating a great looking wardrobe for your bedroom. Wardrobe cabinets are essential for a bedroom.

Wardrobe Design ideas:

1) Take complete measurements. Make sure you are aware of the ceiling height and other essentials before you start construction.

2) Take a look at how would you want your wardrobe to look like. Will it have a lot of shelves, racks or just doors to separate two compartments? Will it have hooks for robes and bags or plain shelves? Will it be a combination of two colours or not.

3) Make room for shelves that are at a height. You can store unworn or unused items there for future use.

4) Another decision you’ll have to make is whether you want open wardrobes or wardrobes with shutters. You’ll probably find that though a shutter-free existence does make life easier, it also makes it dustier.

 Wardrobe designs:

  1. Sliding Wardrobe

The sliding doors in the wardrobes makes the room very spacious. The bedroom wardrobes design  are so simple and sober that it looks really great and make you feel fresh every time you enter the room.

  1. Classic Style Wardrobe

Classic style wardrobes are in fashion no matter what the current trends are in order to build a classic wardrobe you need to stock up on timeless pieces in flattering fits, shapes and colours. 3. Wardrobe with Dressing Table


Wradrobes with dressing table  are one of those very particular pieces of furniture that aren’t crucial to the smooth running  of our bedroom .without doubt dressing tables have an old fashioned elegance all of their own, even if you are modernist at heart with you sights set on a chic.



  1. Wardrobe with TV Panel


Wardrobes with TV panel are very much in nowadays. It  gives a the Bedroom a complete and compact look.

  1. Wardrobe with Drawers

Wardrobes with Drawers are very important for any household and bedrooms as it helps in storing the necessary things in a proper manner. Drawers help in up keeping the wardrobe neat and tidy.

  1. Wardrobe with Mirrors -2 sides

Wardrobe with mirrors are very much in nowadays as it gives the room very elegant and rich look .It is both ways helpful as dressing and as show as well.

  1. Simple Wardrobe Design

Simple wardrobes are simple but yet so stylish .These are forever wardrobes design. They give the look of elegance to the bedroom.

  1. Wardrobe with Mirror and Drawer

Wardrobe with mirror and drawers are multipurpose or two way usage wardrobes. It can be used for different storing and dressing as well.

  1. Full Mirror Doors Wardrobe


Adding that extra elegance and Richness to the bedroom full mirror wardrobes are very much in trend today.one can completely use it as a dressing area as well.

10.Cabinet Wardrobes

Imagine the bedrooms without the wardrobe cabinets. They would look dull and empty. Aside from colors, textures also work well for wardrobes like wooden or glass finishes.




  1. Contemporary Wardrobes

Here, this contemporary marvel is made into a warm, liveable space with lots of ash wood splayed throughout the bed room- from the bed frame to the cabinetry.

  1. Walk in Wardrobes

Every Female dreams of having a walk in wardrobe. They love shopping and secretly wish to display everything at one place in an organised manner. Walk In wardrobes add a touch of luxury and rarely found. All you need is to get some shelves and hanging space fitted.







  1. Customised Wardrobes


Building your dream home? Confused with the type of wardrobe you want?  Ditch all the available options and get yourself a customised wardrobe. It can be made exactly according to your space requirement and given the finish that would suit planned décor.




  1. Armoires

Made usually of wood Armoires  are free standing wardrobes with the vintage feel .They usually buit in storage options like drawers, rods, dividers and shelves.



Beginners guide to Formatting and Presenting Assignments

An assignment is a piece of academic writing, assigned by teacher to his students for their evaluation and criticism.  Therefore, assignment should be written, formatted and presented correctly because they you will be marked for it. Before you start your assignment you should go through the following steps:

  1. Read carefully about what you are asked to do in the assignment. By doing so you will gain some insights into the topic that will make it easier for you to work on it.
  2. If you are still unclear about what you are asked to do, clear your doubt up. It is better to ask questions rather than wasting time in re-writing.
  3. Go through all the learning material you have, course page, emails from the lecturer, etc.
  4. Check out the criteria that includes how many words or pages you are supposed to write and in which format you should be citing it.
  5. Try looking for easy and clear solutions to complete your assignment because it is always simple things that are most productive.
  6. Plan your assignment in a way that that you break down a large assignment into smaller tasks.
  7. Brainstorm the idea through mind mapping. Mapping a problem in your head is a very simple and powerful technique that is proven method to help students surpass the initial chaos occurring in the mind.
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Some lecturer give the topic i.e the train from hate and some lecturer skip to provide the instructions to students, assuming that students know how to present it. If this is the case, and your lecturer didn’t provide you the general guidelines then they are the following:

Cover Page

The cover page of an assignment should be designed in such a way that:

  • It reflects a brief insight of the document.
  • It captures the attention of the person for whom it is written.


Title page

The title page of your assignment should clearly indicate that who made it. It should include the following elements:

  • a concise title
  • name of the author
  • Student’s ID or roll number
  • name of the lecturer whom it will be submitted to
  • name of the academic institute
  • date on which assignment is submitted


Set the margins at minimum 2.5 cm, maximum 3 cm all around.

File Format

Most assignments are made using MS word. In case you don’t have it, you can download it easily from the internet. Avoid submitting it in HTML or web format. The most preferred format for assignment is .doc, .docs, .xls, or .xlsx.


Fonts need to be clear and easy-to-read. Times New Roman does the perfect job at size 12. Use black text on white background and avoid using colors unless your teacher permits you to use them.

Paragraphs and spacing

  • Use 1.5 or double spacing for all the paragraphs. This leaves room for marker’s comments.
  • Leave 1 blank line between paragraphs or indent the first word
  • If the questions are short, leave a blank line between each question. If they are long, start each question on a new page.



Headings are signs that emphasis the reader on the most important content in assignment. Provided that they are well structured, headings make longer pieces of writing easier to write and easier to read. Use bold for headings and avoid underline or italics on them.


  • Number all pages except the title page.
  • Tables and figures must be numbered and clearly labelled. Table captions are placed above the table, while captions for a figures go below the figure.
  • Don’t number the items in a reference list.


Headers and Footers

Insert a header or footer on each page except the title and cover page. It should contain:

  • your full name
  • your student ID
  • the course number
  • the assignment number
  • The page number.

Word Count

Include a word count at the end of the assignment, before the references and appendices. Your assignment should not more than 10% under or over the prescribed word count. Remember that the title/title page, reference list and appendices are not included in the word count.

Reference list

Reference list includes all the information about the sources that helped you in writing your assignment. It comes at the end of the assignment, starting on a new page labelled as “References” or “Reference list”