How to Write Content that Ranks Well in 2017

Content marketing is an ever-evolving category. Do you remember the times when click baits were the big thing? Some websites still stick to that strategy, but it’s clear: the baits no longer work for the largest part of the online audience. That’s only an example that shows how the trends in content marketing evolve.

To be a successful content marketer, you have to think forward. You need to analyze how the needs of your audience change and follow the trends. Moreover, you need to make trends!

What Content Ranks Well in 2017?

The current trends are all about quality. No more short blog posts with hopes to get clicks without providing value. You have a responsibility to make the Internet a better place for everyone. That’s what the audience expects. Let’s see what kind content is expected to be popular in 2017:

  • Influencer marketing

The Internet gives all of us a chance to become celebrities. People with great intellect, wit, and ability to share opinions in an authoritative manner become influencers. Those are the personalities that content marketers target with their campaigns. When a social media influencer, such as George Takei for example, shares a blog post they liked, the particular site gets traffic from a huge audience. As you build the authority of your site through social media, that success will reflect on the rank on search engines as well.

  • Content that follows a precise marketing strategy

When content marketers develop a strategy and produce posts that fit in the pattern, the audience is getting something they expect… on a regular basis.

  • Serial content

When the audience is interested in a topic that requires a huge post in order to tackle all details, they prefer getting information in stages. Bloggers are doing it: they select a particular weekly or monthly category and they are educating the audience through connected posts. Serial content may come in the form of blog posts, interviews, tutorials, guest posts, videos, podcasts, and everything else that fits the theme.

  • Videos

Facebook is flooded with them. We’re watching recipes, news, and random content in the form of videos. This is a powerful marketing strategy because it’s based on storytelling. A video is more attractive than a photo, and much more successful than plain text.

Tips for Creating Successful Content

Once you understand the trends, you’ll have to take action. How exactly do you craft content that will be successful in 2017? We have few tips that will lead you in the right direction.

  1. Don’t forget SEO

SEO is still not dead, people! It’s the best strategy that gets you more traffic from Google. However, keep in mind that content overstuffed with keywords no longer works. Google is smarter than most marketers realize. It can recognize quality, so you need to fit those keywords into logical, high-quality posts. The SEO strategy involves more than content and keywords.

  • You need to make the website as responsive as possible. Keep broken links to a minimum.

  • When people visit your pages through Google, you need to keep them at your website. For that purpose, the website has to be nice and the content should provide value for the visitors.

  1. Long-form content is the best!

Let’s try a test: search any keyword in Google. For example, let’s search with feminism in 2016. You’ll notice an interesting thing: the articles ranked at the top are long. Long-form content (1500+ words) easily outranks brief posts.

Does that mean that writing a huge post will guarantee you a spot in the first page of Google’s results? No. That post has to be great, and it has to be relevant.

  1. Switch keyword stuffing with LSI keywords

Stuffing your content with too many keywords can only lead to one result, and it’s not pretty: getting penalized by Google. If you want to rank well on search engines, you shouldn’t repeat the target keyword over and over again. Instead of doing that, you should switch to Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

The term sounds complicated, but the practice is simple: using terms relevant to the keywords you target. Find synonyms and paraphrase the key phrase in few ways. For example, LSI keywords for SEO would be search engine optimization and optimization for search engines.

Same, Same, But Different

The keys to achieving good rankings on search engine remain the same: SEO, detailed content that provides solutions, and high-quality writing with no keyword repetition. However, content marketers have to keep an eye of the way these strategies are being implemented into practice. Video content, for example, is gaining on popularity, so we need that approach in our marketing strategies as well. You have to recognize the subtle (and not so subtle) changes and let your content evolve.

The important thing is to stay focus and keep analyzing the needs and practices of your audience. Once you get into their mindset, you’ll start delivering exactly what they want to see.


Robert Morris is a freelance writer. Now he teaches digital marketing in New York and works as an blog editor at essay writing service ratings blog.


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How Could Marijuana Legalization Save Our Planet?

We have finite resources on our plane and some researches state that oil can end within our lives while the world hunger and famine are prevalent. These problems could all be solved, or at the very least eased, by making marijuana legal. Marijuana is known as ‘weed’ for a reason. It is a weed and it grows fast and as there are varieties that can adapt to any climate, it grows anywhere.


Hemp seeds are rich in nutrition, and like the rest of the plant, can have many uses. The seeds can be ground to make flour, pressed to make oil or simply toasted and eaten as a healthy snack. They contain large amounts of oil that is almost entirely unsaturated, and are composed of the essential fatty acids needed by the human body in the exact proportions needed. This wonder food grows easier and is cheaper to produce than other tradition food aid such as simple grains and rice, and is also of a higher nutritional value. In struggling third world countries it could very easily help play big role to help the sufferers of undernourishment, and help make villages more self-sustaining. The crop has the ability to endure the severest of ecological circumstances and should therefore be utilized as the standby so as to assist the country dweller to survive the vilest dry seasons. This would have a two-fold benefit. Through good management, hemp can actually improve soil quality and avoid soil erosion, meaning that land previously used to grow hemp could be used to grow more diverse crops.

As previously mentioned, the logging industry is choking the planet. We are cutting down the forests at an alarming rate, destroying natural habitats for much of the planet’s wildlife and removing our main source of oxygen producing trees. Mostly this logging is for the paper industry. However hemp can be used to produce much cheaper and higher quality paper. One study suggests that, weight for weight in raw materials, hemp will produce 3-4 times more paper than traditional methods using trees. There are also fewer chemicals needed in the production of hemp paper as opposed to wood.

Hemp can also be used as an incredible energy source. Methanol can be produced from hemp, which can be used as a cheap and clean fuel for cars. Indeed, Henry Ford’s first ever automobile ran on hemp methanol, for a fraction of the price of regular petrol and making much less of an impact of the environment. Whilst it still produces CO2, the actual growing of the plant uses so much CO2 and produces oxygen, that the carbon footprint of using hemp as a fuel source is practically zero. It is also an incredibly productive fuel source. One acre of hemp grown could produce as much as 1,000 gallons of methanol andthat’s a lot of fuel. The greed on the part of the oil barons and logging industries keeps marijuana illegal. Reform is needed to make sure his wonder plant can save our planet and our modern way of life.If you are into marijuana, you need the best grinderto taste it perfectly.



9 Basic Things That An iPad Surely Help You Out Any Where

1. Research –

We use Ever Note (see our comments above) and Instapaper App to collect and organize market research and customer research. Both Apps automatically sync your information with all your other devices (that you have installed their Free Apps) including an: iPhone, Mac, PC or Laptop. These two apps are free, very powerful and can greatly improve your productivity.

2. Daily Reading of the News –

Flip Board App is the hottest iPad app for reading the news each day. I also read the news using the Zite App (which is now a CNN Company).

In addition, we listen to Free Audio and Video Podcasts using the Free Apple iTunes App. The Podcasts are an excellent inexpensive way to keep up with your industry, politics and the news.

3. Digital Signing of Contracts –

Both Dousing and Echo Sign App (purchased by Adobe in 2011) are used on the iPad to legally sign contracts, proposals and orders in the USA. Excellent App to reduce the time it takes to close a sale and reduce paperwork.

4. Travel & Dining Info –

When I leave the home or office, the iPad greatly helps me plan my day or week. I use Yelp to check out restaurants or coffee meeting locations. We use the Open Table App to book our restaurant reservations. Every day, I check Google Maps or Apple Maps (built-in) for traffic conditions and to get directions to the meeting location. I use the Weather Channel App to check for driving or flying conditions around the world. The Apple Face time App (built-in) or Skype App are great to see our family when traveling overnight or just working late.

5. Entertainment –

Netflix is one of the best apps for watching TV and movies. Flixster is a good movie App to check out movie times, find the nearest theater and the latest reviews. I use the iTunes App, Spotify and Pandora for music listening and movie rentals. I also use the Apple iBooks App (built-in) and the Amazon’s Kindle App to read eBooks. Game Apps on the iPad are now amazing – great to keep you busy in a hotel room at night during a business trip.

6. File Sharing –

We use three Top Cloud Services for sharing and syncing files to the iPad: Dropbox, iCloud and Apple’s iCloud works with all Apple products and other top iPad Apps. DropBox is one of the top apps to use in a Small Business for sharing and syncing files between your iPad, iPhone, and Android, PC and Mac products. The first 2-gigabytes of storage are Free. It also integrates with many of the top iPad Apps. It is the number one way to get files on and off the iPad today. App is a little more complex to use. However, it has more security options and is used by larger companies. There is a free version with limited cloud storage. The business versions run $15 per user per month with a minimum of 3 users.

7. eMail Marketing –

There are dozens of Marketing Automation Systems that can send email out for your company. However, if you have approval and need to just send out a large number of emails, there are a few apps that work well with iPads. The Mail chimp App is a top web-based marketing app that allows you to run and manage your marketing campaigns from your iPad (or iPhone).

8. Social Networking –

We use the iPad to run our Social Networking Programs. It helps reduce the time it takes to manage your social networking programs. The following Social Networking Apps all work on the iPad: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Chatter is another social networking App for business. We use Hootsuite to manage our Social Marketing. They have a free version that you can test with three social services.

9. Voice Commands –

Apple Siri and Google Now are incredible productivity apps that are Free on the iPad Tablets. I use Siri all the time for sending and reading text messages and emails. I also use the voice function to speak instead of typing text into any field on an iPad. I use it for making To-Do lists, playing music, making calls and finding out the weather anywhere in the world. Once you start using these voice apps, you can see your productivity go up. Note: the voice technology is far from perfect… so expect the unexpected 🙂

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara Jim who is Sr. Technician and delivery manager at Tablets4Rental which is one of the top ipad and tablet rental service providers in UK.

agile project management

Challenges to implementing in agile project management

What is Agile Project Management

This is an iterative or incremental method of managing design and builds activities for information technology, engineering, and the new product and service development projects in a highly flexible or in interactive manner, for example agile software development.

Challenges are implementing in agile project management

Self organization

It is nasty and it takes time to achieve yet it’s at heart of the high performing Scrum team. So it’s sad to see the Scrum Master, an Architect and the other team member with a leadership position taking control.

Mindset changes

When you hold yourself in a trap of saying it is just like what we are already doing except you have missed a key point. The Agile Software development requires complete mind set change. While few of the events, i.e. daily Scrum may be the superficially similar mindset is differ.


Agile you can grip all right meetings (Planning, Review, Daily Scrum) if the spirit is missing, then they will be wooden movements that do not but help the team collaborate & grow.

Commands and Controls Agile

They do not assign the tasks and tell the team members what to do. Instead they are there to help the team instate its goal or to help them grow into a good performing team.

Retrospectives’ without improvements

A retrospective who is action items are not performed on quickly becomes a meeting people will have no respects for. Take good actions from the retrospective, post them on the task-board or check in on them in standup every day.

Deficit of the Real Commitments

Agile transition is hardwork and it requires time. There’ll be some bumpy moments during this step. Full commitment is required from the Management who has to demonstrate they support changes and it will help to remove barriers.

Benefits of agile project management

Superior product quality

Taking active approach for quality to prevent the product problems

Completing the work using definition of done: – developed, integrated, tested, or documented

Higher customer satisfaction

Keeping the customers involved & engaged throughout the projects. Possessing a potential to self funding projects’.

Greatest team Morales

Being a part of the self-managing team it allows peoples to be innovative, creative, or acknowledged to their specialization. The working cross functionally it allows development team members to learn the new skills & to grow via teaching other.

Increased collaboration or the ownership

Development team, product owner, or scrum-master work closely together on the daily basis. During the sprint reviews, development team can demonstrate or discuss about product straightly with the stakeholders.

Increased project control

The several opportunities to supervise and adapt throughout the agile project management allow all the members of project team, development team, scrum master, product owner or stakeholders to exercise the control or ultimately creates the better products.

Reduced risk

Generating the revenue early with the self-funding projects, allowing the organizations to pay for the project with a little upfront expense. Always having the working product, starting with a very sooner sprint, so that no project down completely


6 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health

People are not writing much these days. With the emergence of mobile devices with a possibility of crafting emails along with communicating with the aid of social media, writing on real paper with an actual pen became extinct. Of course, sometimes typing on a computer can be much faster and more convenient. However, some advantages of handwriting can never be replaced by typing.

So, for instance, writing a journal or trying to write a term paper using a pen and real paper can bring many physical and emotional health benefits. And if you still believe that writing with a pen is merely a question of sentiment, then check out these remarkable effects writing can have on your life.pexels-photo-296886

Six ways writing can improve your health

1. Writing can make healing faster.

The truth is that New Zealand research showed that people who happened to have some trauma and wrote about it later, recovered much faster.

They say the secret is in expressing everything that hurts as well as everything one cannot let go easily in writing. Doctors recommend starting writing a journal where all the emotions which one can suffocate from go. By writing what is in your heart, you reveal your inner self and experience a significant improvement in your personal emotional well-being.

When talking about research conducted in New Zealand, one must know that those who take part in it were watched closely by medical workers. According to the study description, people who were assigned writing activities on a regular basis showed much better results. Their physical wounds healed better and faster.

However, they mention that only those people who wrote expressively were able to witness the magic effect of writing while others showed less impressive results.

By “expressive” writing they meant leaving all the emotions one experiences on paper and not merely keeping track of events happening in real life.

So, as you see, scientists prove that physical healing can be faster with the aid of writing a journal.

2. It helps to deal with cancer better.

Hearing the news that you have cancer is not easy, and most people feel particularly broken after it. They state they have no strength whatsoever to deal with the disease and to go through all the procedures and chemotherapies.

However, the scientific evidence shows us that people who are writing diaries while going through such a thing in life deal with cancer better than others.

The Oncologist, a medical paper, published the result of their discovery which proved this fact.

They had numerous participants with cancer write diaries for at least some time while still undergoing medical procedures. They said that in the end patients who wrote their diaries showed better results.

They changed their attitude to their disease and learned how to look at the situation from a different angle. As a result, they went through all the pain easier and it was less traumatic for them than it was for the rest.

Thus, writing a diary can be of great value to people who are fighting with cancer.

3. It promotes better sleep.

Do you remember when we were kids we used to ask parents why we should go to bed and waste precious time on sleep or is it just us who wonder about it?

Back then rest seemed like something unnecessary. However, today, as we are all grown up, we realize the significance of sleep and experience a lot of trouble when we lack sleeping hours.

The Health Communities reported that around 40 million people suffer from chronic sleeping disorders in the United States alone while around 20 more million have such issues from time to time. Sleep deprivation can lead people to commit crimes, suffer from depression as well as other mental disorders, cause car accidents, etc.

Meanwhile, the scholars explain that writing a journal before you go to bed can improve your sleep and cure different diseases. They say that writing expressively can help you get rid of unnecessary emotions which can prevent you from having a proper sleep. Also, one can keep track of their plans, can free their mind from loads of information which is essential to having a good night’s sleep.

All in all, writing a journal can help you have a better sleep.

4. When writing, you relieve stress.

We live in a fast-paced world which has lots of things to worry about. According to the research conducted by the American Psychological Association, an average man reported having 4.9 stress level on a scale from 1 to 10. This number is 5.3 for women. As a result, stress affects their mental and physical well-being.

However, for people who feel under pressure, writing a journal can be a perfect solution here. Again, you need some expressive writing therapy to unload stress and feel better.

Thus, frequently doctors recommend having at least ten minutes of journal time a day to witness the results of this activity.

5. Writing can improve your memory.

Of course, typing is faster. However, when it comes to memorizing information, faster does not mean better.

When taking a pen and writing things down in your notebook, you spend time both sounding this data as well as seeing it while writing. These are two channels of receiving information, which makes such method twice as efficient.

Scholars say that when you write information down or take notes, your motor memory is also engaged in the process. It sends signals to your brain and so, data is saved in your memory.

Thus, if you are having hard times memorizing long pieces or need some extra stimulation for keeping track of information, try writing everything down.

6. It makes your body and minds healthier.

When crafting a piece about things you are grateful for in your journal, you train your habit of being grateful. You start appreciating more things in life, enjoying what you have and feeling grateful to those around you.

Apart from everything mentioned above, being positive and grateful has a long-lasting effect on your body. The results of short-term writing can be great; but if you continue writing things down, you will experience the magic of feeling emotionally and physically healthier for a long time.

People who write journals tend to be more initiative and happy than those who don’t have such a habit.

Of course, it’s entirely your decision whether to write or not to write. However, we highly recommend you not to lose an opportunity to experience all the positive effects this habit can have on your health!

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.