9 Best Social Media Marketing Strategy for Business


Social media offers a great opportunity for business entities to create meaningful connections with customers. They also attract consumers and can similarly help a business achieve continuous goals. In today’s world, it is almost impossible for any business to ignore the use of these platforms in their daily business operations. The following are some of the social media strategies a business should implement in order to thrive.

1. Creating Connections

Social media creates a two-way communication which enables entrepreneurs communicate with customers and the general public. Business persons who use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others to market their products or services are likely to run more successful enterprises. This is because they create mutually beneficial and stronger relationships with their customers and as a result lead to brand loyalty and customers’ contentment. Social media helps entrepreneurs understand their customers in terms of their preferences and perceptions. This provides quick access to vital market research at a minimal cost to the business. Thus able to develop content that match their customers’ demand.

2. Products and Services Promotion

Social media provides an opportunity to sensationalize business events, products and services. With the use of creative campaigns and proper positioning, consumers will be motivated to learn about the company’s products and services. Whether the company is offering limited-time offer, promotions or special rates for services, it should use appropriate social media platforms. This will increase awareness, create interest and drive good results. Use of the social media for promotion of products improves marketing effectiveness and significantly reduces overall costs of promotion. This strategy provides businessmen with an opportunity to give additional and enticing details about their goods to woo more customers.

3. Industry Insight

Through sharing crucial business information with the public, social media provides a chance to illustrate that the business understands consumer needs. In order to be identified as a reputable enterprise, the entrepreneur should always be up to date with the industry changes, investments and relevant business advice. This will go a long way in ensuring that there is an increase in customer confidence and that the enterprise is committed to customers’ well-being.

4. Tactical Targeting

Enabling the entrepreneurs define their customers based on a meaningful criterion, targeting can aid companies connect with the right customers. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook feature alternatives that allow users attain their targeted audience. The ability to target customers based on their geographical location, gender, age, education career, and interests is valuable to companies. This is due to the fact that they operate in a specific area with the aim of attracting a defined demography. This strategy is relevant since it brings together customers from diverse locations to the company’s products awareness.

5. Apt Advertising

Advertising lets entrepreneurs give their messages to a considerably larger audience. Advertisement has become a necessity in business. Social media is flexible, has the control and precision needed to get quality results within the business budget. It has proved to be more compelling than other forms of advisement. Here, entrepreneurs can describe their ad spend and regulate expenditure at any point during the advert to maximize the results. Ad managers should come up with ways to make the very best use of their money to achieve the targeted goal.

6. Connected Channels

Social media can expand the business reach and reinforce its marketing message by streamlining it with other traditional and digital tactics. With this strategy in place, marketers believe that channeling different digital marketing plans would improve their capability to personalize consumer interaction, improve their ability to innovate, boost loyalty and increase return on marketing investment. Social media has the ability to reach many audiences and expand the conversation. Integrated marketing can help increase company’s product sales and revenue.

7. Social Service

Through opening the available lines of communication, social media makes it possible for the business to efficiently manage relationships. It is evident that clients will always desire to connect with other customers’ service through social networks. Listening or reading online conversations enables the business address clients concerns, answer their inquiry and respond to their requests. To efficiently leverage social networks as a service, businesses should have a well-informed team to manage communications in a direct and positive manner.

8. Policy Compliance

Social media offers protection against different forms of unfair usage by providing a range of privacy policies, technical functionality and terms of use. Business enterprises should strategize using these policies to help them navigate any possible risks while using social media. Since these guidelines are important, business should draft a customized set of regulations and rules so as to carefully address matters that are of importance to the business. Entrepreneurs should consult with the compliance personnel and other legal departments to ensure all required parameters are in place.

9. Verifying Value

Social media platforms have lead to great advancement and improvement in their reporting capabilities. They offer comprehensive and informing insights and at the same time connecting largely to website analytics solutions such as social media analytics. This enables users to see detailed posts including engagements and likes. In addition, business marketers can evaluate key performance indicators such as website visits and more that occurred as a result of social media outreach


Social media plays a great role in growth and profitability of the business. It is therefore important for companies and business organizations to learn how to use social platforms appropriately. Without social media tactics in business, most entrepreneurs’ would not be in a position to understand their clients’ needs, opinion, compliments and criticisms.


Miraculous Water for Nasal Irrigation: Say Goodbye to Your Allergies!

We can truly say that this miraculous water is your best weapon in the fight against spring allergies. Spring is here and that means that it’s time of the year when allergies strike. Nasal irrigation is what will help you get rid of the dust and pollen that cause itching and sneezing. miraculous-water-for-nasal-irrigation-say-goodbye-to-your-allergies-1
Prepare your miraculous water, clean your nasal cavity and say goodbye to your allergies!


Mix 1 tbsp. marshmallow root with a glass of cold water. Let it sit for 2-3 hours. After 3 hours, strain the liquid and use the liquid to wash your nasal cavity.

Allergy Tea

This herbal mixture is perfect for fighting spring allergies.


  • 25gr. nettle
  • 15gr. rose hip
  • 10gr. elderberries
  • 15gr. mallow
  • 10gr. spurge
  • 10gr. marigold
  • 10gr. thyme

Mix all the herbs. Put 2 tbsp. of the mixture in a pot with cold water. Put the pot on the stove and leave it until the water starts boiling. Remove the pot from the stove and let it sit for 10 minutes. Strain the tea, add some honey and drink it throughout the day.

Extra tip: Before leaving your home apply some olive oil or marigold oil (also known as calendula) on your nose, this will prevent the entry of the allergens in the nose.

Source  http://www.riseearth.com


Scientists Discover THIS Oil Destroys 90% of Colon Cancer Cells in 2 Days!

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 95,270 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed in the United States this year. Most patients are treated with surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy, all of which come with significant side effects. What if there was a safer, more natural treatment? According to a recent study, that’s exactly what researchers believe they’ve found.coconut-oil-colon-cancer

It’s no secret that coconut oil possesses some amazing health benefits. Some consider organic virgin coconut oil to be a superfood. Lauric acid — the component in coconut oil that is believed to have anti-cancer properties — is also typically found in breast milk. It’s a medium-chain fatty acid that supports the immune system, providing plenty of antimicrobial properties.

Coconut oil is basically pro-health and anti-everything bad. It tops the list of anti-inflammatory foods, and it’s also anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial,anti-viral, and has antioxidant properties. Coconut oil can help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, lower your risk of heart disease, kill candida and other harmful fungi, and it can even help you maintain a healthy weight.

Coconut Oil and Colon Cancer

According to a study published in the journal Cancer Research, the lauric acid in coconut oil has anti-cancer properties. Lauric acid constitutes about 50% of coconut oil, and researchers at the University of Adelaide discovered that it completely exterminated more than 90% of colon cancer cells after just two days of treatment in a colon cancer cell line in vitro. Researchers also cited other studies that support their findings.

During in vitro studies, researchers are conducting their experiments in a petrie dish, or performing the procedure in a controlled environment, outside of a living organism. In vivo studies are those in which researchers perform their experiments on whole, living organisms. The coconut oil and colon cancer study was performed in vitro, which may cause some to discount the findings. Performing more research costs money — lots of money — which is hard for researchers to come by without a pharmaceutical company backing them.

According to the American Society for Nutrition, clinical studies have shown that the fats found in coconut oil (medium-chain fatty acids) “may be useful in treating and preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, virus-related diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes, etc.), gallbladder disease, Chrohn’s disease and cancer.”Coconut oil has previously been shown to help decrease the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Further Coconut Oil Research

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have also been credited with treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, drug resistant epilepsy, and diabetes. When Dr. Mary Newport began giving her husband a daily dose of coconut oil, his Alzheimer’s symptoms improved drastically over the course of just 60 days. She explained, “Ketone bodies may help the brain recover after a loss of oxygen in newborns through adults, may help the heart recover after an acute attack, and may shrink cancerous tumors.”

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How to Use the Leaves of Soursop to Kill Cancer Cells (1000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy)

Graviola (soursop) is used to treat infections caused by bacteria and parasites including leishmaniasis, a disease caused by parasites transmitted through the bite of sand fleas; herpes; coughs; and cancer, according to WebMD. It is also used to cause vomiting and to empty the bowels. Some people use graviola to help them relax. leaves-of-soursop

Cancer Prevention

The leaves of the graviola tree have powerful anti-cancer properties coming from phytochemicals in the plant. The journal “Cancer Letters” published a study looking at the impact of graviola on pancreatic cancer. Supplementing with graviola stopped cancerous pancreatic tumor cells from replicating and caused them to die. Researchers suggest this natural medicine may prevent and treat cancer. The leaves may also be useful for treating skin cancer when applied topically.

Treating Viral Infections

Traditional medicines use graviola leaves as treatment for viral infections. An article published in “The Journal of Ethnopharmacology” in May of 1998 found that extracts from the leaves suppressed the herpes simplex virus. The herpes virus is spread through bodily fluids and often transmitted while kissing or through sexual contact.

According the University of Maryland Medical Center, up to 90 percent of the U.S. population has been exposed to one form of the virus and there is no cure. Some anti-viral medications can reduce the number of outbreaks or lessen symptoms. More research is needed to determine what role graviola can play in the treatment or prevention of herpes.

Pain Reduction

Supplementing with graviola leaves may reduce swelling and pain, according to a study published in May of 2010 in the “International Journal of Molecular Sciences.” Researchers gave mice with burned paws extracts of graviola leaf and observed their behaviors. Those given the supplement had less swelling and demonstrated fewer indications of pain. However, more research is needed to determine the safety and efficacy of this use in humans.


The appropriate dose of graviola depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for graviola.

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

Possible Side Effects

DO NOT EAT THE FRUIT: Eating the fruit could lead to movement disorders similar to Parkinson’s disease, according to a case-control study in the French West Indies.

No established human dosage for graviola leaf exists yet. Long-term or high-dose supplementation may cause damage to the myelin sheath, disrupting normal nerve function. Movement disorders may also occur because of compounds called alkaloids present in the plant. Symptoms of these conditions are similar to those of Parkinson’s disease.

Talk with a doctor prior to taking a graviola leaf supplement or making/drinking soursop tea.

How to Make Soursop Tea


  • Boil 1 liter of water, then take 15 soursop dry leaves (fresh or dried ones both have same value) and 1 small stem, cut into small pieces and put into the boiling water.
  • Don’t close the vessel and Continue to boil the water on small flame for 30 mins,until the water evaporates to 500 ml .
  • Now the soursop tea is ready to drink. Drink 1 cup (165ml) filtered soursop tea hot or warm or cool , 3 times every day, in the morning, afternoon and in the night.
  • For better taste you can add 1/2 spoon of lime juice ,2 pudina leafs and add some honey (not sugar).

After drinking, the body may feel the effects of heat, but no side effects. To cool the body drink 3 glasses of fresh watermelon juice, and drink 3 glasses of goats milk every day. In 2 weeks time you can feel the benefits of soursop yourself, and in 4 weeks time the improvements can be felt clearly.

Note: Drink soursop tea 30 minutes before eating.




Just a teaspoon a day of turmeric can help fight cancer, depression and allergies

Turmeric is known for its iconic yellow-orange hue and for being a staple in South Asian cuisine. It has become increasingly popular for its medicinal uses and health benefits, and is widely considered to be a “superfood.” While there are many skeptics, turmeric has been subjected to hundreds of studies and scientific experiments. Curcumin, one of the key compounds found in turmeric, has been of particular interest. Many studies of turmeric root and curcumin have yielded promising results. The drawbacks of many scientific studies is their lack of human test subjects, however. turmeric

As part of the BBC series, Trust Me I’m A Doctor, Dr. Michael Mosley and his colleagues sought to investigate what benefits, if any, turmeric might provide humans in their daily lives.

To conduct their study, nearly 100 volunteers were recruited to participate in the experiment for six weeks. Most of the volunteers were between 40 and 50 years of age, and did not frequently consume curries or other turmeric-based dishes. The volunteers were then divided into three separate groups. One group would be asked to take a 1-teaspoon supplement of turmeric daily in the form of a 3.2mg capsule. Another group would also take one teaspoon of turmeric daily, but would need to incorporate it into their diet somehow. The remaining test subjects were part of the control group and were given a placebo.
Blood tests were taken before the experiment began, and following its conclusion. The researchers examined the methylation of the volunteers’ genes, and also utilized a new testing method recently developed by Dr. Martin Widschwendter from University College, London, for analyzing how well their blood cells were combating inflammation. For the Daily Mail, Dr. Mosley writes: “The hope was this would give us an idea of how well their immune systems were performing.”

What the researchers found was quite astonishing. While the placebo and supplement groups showed very little difference, the group of test subjects who added turmeric to food exhibited substantial changes. This finding is not actually all that surprising, however. The Health Minded notes that curcumin is a fat-soluble compound, so consuming it with other foods that contain fat is said to help boost absorption. Studies have found that consuming turmeric with black pepper also boosts nutrient absorption significantly. BBC News writes that many of the participants chose to combine their turmeric with warm milk or yogurt.

Professor Widschwendter told the Daily Mail: “We could see changes to a gene associated with cancer, depression and allergies such as asthma.” The new testing methodology that he has developed is able to analyze not just the genes, but how hard they are working. Professor Widschwendter adds: “The test looks at the changes in the packaging, known as methylation, that allows us to predict the risk of certain diseases, depending on which genes are affected and where the genes are affected.”

While Widschwendter noted that the changes they looked at were only those in the blood, and may not represent what was going on in bodily tissues, he nevertheless seemed excited about the results. The professor noted: “However, the results were fascinating. We showed turmeric is able to reset important components of our gene’s software.”

One possible mechanism behind turmeric’s benefits may be that it changes the way that the enzymes involved with methylation behave. One thing is for sure though: The health benefits of turmeric root are not to be underestimated.

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3 Common Health Issues Ginger Can Fix Better Than A Pill

Among the healthiest spices on the planet, ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have incredible healing benefits for the body and the brain. ginger

Having originated in China, this flowering plant belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is closely related to turmeric, cardamon, and galangal. The underground part of the stem, called the rhizome, is the most commonly used part of the spice, and is often referred to as either ginger root, or simply ginger.

Not only is the spice used in many foods, but it has a long history in both traditional and alternative medicines. Used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice, it’s an incredibly common ingredient with a unique fragrance and flavour, thanks to gingerol, the main bioactive component responsible for many of the spice’s medicinal properties.

Here are three of the top medicinal benefits of ginger:

1. It Can Treat Many Forms of Nausea, Including Morning Sickness

Whether you struggle with nausea, motion sickness, or simple indigestion, ginger is great to have around. The spice has a long history and its efficacy as a sea sickness remedy is well established. Some evidence shows it may even be as effective as prescription medication.

Ginger may also relieve nausea and vomiting after surgery, and in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

A review of 12 studies that included a total of 1,278 pregnant women also discovered that 1.1-1.5 grams of ginger can significantly decrease symptoms of nausea.

2. It Can Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness

Ginger’s active ingredient, gingerol, has been shown to alleviate muscle soreness and pain associated with headaches and osteoarthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. One study discovered that ingesting 2 grams of ginger per day for 11 days greatly lessened muscle pain in people performing elbow exercises. Another study concluded that, while ginger doesn’t have an immediate impact, it may be effective at reducing the day-to-day progression of muscle pain.

3. It Can Help Fight Colds

A natural antiviral, ginger can work to help your body fight off illnesses and bacteria that lead to colds. Ginger extract, for example, has been found to inhibit the growth of many forms of bacteria (1, 2), including the oral bacteria linked to inflammatory diseases in the gums, like gingivitis. The spice has also been found effective against the RSV virus, which is a common cause of respiratory infections.

Ginger may be collecting dust on your spice rack, or perhaps you use it regularly for the taste, but whatever the case, it’s a great, natural way to heal a variety of health issues, as well as boost your overall health. You can find the spice at any supermarket in both the root and powdered form, or go to a health food store and pick up some ginger essential oil.

Ginger for helping with gut issues – It can be noted that ginger also helps with digestion and can reduce or even remove digestive issues all together depending on the case. A team member here at CE has been using ginger in the morning and in the evening to help with digestion and they have seen great results. Ginger increases bile and gastric juices which are crucial for the digestion process. Thus assisting with digestion.

If you want to give this a try, take some fresh ginger and cut off a thumb sized piece. Peel the piece and grate it finely into a mug. Add warm water, not boiling, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then drink it like you would a normal tea. You can do this morning and night and adjust the amount of ginger to your taste.

Source http://www.riseearth.com


Say Goodbye To Brain Hemorrhages, Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s And Many Other Diseases With The Use Of These Simple Leaves!

Scientists have shown that an extract of olive tree leaves is excellent, because it has very useful properties. It can be treated numerous diseases.say-goodbye-to-brain-hemorrhages-diabetes-hypertension-alzheimers-and-more-with-the-use-of-these-simple-leaves-600x343

All the advantages of this leaves can help in the cardiovascular and immune system, increase energy, regulate blood pressure, rather prevent diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Olives are grown in Mediterranean countries. Also growing in Australia, Peru and Chile. The leaves of the olive were used in mummification of the pharaoh and for the first time were used for medical purposes in Egypt.

The antibacterial properties of leaves have been used for treating a variety of infections such as Candida, meningitis, encephalitis, Human herpes virus 6 and 7, hepatitis B, zoster, malaria, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, urinary tract infections, ear infections, etc..

All the advantages of the use of olive leaves are contained in the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet also requires a high concentrations of olive oil.

It is very useful for your health to begin to use olive oil, but the addition of olive tree leave is another natural way to improve your health, that surely you didn’t know.

The extract of olive tree leaves is available in capsule form, in form of an oil or simply use the leaves. You can prepare tea from this leaves and honey or just use a few drops of extract of olive tree leaves directly on your tongue

Source http://www.feelhealthylife.com


She Soaked A Piece Of Bread In This Mixture A Put The Bread On Her Feet: She Solved A Problem That Many Of Us Have!

This might sound like a weird mix of healing, but may be the most effective one on the list. With it you can treat blisters on your feet. All you have to do is soak a piece of bread in apple cider vinegar. Soak it well until the bread is fully soaked.bread-soak-600x337

You should know that the soaked bread will make a blister soft and easy to remove.

Take this combination of bread and vinegar and rub it on your toes, then cover with a bandage. Leave it to stay in such a way overnight, and in the morning you can remove the bandage.

You will be surprised with the results. Namely, in the morning, the callus will be a much smaller, and a thin layer of lotion also can help you to restore the skin.

If the blister is particularly large, feel free to repeat the treatment for a few nights and for a short time you’ll notice the results.

Good Luck

Source: http://fitlifesite.com/


Remove Uric Acid From Your Body And Reduce Joint Pain With This Excellent Juice

This healthy drink is extraordinary, since it is totally natural and will provide more health benefits, including joint pain and elimination of uric acid.juice

Here’s how to prepare it in the easily way:

The ingredients
1 cucumber
2 inches ginger
1 cup chopped of pineapple
1 whole grapefruit
And Water

How to prepare:

All ingredients put into the blender and mix them well.

How to use it:

Consume this healthy drink on a daily basis, before eating.



Cucumber: is a strong diuretic, and it prevents the development of kidney stones. Furthermore, it fights the negative consequences of uric acid, and thus prevent inflammation due to gout, asthma or arthritis.
It is alkalizing and eliminating the crystallized of uric acid in the joints.

Ginger: has many advantages, that relieves inflammation and helps a lot in detoxification of the body.

Pineapple: contains bromelain, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and effectively soothes pain.

Grapefruit: It is rich in vitamin C, and ascorbic acid, as a pain reliever, also has calcium, which will be helpful in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Source http://www.feelhealthylife.com


Why Dentists Don’t Want To Tell Us This, While Is So Easy To Be Prevented!

In the times in which we live, oral problems are very common among the population worldwide. Therefore, in addition to maintaining a proper oral hygiene, in order to prevent bad breath and yellow teeth, it is essential to maintain the mouth as clean as possible, in order to prevent the occurrence of plagues, caries or calculus.why-dentists-dont-want-to-tell-us-this

However, there are cases where toothpaste and mouthwash is not enough. When this happens, it can always turn; to natural medicines. Namely, according to a study in 2012 by Athlone Institute of Technology, coconut oil has the power to suppress harmful bacteria. The study also showed that coconut oil is very useful in removing Streptococcus, Candida, that is known to cause oral health problems.

Dr Damien Brady, who led the researchers, said that the inclusion of enzyme-modified coconut oil is a good alternative to chemical additives. Although the study has not yet reached the extreme level, it would be better, coconut oil to include in resources that people use regularly, instead of mouthwash.

The practice of using coconut oil for oral health is called “pulling with coconut oil” This means, that you put a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and holding it there for 10 to 20 minutes in order to “pull up” bacteria that are present in the oral cavity. According to researchers, this process is initiated by the millenary Ayurveda. However, the following explanation is more recent than:


In the “skin” of the mouth – are residing bacterial cells from the fat composition, and as such, they are attracted to the fat in the oil. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is excellent in the destruction of harmful bacteria.

Try out the method of “pulling” with coconut oil, it being possible initially do not hit the correct amount of oil in your mouth, but try, until you adjust the amount in your mouth, so you can have a real effect.

What you should do, as time runs out, is to spit out the oil in the trash, not in the sink. Also, rinse your mouth thoroughly after the procedure to prevent any debris from bacteria that can not swallow. It is important to note that this method does not substitute for regular brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Source http://www.feelhealthylife.com


IS NOT WATER WITH LEMON: This is the only drink that you need to consume every morning!

We believe that no one knows that the human body after sleeping of 7-8 hours is in the dehydrated state of lack of liquids. Therefore it is very important what your body needs first thing in the morning. To each morning you will be enthusiastic and full of energy, if you consume the coconut water and chlorella.chlorella-water

For most people, the first thing to drink when wake up is a cup of coffee. Caffeine provides a nice buzz to start the day. But coffee is also acidic and dehydration-which is exactly the opposite of what our bodies truly need the first thing in the morning.

After sleeping seven or eight hours, the human body is in the dehydrated state of lack of fluids. Therefore it is very important what your body needs first thing to drink in the morning. To each morning you will be enthusiastic and full of energy if in the morning consume the coconut water and Chlorell. Chlorella is a blue-green algae that is originally from Japan.

Alluring is a source of food because it is rich in protein and other nutrients; when was dried, contains 45% of protein, 20% of fat, 20% of carbohydrates, 5% of fiber and 10% of vitamin and minerals. Chlorella is helpful in weight control, in the fight against cancer, as well as support for the immune system.


Chlorella is the protector of our body and thus prevents the development of various chronic diseases. This is due to nucleic acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and many others which are still under-researched nutrients.

In our body Chlorella stimulates tissue regeneration. Because of this action is especially recommended for skinny children with weaker digestion and appetite.

Recent research has shown that the algae can be a valuable ally in combating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a high content of aluminum in their brains, while Chlorella binds aluminum and other metals, and it gets rid of of them.

Chlorella is alkaline algae. It helps to balance the PH of the body. In addition to these activities should be pointed out that consumption of Chlorella protects against heart disease, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol and slows the aging process.

People who regularly drink refreshing tonic look much more younger and full of energy.

Therefore, try this powerful combination,you do not need a lot of time and is so easy to make it: Simply take 1 teaspoon of chlorella powder and dissolve in half a cup of cold coconut water. That’s all, Enjoy in this powerful drink.

Why Coconut water,because is a highly nutritious and contains essential electrolytes. Overall, the drink is very energizing and refreshing. Therefore, this combination is a powerful and refreshing tonic because it is nutrient dense, easy, hydrates and energizes.



The Beginner’s Guide to Using a Linux Distro

You’ve all heard how great Linux is, but when you try using it, you feel lost. “Linux is for techies,” you think. Not at all – long gone are the days when performing simple tasks under Linux was comparable to rocket science for the ordinary user. Now Linux is as user-friendly and intuitive as any other end-user operating system.

Your switch to Linux might be hard but it could be totally pain-free, too. To some degree this depends on whether you are a beginner to Linux only or to computing in general. If you are a beginner to computing in general, your advantage is that you start with a clean plate but quite naturally the learning curve will be steeper, so don’t get desperate. To help you with your Linux journey, here are some tips for you if you are a beginner or trying to assist a beginner.

Who wouldn’t hate to spend hours installing and fine-tuning a new OS just to see it’s not what was expected? Fortunately, with Linux you don’t have to do this. Before you install a Linux distro on a hard drive, run it a couple of times from a USB just to see if it’s okay for you. If it is, you might consider keeping it. If it isn’t – just move to the next distro. Here’s how you can easily create a bootable USB disk in Windows.

One of the really important decisions you have to make is which Linux distribution to use. Unlike Mac and Windows, there are dozens of (beginner-friendly) distros to choose from. For instance, if you come from the world of Windows, here are some of the best Linux distros for Windows users. My advice is to go with an Ubuntu-based distro, such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu itself, or Lubuntu, but there are many others to choose from.

Ubuntu-based distros are good because they are more or less not as complicated as more advanced Linux distros, yet they come with good amounts of useful software, and there is even more software to install additionally, if you need it. Also, they are popular, so support is easier to get.


Each Linux distribution comes with software applications such as a Web browser, music/video player, etc., and sometimes these applications are all you need. However, more likely than not, you will need apps that are not included in the distro. Don’t worry, as you can install them later.

Before you go on an install spree, decide which software packages you need. Most of the Windows apps are available for Linux or have a Linux counterpart – e.g. Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, etc. If you don’t know the names of all the apps you need (and if you are using an Ubuntu distro), just open Synaptic (the older but better, in my opinion, installer for Ubuntu and Debian distros in general) or the Software Center/Package manager and search.


If your are not good with English, the language barrier is quite an issue. In this case you’d better look for Linux software in your language. Many Linux distros come in multiple (human) languages, and many popular apps have translations in various languages. Don’t expect you will find all applications in all languages, though.

I think one of the most frustrating things a beginner faces when trying to use Linux is the command line. For somebody who grew up with point-and-click computers, messing with the terminal (similar to Command Prompt in Windows) must be an overkill. Yes, the terminal is very powerful, and you can achieve things there you can’t achieve with the mouse, but for maybe 99.9% of the tasks you will be performing, you don’t even have to know the terminal exists.

I am a very experienced Linux user – in fact I was considering getting a certificate for a Linux admin, but somehow I failed to see its practical value in my particular case, and I don’t use the terminal too often. For those tasks there is a mouse equivalent; the terminal is simply not efficient for me – by the time I type a command (not to mention frequently look up its options and/or misspell it a few times), I will have performed the same operation with the mouse a hundred times.


When you are a beginner, it’s only natural to have many questions. If you have somebody to answer them in person, you are lucky, but in most cases you need to find answers elsewhere. The best place to ask a question is Linux forums, such as LinuxQuestions.org, Linux Forums, or Ubuntu Forums. Alternatively, you can check if there are local forums in your language for your distro and ask your questions there.

Just to warn you, when you ask an easy question, you might get some rude responses from more experienced users, which isn’t nice. This is why, before you ask a question in a forum, you’d better search with Google first. Chances are somebody else has already had the same problem and has found the solution.


Once you get to know it, Linux is a great operating system for any purpose. If the start is rough, don’t let this discourage you. And remember, no matter how much you know about Linux (or anything in life, for that matter) there is much more you don’t know, so don’t try to learn everything about Linux – this is simply impossible.3

Source https://www.maketecheasier.com


Say Goodbye to Oral Health Problems with This Natural Remedy

Oral well being issues are widespread and don’t all the time imply an absence of correct hygiene.coconut-oil

Generally these issues are the results of illness, reactions to sure meals and bacterial development within the much less seen areas of the mouth.

Most individuals attempt to deal with these issues utilizing disinfecting rinses that promise to cut back the presence of pathogens.

Nevertheless, different drugs affords an historic Ayurvedic treatment to advertise oral well being.

It’s often known as “oil pulling,” however what this actually means is rinsing the mouth with a vegetable oil.

Through the use of antibacterial oils, you possibly can eradicate tartar, unhealthy breath and different issues like gingivitis.

How does oil pulling work?


You should utilize any vegetable oil for this therapy, like sesame, olive or sunflower.

Nevertheless, coconut oil is confirmed to be the best. Its fatty acids and antibacterial compounds scale back the presence of microorganisms.

In reality, it’s been scientifically confirmed that it destroys the Streptococcus mutans bacterium, which is liable for tooth decay and different oral issues.

Its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties are liable for these well being advantages.

All you must do is take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish round your mouth for Three-5 minutes.

What are the advantages of utilizing coconut oil for oral well being?

Coconut oil is edible and has a nice style. It’s very easy to make use of as a mouth rinse, and may even be used as a base for do-it-yourself toothpaste.

Given its capability to destroy pathogens within the mouth, common use carries with it some essential advantages which are value mentioning.

Keep away from gum illness


Coconut oil accommodates anti-inflammatories that might help deal with and forestall gingivitis and different oral well being points.

This situation happens when the immune system begins attacking the micro organism that trigger plaque which then triggers an inflammatory response.

Utilizing coconut oil reduces the residues left by these micro organism and alters the surroundings which they want so as to thrive.

It’s additionally helpful for treating and stopping cavities and bleeding gums.

Struggle jaw ache

The properties of this edible oil strengthen the jaw and stop infections, irritation and ache.

Some individuals recommend utilizing it as a supplementary therapy for temporomandibular joint ache.

Do away with unhealthy breath


Dangerous breath is an embarrassing drawback that may have an effect on the social life and vanity of anybody who’s unfortunate sufficient to undergo from it.

It’s brought on by the wastes and gases emitted by the micro organism that dwell within the mouth. These micro organism thrive within the much less accessible cavities and recesses of the mouth.

Rinsing and flossing are two efficient methods to deal with the issue at its supply. As an alternative of resorting to merchandise containing harsh alcohols, it’s a lot better to make use of this all-natural and edible oil.

It’s confirmed to cut back the presence of micro organism on the enamel and tongue and to neutralize unhealthy breath.

Whiten your enamel

Whereas it gained’t whiten your enamel like knowledgeable therapy, coconut oil might help take away the yellow stains that type on the floor of the enamel because of amassed plaque and meals particles.

Utilizing it as a rinse and toothpaste cleans enamel and retains the tongue from forming that ugly white coating.

How do I take advantage of coconut oil as a mouth rinse?


As we talked about earlier, all you must do is swish a tablespoon of coconut oil round your mouth for a couple of minutes.

It’s also possible to mix it with slightly baking soda to create a toothpaste.

Keep in mind that the oil solidifies when chilly, so you shouldn’t spit the oil out within the sink after rinsing. Spit right into a paper towel or bowl and dispose of it within the trash.

Some individuals suggest performing this therapy within the morning, simply earlier than breakfast. Nevertheless, it may be accomplished any time of day.

Rinse your mouth with heat water in case you discover the oily sensation disagreeable.

Are you prepared to offer it a attempt?

Pure treatments – Step To Well being

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Cabbage leaves act like magnet to pull out many diseases from the body. The cabbage is also very useful for the treatment of headaches, thyroid gland issues and other.after-reading-this-you-will-surely-start-putting-cabbage-leaves-on-your-chest-and-legs

All we need is already in nature. Natural remedies are still good and sometimes better that formulated ones. Mostly without bad side effects.

Cabbages are most commonly consumed in salad. But, there are other uses of cabbage, other than food consumption.

Despite that it is a major ingredient of different types of food, the cabbage is also very useful for the treatment of specific conditions such as:

Cabbage leaves are said to pull out the disease from our bodies just like a magnet.

  • They are used for:
  • Breastfeeding pain

If women feel strong pain because of breastfeeding, putting cabbage leaves in the area will surely relieve the pain. Do this day and night.

Carefully wash the leaves with cold water then cut the stem from the center.

Fit then to your breasts without covering your nipples.

Place the leaves inside your bra.

Leave the leaves about 20 min or until they become warm. Repeat if you need.

  • Thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is very important in the metabolism, hormonal growth, and in the function of the organs in digestive system.

To bring back the normal function of the thyroid gland, put cabbage leaves on the throat where the gland is (outside).

And, cover the leaves with a bandage. Sleep with it and remove it in the morning.

  • Swellings

In case of swellings in your arms or legs, wrap the area with cabbage leaves. Dress it with bandage. For best results sleep with that compress.

  • Headaches

Put cabbage leaves to the upper part of the head and your temples.

Then, put a hat, cap, or anything that can hold the leaves in place.

Note: Consult a doctor regarding health conditions!

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Why Is So Important To Massage Your Feet Before Bed! Miracle Starts Here

A massage is perhaps the best way to relax after a hard day’s work, and you can do it safely in the comfort of your home. A massage can boost your metabolism, stimulate the sweat glands, reduce fat, increase the blood flow and rejuvenate the skin.pijat-refleksi-kaki

Massage your feet before going to bed

Massaging your feet in the evening will help you eliminate the acid that causes cramps, relax the muscles and stimulate digestion. The feet have a crucial role in the nervous system as they contain numerous sweat glands and nerve endings. These nerve endings are connected with major organs in the body, so while you’re massaging the feet, you’re also affecting the organs.

Applying pressure on certain points on the body is a sure way to get rid of numerous diseases. Use your thumb to apply pressure on a point and hold for a couple of seconds. Perform the massage for 10-15 minutes for best results.

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How To Massage Your Fingers To Get Rid Of Cold, Sore Throat, Relieve Headache & Pain In The Sinuses

Take just a little time during the day and enjoy the ancient art of acupressure, and you will quickly be amazed of how it can relieve stress and prevent and alleviate numerous ailments, including flu and colds. In this article we give you some useful tips on how to apply some pressure on a particular area of the hand and alleviate sore throat, cough, runny nose and pain.how-to-massage-your-fingers-to-get-rid-of-cold-sore-throat-relieve-headache-pain-in-the-sinuses

Unlike acupuncture, where you have to get needles inserted into a certain point of your body, acupressure covers the entire surface, and has a stimulating effect on the entire body.

And you can do it all by yourself.

Step one: Relax

Before you start, make yourself comfortable in a chair or armchair.
Do not cross your legs.Breathe evenly.
Warm up your hands well, rubbing them together for about a minute, to increase the energy and make them more sensitive.
Grasp the opposite hand and place your hands on your thighs.
Start stimulating the desired acupuncture point.
If you feel any pain during the massage, do not forget to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.

What area of your fingers to massage?

Cold: massage the first section of the tip of your thumb, to stimulate the nose and throat.

This type of massage relieves respiratory problems and difficulties swallowing, nasal congestion, cough.

Sore throat (pharyngitis and laryngitis): Stimulate the lower part of the thumb, to relieve sore throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness and other symptoms.

Pain in the sinuses and sinusitis: the points that correspond to sinus cavities are located at the tips of all four fingers except the thumb. Massage these points as close as you can to the tips of the nails.

This relieves pain in the sinuses, headache, dizziness, feeling of pressure in the head, stuffy nose and difficulty breathing and it also stimulates the secretion of mucus.

Influenza: apply some pressure on the pads of all fingers.

This relieves pain in muscles and the entire body, and provides a relaxing and soothing effect.

For a better effect, gently massage the delicate skin between the toes, as this stimulates the lymphatic system.

You will also stimulate the elimination of excess fluids and toxins from the body.


Acupressure has several effects on the body:

Prevention: Applying regular pressure on the main acupuncture points helps in maintain good health and it can aid in the prevention and development of certain diseases.
Diagnostic effect: Great discomfort or pain while pressuring certain points may indicate another problem, related to the function of a particular organ.
Therapeutic effect: Systematic and regular stimulation can improve overall health.
The most important benefit of acupressure is its ability to relieve tension, because the pressure on certain points directly affects relaxation and restores body balance.

The general state of the organism improves greatly, because the massage stimulates circulation and oxygen flow.

This stimulates the creation of lymph which regulates the elimination of harmful substances from the body and affects the creation of immune cells.

The application of acupressure stimulates the excretion of substances in the body that trigger pain.

Also, it can eliminate any blockages in the flow of life energy, and thus helps the body start its self-healing process.

Therefore, try to find some free time to pamper yourself with this ancient gift. It is simple and inexpensive, and your body will be more than grateful.

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Works After Few Minutes: Doctors Recommend This Natural Remedy For Painful Canker Sores In The Mouth!

Canker Sores are extremely painful and they usually appear inside the oral cavity, on the base of the lips, cheeks or gums and under the tongue.They appear in different sizes, so there are two types of sores: smaller and large canker soresworks-after-few-minutes-doctors-recommend-this-natural-remedy-for-painful-canker-sores-in-the-mouth

1. Smaller canker sores usually heal within a couple of weeks, they do not leave scars and they are more common and more painful that the larger sores.

2.Larger canker sores are also very painful, they may leave scars, and also they can be so uncomfortable that it is sometimes hard to eat or speak.

Canker sores can be caused by many factors such as: indigestion, poor intake of vitamin C, B12 or iron.Also, oral hygiene, hormonal imbalance and stress can lead to canker sores, especially if you bite the inside of the cheeks. Although they typically disappear after a few weeks, during the entire period it is difácult to brush your teeth or eating. However, there are few effective and simple treatments which can solve your problem very quickly.

Below we are going to present you a few natural solutions that will greatly help with this problem:

1.   Salt water Salt water is very effective for treating canker sores. Mix salt and hot water, and hold it in the mouth for about a minute.

2.   Honey Honey soothes wounds and prevents further infection. First rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply the honey on the sore. Repeat this method a couple of times a day, and before bed.

3.   Coconut oil and honey Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with one tablespoon of honey. Apply it on your painful sore and hold it for 40 minutes. Repeat the process several times a day.

4.   Lemon juice and soda Mix half a spoon of baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on the sore. This is one of the most effective remedy for canker sores, apply it two or tree times a day times a day, and your sores will completely disappear in few days.



If you are continuously troubled by colds, you have one more reason to try and strengthen your immunity. Well, there is probably no way as effective as the following.russian-doctor-claims-your-immune-system-can-recover-in-only-15-seconds-heres-how-300x160

Professor Sergei Bybnovskiy, a famous Moscow chino-therapy specialist has proposed a new and simple way to strengthen your immunity.

According to him, all you have to do is to pour 10-15 cm of completely cool water, or ice-cool to be more precise, into a bathtub or a large basin, right after you come home from your work.

And whatever you do, don’t add any warm water!

Once you pour your water, remove your socks and enter barefoot into the tub. When you do, keep tip-toeing or dancing for 10-15 seconds!

After you finish, get out of the tub, wipe your feet with a rough terrycloth and put on some woolen socks. Do this every night and you will significantly improve your immunity.

This method is especially vital for you if you are very sickly person. If you are, tap your feet in icy water every 4 hours.

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Man Eats 2 Tbs Of Coconut Oil Twice A Day For 60 Days And This Happens To His Brain!

The theory of Dr. Mary Newport, if accurate, may be among the biggest and most important health discoveries of all times.man-eats-2-tbs-of-coconut-oil-twice-a-day-for-60-days-and-this-happens-to-his-brain

She suggests that ketone bodies, which are formed when the body digests coconut oil, can serve as an alternative fuel for the brain. This oil is believed to offer essential benefits in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. I
She had her own history with this condition, as her husband, Steve, suffered from progressive dementia for 5 years in his mid-50s, and then had an MRI which confirmed the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

In her case study, she told his story:

“Many days, often for several days in a row, he was in a fog; couldn’t find a spoon or remember how to get water out of the refrigerator… One day I would ask if a certain call came that I was expecting and he would say ‘No.’ Two days later he would remember the message from so-and-so from a couple of days earlier and what they said.”

She recounted that Steve had no short-term memory, but the information still existed somewhere in his brain, and she sensed that his diet was somehow related to the problem. Steve started taking medications to decelerate the development of the disease, but he became depressed, did not perform even the simplest tasks, lost weight, forgot how to cook and use a calculator.

Yet, he remained in a good condition and spent all day working in the garage and his yard.

Dr. Newport got interested in the findings of studies which stated that medium chain triglycerides or ketone bodies were able to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Experts also regarded medium chain triglycerides as a potential treatment for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, drug resistant epilepsy, and Huntington’s disease.

She explained:

“Ketone bodies may help the brain recover after a loss of oxygen in newborns through adults, may help the heart recover after an acute attack, and may shrink cancerous tumors. Children with drug-resistant epilepsy sometimes respond to an extremely low carbohydrate ketogenic diet.”

If glucose is unavailable, the cells in the body can use ketone bodies as an alternative fuel. They do not normally circulate in the body, but only when it is starving for a couple of days, or if the person follows a very low-carb diet. Dr. Newport adds:

“In Alzheimer’s disease, the neurons in certain areas of the brain are unable to take in glucose due to insulin resistance, and slowly die off… if these cells had access to ketone bodies, they could potentially stay alive and continue to function.”

Therefore, she started giving a dose coconut oil to her husband on a daily basis. He received 3 tablespoons of the oil twice daily, to ensure that here is a constant circulation of ketone bodies in the system. After a 2-month treatment, he became happier and alert, made jokes and became more communicative. Also, his tremor became less noticeable, and he was no longer distracted while working.

After a year, Steve became a completely different person, he recognized their relatives and friends, was active in conversations, easily found words, was much more active and happier, and his facial expressions were more animated.
His wife added:

“For now, we are very pleased with where he is at and should coconut oil stop or slow down the progress of his disease, it will be worth every drop that he takes.”


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Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey – Combination That Treats Many Diseases Including Cancer

There is strong medical evidence that the unique combination of garlic, apple cider vinegar and honey can cure many diseases and health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, infertility and impotence, ulcers, colds, infectious diseases and others.garlic-apple-cider-vinegar-and-honey-combination-that-treats-many-diseases-including-cancer-300x160

This powerful combination also strengthens the immune system and lowers the bad cholesterol levels.

The latest studies have revealed that these ingredients protect against many types of cancer.

Moreover, the patients who consumed this home remedy in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, have experienced a dramatical decrease of their high blood pressure  and cholesterol level within two weeks.

Here is the recipe, so we strongly recommend that you try it, as soon as possible:


  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 8 garlic cloves


Blend all the ingredients together.

Keep the remedy in your fridge, but make sure you consume it within 5 days, because if you keep it for longer it will lose its health properties.

Add two tablespoons of the remedy to a glass of water or some juice.

Drink it early in the morning, before you eat or drink anything.

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com