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How To Remove Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible Belly-Fat-Burning Recipe!

A bloated belly is much more than an aesthetic issue. You may not be able to button your jeans or pants, and you may look like an inflated balloon, but the real problem is that you feel uneasy. As a matter of fact, most people describe this discomfort as if they were carrying a lot of weight in their stomach.

One of the most effective recipes against bloating is Sassy Water, named after nutritionist and author Cynthia Sass. What’s important about this tonic is that it has almost no calories while it’s a powerful fat burner.  Moreover, this amazing combination of ingredients improves digestion, nutrient absorption and overall health.

Cynthia Sass has also proposed an effective weight loss regimen called ‘The flat belly diet’ which is based on drinking Sassy water for losing weight. What most people don’t realize is the importance of maintaining electrolyte balance in the body, while preventing water retention, something which plain water cannot provide even if you drank 2l a day. But, Sassy water prevents water retention in your body while balancing your electrolytes, which is why it’s an excellent substitute for plain water.How-To-Remove-Bloated-Belly-In-Just-60-Seconds-With-This-Incredible-Belly-Fat-Burning-Recipe


Sassy Water Recipe


  • 2l water
  • 12 small mint leaves
  • 1 tsp. freshly grated ginger
  • 1 thinly sliced, medium-sized lemon
  • 1 peeled, thinly sliced, medium-sized cucumber


Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher. Leave for an hour for the infusion to blend well. Drink 8-10 glasses a day instead of water.

Due to its super healthy ingredients, this recipe is extremely beneficial for improving digestion, curbing appetite, and preventing constipation and bloating.

If you want more details on how to prepare sassy water, watch the video below.

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Five Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Right At Home

With the summer fast approaching, the muffin top is every woman’s nightmare. You’ll all agree that keeping the belly flat requires a lot of time and effort, but, if you’re time-bound and can’t fulfill an adamant workout regimen, here we recommend the top 5 exercises to do at home to reduce your waist size and lose the muffin top at the same time.

The exercises have been proposed by professional and certified trainer Matt.


  • The high plank– lying on the floor in a push-position, tighten your buttocks (you should feel your navel getting close to your spine). Lift yourself to a plank position, hold for 15 minutes then lower yourself back to the floor. Do 10 reps of the exercise.
  • The lunge reach – stand up, your feet hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees while placing your arms aside. Lift your arms above your head lunging forward with the left leg. Push off your left leg to return. Alternate legs. Switching sides, do 16 repetitions of the lunge.
  • The hands-up hop – stand up, your feet hip-width apart; bend your knees slightly. Put your hands on your hips. Raise your right knee stepping forward with the left foot. Stretch your arms above your head hopping straight up on your left leg. Hands on your feet, land with your feet together. Switching sides, do 20 repetitions of the exercise.
  • The squat jump – this exercise may cause a little burning. Stand up, your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly placing your hands sideways. Raise your arms above your head then Follow by jumping straight up. Bringing your hands down, land in a squat. Do 12 repetitions.

  • The lunge jump – bending your left leg, put your arms above your head in a lunge position. Jump straight up switching legs in mid-air so that you land in a lunge with your right leg in front. Do 12 repetitions for wash side.

Now, get your beach body ready!

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6 Helpful Tips For Regrowing Your Thin Or Over Plucked Brows

You should know that the size, shape and color of your eyebrows have a huge impact on your face. You can have a perfect make up, beautiful dress and hair but if your eyebrows are not right then they will spoil your appearance.

Eyebrows have been very important since ancient age. So, Ancient Egyptians darkened and elongated their brows with carbon and black oxide substances. Medieval woman plucked them to be more attractive to their domed foreheads. In the 80’s bushy eyebrows were modern, in 90’s – skinny brows and today is the thick look.6-Helpful-Tips-For-Regrowing-Your-Thin-Or-Over-Plucked-Brows


The Brow Lowdown

If you preferred an over-plucked look previously, you will need to try hard to regrow your eyebrows again. Unfortunately for some women this is quite impossible but there are some tricks you can use to solve this unpleasant problem.

  1. Leave Them Alone

If you want to regrow your eyebrows you must stay away from wax and tweezers. This is not an easy thing as they will start growing everywhere but if you are persistent and you stop tweezing them for one year you will be able to get better results.

  1. Follow the Row Method

If you don’t want to stop tweezing your brows, you can try to tweeze them in rows. With this method you will need to leave the hairs closest to your brow to grow and pluck the others. After they grow you will move on to the next row. Do this until you are satisfied with their new look.

  1. Exfoliate To Stimulate

If you want fuller and thicker brows you can exfoliate the hairs with a soft toothbrush.

  1. Brow Razors Are Your Friend

According to esthetician Natasha Johnny you can also use brow razors which can stimulate and accelerate the process.

  1. Try Serum

If natural growth is not the right option for your eyebrows, then you may buy some serum. There are various products on the market which are designed for eyebrows and eyelashes.

  1. Fill Them In Yourself

At the end, you can also apply a little bit of makeup. It is easy and you don’t need expensive products or brushes. You can try with brow wax mixed with powder, or with brow pencil or gel. There are various tutorials which will teach you how to fill in your brows in a way that they will look natural, full and beautiful.

Watch This Video below as it will show you quick and easy visual guide on how to fill in your eyebrows.

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After This You Will Never Ever Spend a Penny for This Drink! The Worst Enemy DESTROYING Your Bones

A number of people worldwide enjoy drinking this beverage on daily basis. Even more frightening is the fact that even children consume it.
However, it is high time that we raise awareness about the dangers of soft drinks.After-This-You-Will-Never-Ever-Spend-a-Penny-for-This-Drink-The-Worst-Enemy-DESTROYING-Your-Bones

Here are the effects that soft drinks have on our body, according to scientific research:

The first 10 minutes
One cup of this drink contains 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is 100% of the recommended daily intake. Moreover, it also contains large amounts of phosphorus which is added to improve the taste.
After 20 minutes
There is a sudden increase of glucose and insulin levels in the blood, which causes the liver to turn the sugar in fat.
After 40 minutes
After a period of 40 minutes, the caffeine is entirely absorbed in the body. The blood flow is increased and the liver starts producing more sugar in the blood. The brain then blocks the receptors of adenosine, which prevents the feeling of fatigue.

After 45 minutes

The secretion of dopamine is increased, which significantly improves your mood. The effect is similar to that of the heroin.
Around 60 minutes
The large amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners contained in carbonated drinks increase digestion and excretion of calcium through urine.
After 60 minutes
The strong diuretic effects of caffeine start to act and all the useful minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and zinc, which are important for the bones, are excreted through urine.

After a little more than an hour
Decomposition of sugar is in the body is in the final stage. You feel full of energy and can experience frequent mood swings.
Along with the carbonated drink, the body also excretes the water and all the nutrients necessary for the proper function of the body.
Finally, the risk of developing diabetes is significantly increased.

Source: newremedies.net


Double Fat Loss With One Teaspoon Of This Miracle Spice Daily

Scientists from Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice journal came to the realization that people daily eat about one teaspoon ground cumin three times faster to lose weight than people who are on a diet or do not consume the spice.3333333-670x352

The research was conducted over a group which consisted of 88 overweight women. All women reduce daily caloric intake by 500 and tips to eat as healthier food. However, half of these women also received advice every day to eat 3 grams of cumin powder, blended in low fat yogurt. After three months, it appeared that the group that consumed cumin was successful in losing weight.
These women lost an average of 1.5 kilos more than women in the group that did not waistcoat, and in addition to an impressive 14 per cent decrease in fat in body. Women who did not eat cumin have lost about 5 pounds and fat dropped by 4.9 percent.
That’s not all-cumin helped them to lower their bad cholesterol level for  ten levels, which is more than double the results

Scientists explain this effect contains plenty phytosterols, who have the ability absorb cholesterol, and contains substances that speed up metabolism.

However, it might be an effective way to help with weight loss by cumin give women of Iranian studies the cause might be a high content beneficial effect on the balance of glucose in the blood, which have shown another study. Either way, it seems that the cumin is amassing in the struggle for a slender line but it should certainly include in the diet on a daily basis.
If you do not  like  to put yogurt on the menu with ground cumin, try 3gram this spice in your diet to include a little more appealing way. Add it to the stew of lentils or toss on roasted vegetables (nicely agrees with cauliflower with pumpkin ), put it in humus gauacamole or, in turn, toss on nuts instead of potato chips.

Cumin – Health Benefits

As we said, this powerful spice can provide many health benefits.
It’s great for digestion problems, because it contains essential oils, magnesium, sodium.
These compounds promote digestion and can provide relief for stomach aches.
People use this spice to fight and treat many health problems such as: insomnia, respiratory disorders, anemia and even skin disorders.
Cumin is loaded with iron, Vitamin C (which promotes a healthy immune system and keeps infections from forming or becoming worse).
A more recent study has found that cumin can be used to enhance memory function, and that it also has many other anti-microbial functions.
You can ground it or you can use whole seeds. But, we highly recommend to grind the seeds into a powder.

These are the best ways to incorporate this powerful spice into your healthy diet:
You should add cumin when you’re making your favorite soups, stews, chili, rice, beans or lentils, etc.
This amazing and super-healthy spice goes well with sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and cauliflower.
You can add cumin to marinades, salad dressings and mayonnaise.Just sprinkle some cumin on roasted nuts or chickpeas.You should add some cumin to a meat mixture when making meatloaf, meatballs or hamburgers.
Sprinkle some into your scrambled eggs before cooking.Buy cumin seed tea, or brew your own!
Simply boil the seeds and let them steep for 10 minutes. Enjoy your homemade cumin tea.

Source: www.healthylifetricks.com


She Drank This Remedy In The Morning For 3 Months, This Is What Happened To Her 20 Pounds Of Extra Weight

Losing extra pounds is not an easy process and usually can take some time. Often people expect to lose weight without doing anything. So, you should workout in the morning, go for long walks or combine both of these activities. Healthy diet is also very important.She-Drank-This-Remedy-In-The-Morning-For-3-Months-This-Is-What-Happened-To-Her-20-Pounds-Of-Extra-Weight

It is essential to start making some changes if you want to lose weight because a miracle won’t happen overnight. There are some solutions and one of them which will accelerate the weight lost process is – honey. The good news is that honey can be found in almost every home.

It is rich in nutrients which are beneficial for our overall health. If you start consuming it regularly you will surely notice the difference. One teaspoon of honey every day can help you in getting the desired body.

The most beneficial way of consuming the honey is by preparing the mixture of honey and warm water. This is the best combination for losing weight and in no time you will be able to wear your favorite skinny jeans. Even more it will clean your body from harmful toxins. Some people are wrong if they think that honey is a typical sweet product that increases body weight. So start consuming honey in order to improve your overall health and lose those boring extra pounds. Read how to prepare the mixture and how to use it if you want to be fit again.

How to make honey and warm water mixture

You should drink this mixture every morning before breakfast.

  • After you put some water in a pan, let it boil for a few minutes
  • Then wait until it cools enough
  • Before you pour it in the glass, strain the water
  • Then add a teaspoon of honey or two in the glass with warm water
  • stir well until the honey and the water become homogenous solution
  • drink this beverage on an empty stomach

Remember that the more water you use for preparing the mixture, the shorter time you will need to lose weight. This mixture will also improve kidney function and will help in eliminating excess water from the body.

There are various ways  in which you can prepare and drink this amazing mixture. Just continue with reading the text:

-If you want to feel fuller for a longer period of time, drink the mixture before and during the meals. It will also prevent you from overeating which is very important for losing weight. We have already mentioned that by consuming water and honey first thing in the morning ,you will lose weight faster.

– You can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice for better results. This mixture of lemon juice and the sweet honey is quite refreshing, especially in the morning as it has many health benefits. Lemon contains vitamin C and it is a powerful antioxidant which is known to be very helpful in the weight loss process. You will also have more energy during the day.

-You can also drink a cup of hot tea with a teaspoon of honey before breakfast in the morning. In this way you will feel fuller so you won’t have sugar cravings throughout the day.

– If you want, you can add cinnamon in the mixture of water and honey. You will accelerate the weight loss process and the beverage will have nicer aroma.

We really think that you will find the solution of your problem in this text as it has helped many people. So do not hesitate and put some honey in hot water immediately.

Source: http://www.non-stophealthy.com



Since there are many overweight people who have excellent health being overweight does not mean you are unhealthy.Screen-Shot-2016-06-03-at-12.26.46-AM-300x156

Likewise, associated with weight problems there are numerous individuals with regular weight who have metabolic issues. Not a huge issue is the fat under the skin, but it is the belly fat that causes the best problems.

You require to get rid of it if you have a lot of excess fat around your midsection, even if you are not really heavy.

We will provide you an effective and proven solution for getting rid of high cholesterol with this post. Since you just require lemon, parsley, water and baking soda it is very simple to prepare. Attempt it and you plan to be impressed by the outcomes.

Required active ingredients:

1 kg of lemon
5-6 laces of parsley
3 liters of water
1 bag of baking soda
How to prepare it?

With cold water wash the lemon and take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Then, include the baking soda in it. Place the lemon in this lemon and let it sit for an hour.

Consisting of the stems slice the parsley into little pieces. Chop the lemon, including its skin. Take the parsley and the lemon and put them in a pot. Pour 3 liters of water over them. For nearly 2-3 hours prepare on low heat. Strain them at the end. You will navigate 1.5 liters of syrup, which if you drink it frequently suffices for 15 days.

Every early morning on an empty stomach consume the resulted beverage. One dosage must be a fill brandy glass.


Worth Trying: Only Two Exercises And Two Cups of This A Day For A Completely Flat Stomach

This article is designed for those who’d like to shed a few pounds off their waste and get in shape just in time for the beach. It will reveal the best way to get a perfectly flat stomach in a super easy way, guaranteeing amazing results in no time.

People who’ve tried it say that this combination of 2 easy cardio exercises and an effective fat-burning drink was the solution for all their weight problems. Everyone who’s tried it swears it’s effective. All you have to do is follow our instructions and prepare to be amazed.

Furthermore, this natural, healthy mixture detoxifies the body and eliminates all dangerous toxins, prevents water retention, strengthens the overall health, and enhances the brain function and activity.worth-trying-two-exercises-two-cups-day-completely-flat-stomach

It’s super easy to prepare it. Here’s what you’ll need:


    • 1 cup fresh grapefruit juice, preferably organic(or orange juice)
    • 1 tsp. organic honey
    • 2 tsp. ACV


Pour the ingredients in a blender, blend them until they’re combined and pour it in a tall glass. Drink this juice every day for 10 days, about 30 minutes before you do the exercises we’ll explain below. Make sure you measure your waist before you start the regime and 10 days later, to compare the results.

Drinking this juice alone will be effective but if you really want significant results it’s best if you do some cardio workout in addition to it.

Here are some suggestions:

    1. Jogging or running are excellent choices for fast fat burning. They are the perfect steady-state cardio exercise to burn fat, and if you run or jog fast, you will burn even more calories. It running you’ll burn 100 calories per mile, and it will also prevent cardiovascular issues. However, if you are a beginner, starts slow and gradually increase the pace and distance.
    2. I you’re not a fan of jogging you can try spin class or high-intensity biking. They’re also very effective for burning fat and calories with an accelerated speed. In the case of a spin class, you can control the resistance and speed, but the harder you pedal, the more fat you burn. Just like with any other training, in the beginning start slow to avoid injuries, and gradually increase the resistance and speed. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated because this will make you sweat profusely.
Healing Power of Onions Can Onions absorb Bacteria, Viruses and Flu

Healing Power of Onions: Can Onions absorb Bacteria, Viruses and Flu?

Healing Power of Onions Can Onions absorb Bacteria, Viruses and Flu
The Almighty Onion…is she more powerful than we previously thought? This is an interesting topic that I discovered online several times in various forms, all relating to the theory that if you put an onion in the room of a person who is sick, the onion will ‘absorb’ the illness, and sometimes in just a few hours, the person is better. It seemed unbelievable, but I thought to myself, “Remember that one Jennifer, and if you ever need it, you have nothing to lose by giving the onion theory a try.”
A few points to note on Onion Healing:

This is not a new idea. Onions were used by certain individuals in Europe to successfully fight off the plague in the early 1900’s. Ayurvedic medicine has been using an onion poultice for the chest or feet to cure coughs, fevers and flus for centuries. They also use the onion poultice to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. Homeopathic doctors also use the healing power of onions to heal from viruses and illness.

I even know people in the North American Hutterite community, a pacifist community similar to the Amish whose traditions date back to the 16th century, who tell me it is common practice to place onions in their homes during winter flu season and to use cut onions in the room of an ill person to relieve their symptoms quickly and naturally.

It is said that white onions work better than red onions. Yellow onions would be an acceptable alternative, but white onions, with the latin name Allium Cepa, work best.

The onions need to be peeled if left around the home as a preventive measure against flu and viruses. Many people do this during flu season and find that no one gets sick, whereas in previous years with no onions, they had several members of the family fall ill. If placed around the home for prevention, the onions should be replaced every 3 months.

If someone falls ill with a cough, flu, cold or fever, immediately place a peeled white onion cut in half in a bowl in their room. The onion needs to be cut in half in order to expose the most amount of ‘healing power’ from its pungent odor.

Cut onions can also be used to eliminate mold smells in a closet, drawer or room.

It’s best not to leave a cut onion open in the fridge (to eat later) because as soon as an onion is cut, it will start to absorb bacteria, etc. So, if you cut an onion for a salad, either use the whole thing or put the other half in your garage or basement to absorb bad smells! Once the onion is in a salad in a sealed container, it is safe and can be eaten at a later time.

Perhaps the most interesting onion remedy is the Sock Onion. This is a ‘modern-day’ version of the Ayurvedic poultice, and involves cutting the white onion in half and placing one half on the bottom of each foot so that the cut onion is against the skin. Place a sock on top of the onion so it stays secure in place and leave the ‘Onion Sock’ on overnight. This is especially good for flus and fevers. One of my twitter followers recently shared her success with the Sock Onion:

Health Benefits of Onions
Onions are rich in sulfur-containing compounds that are responsible for their strong odor. Sulfur is a powerful detox element and helps the body to release toxins, especially for the liver. Foods naturally high in sulfur also help the body to detox from heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium.

The onion is the richest dietary source of quercitin, a powerful antioxidant flavonoid that has been shown to thin the blood, lower cholesterol, ward off blood clots, and fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections and is even linked to inhibiting certain types of cancer.

Onions are also naturally anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral. That, of course, is when you eat them!

Onions to Heal: First to Remove Odors
Fast-forward to me being in Vilcabamba, Ecuador where I’m here renting a house for 2 months to do an extended water fast. In the first few days in the house, we noticed a very bad septic smell coming from both toilets which never got better, no matter how many times we flushed or cleaned the toilets. After we started the water fast and became more sensitive to smell, I thought to myself, What can we do which is completely natural and will still take this smell away? Then I remembered everything I read about the Almighty Onion!

That night, we sliced 2 white onions in half, placed 1 onion in each of 2 bowls and put one bowl in each bathroom overnight. The onion smell at first was very strong, but that is actually a great smell when you are water fasting (we dreamed of tomato gazpacho with onions!). The next morning, to our complete amazement, there was no more onion smell, and guess what? There was no more septic smell either!!!

Onions to Heal: Taking the Onion Sock Test
I became so excited with this discovery that I wanted to try to Onion Sock theory. Luckily, we still had 1 onion left in the house, so the very next night, we cut the onion into 4 lateral thick slices (each slice about 1/2″ thick). I use 2 slices on my my feet and gave the remaining 2 to my boyfriend who willing put them on his feet. (Yes, he is a willing participant in all of this stuff including the water fast because, one, he is very open to try new things and he trusts my skills and experience, and two, because he lost his mom to cancer 8 years ago and knows that clean diet, clean body and clean mind are the keys to good health).

Now, the interesting part of this story is that we were on Day 5 of a water fast when we tried the Onion Socks. Mainly, I wanted to see if the onion could be used as a tool to amplify the detox effects. Especially with the body being so clean, the fumes from the onion could theoretically be absorbed through the skin and pass through the body more quickly, and perhaps eliminate internal bad bacteria or even parasites.

With Onion Socks on, we waited anxiously to see what would happen. Note that both of us were feeling good all day and I felt great when we placed the onions on our feet. My boyfriend was feeling pretty tired and weak after his evening enema but had felt really good earlier in the day.

Results of the Onion Sock Experiment

After about 30 minutes with the Onion Socks on, I started to feel distinct quivers in my calves and a twitch on my left side at the rib cage. 20 minutes later, I started feeling heartburn! That was amazing. I have not had any acid reflux at all during this water fast (although is was an issue during my last water fast, all of which I explain in my ebook: Water Fasting Guide & 40-Day Journal). Shortly after that, I started to feel hot in the head. In another 10 minutes, my eyes started to tear as if I had just cut an onion, although a much milder sensation but clearly a distinct tearing.

5 minutes after that, my boyfriend told me he had the taste of onion in his mouth!

So clearly, something was happening, even if it was only onion fumes passing through our bodies and nothing else.

The next morning, we compared notes about how we felt. My boyfriend had a terrible night and barely slept and felt that the onion fumes had upset his intestinal worms (which we are sure he has and are hoping the water fast will eliminate). I felt tired and weak, the first day for me to feel that way, but I did feel better. I don’t think it was the placebo effect as I am very open to trying something and saying it doesn’t work.

And the real reason why I think it worked is because 90% of my hay fever and allergy symptoms disappeared overnight!! That is the best part of this story so far. Ever since we arrived to Vilcabama, I have been sneezing like crazy, scratching my nose all the time with excessive mucous coming out of my nose almost constantly. Well, they say that raw foodists don’t have allergies so I could not understand what was going on and I was hoping that the water fast would help. But, we went through Day 1-4 with absolutely no change and no relief, still sneezing up to 50 times a day easily. Well, after the Onion Socks, I did not have any mucous, and I went through the whole day with no itchy eyes and no itchy nose and I think I sneezed only 2 times the entire day!! Now, that is no placebo effect! Anyone who suffers from allergies can appreciate how wonderful the sense of relief is, and to find a natural ‘cure’ and experience allergy relief from 1/2 of an onion?! Wow!!

Today we went out and bought 10 more onions and we are going to continue with the Onion Socks intermittently during our water fast. I’ll update later with more results. Meanwhile, consider trying this yourself at home. I mean, what do you have to lose except for the cost of a few onions? In my opinion, it’s a safe and effective method with nothing to lose and a lot to possibly gain.

UPDATE: I did the Onion Sock again the next night, and that was it. One month later, eating again, and all sign of hayfever are still gone! I recommended this to a Natural Hygiene Raw Foodist in Vilcabamba who was also having hay fever allergies, and he had noticeable reduction of symptoms after 24 hours.

P.S.- I’ve been told about the importance of  placing raw onions in our homes. It’s another part of our story.  A few women have mentioned it to me along the way. Of course eating raw onions is imperative for our overall health.

Source inloveconsulting.wordpress.com

This Is How You Need to Consume Raw Garlic To Flush Out Parasites From Your Body!

This Is How You Need to Consume Raw Garlic To Flush Out Parasites From Your Body!

This Is How You Need to Consume Raw Garlic To Flush Out Parasites From Your Body!
One of the most powerful herbs for curing of diseases is garlic. It has been used as an ingredient in many tasty dishes for centuries. Here are the health benefits of garlic:

Cooking with Garlic

Garlic is a very powerful vegetable. Using garlic you can make a salad, omelet or pasta sauce. It gives the dish a pungent flavor.

When you cut raw garlic open, the S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC) juices waft into the air. The most health benefits are provided by eating garlic raw. Garlic can be used in the treatment of the following diseases and problems:

  • Aging
  • Detoxification
  • Immune
  • Intestinal
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Skin
  • Worms

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be treated with garlic, too. Raw garlic is very helpful to establish mental clarity and detoxify your body. You can also use this powerful herb for hypertension and osteoporosis

Garlic Heals

Discover the incredible taste of this great ingredient! Garlic will provide a powerful, pungent bite to your dishes. Try the herb that is one of the most popular in the world: garlic!


Tips for Learning PSD to HTML5/CSS Conversion

Designing and developing a website involves a distinct set of activities. Both, however, are dependent on each other to deliver the finished product. Your design activities involve your aesthetic and creative genius to help you deliver a clean and beautiful website using Photoshop, the popular image editing tool from Adobe. However, your design in order to be developed into a website needs to be converted into an HTML file. Let us take a look into the basics of understanding how to convert a PSD into HTML 5 or CSS for developing a website.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkUAAAAJDgyMDJhYzgzLTQxMmMtNDk2Yy1iNmUwLWMyNTdhZTMyYTYyNA

Getting the Prerequisites in place

As a first pre-requisite to start on the conversion process is to have a PSD file in place. A PSD is the default file extension given to all files created in Photoshop. This will be the base for you to start off on the conversion.

In addition to this you will need a basic understanding of HTML5 in order to plan the layout. Get a grasp of basic HTML concepts like tags, attributes and syntax.

Setting up the Repository Structure

Before you begin, make sure you have the repository structure in place. Configure the structure of the location where the files and folders will be hosted. You need to create a main or the root folder which will hold all the sub folders. Create separate sub folders for every element of your design, namely, scripts, CSS, images, text and so on. In addition to this create an index.html which will hold your entire HTML mark-up. This is the main file which will be retrieved by browsers based on user requests.

Slice and Dice Image

It is quite obvious to even the uninitiated that the PSD file in its entirety cannot be included in the HTML file. Therefore, it has to be sliced into smaller sizes. You can choose between the two image formats, PNG-24 bit and JPEG, for saving the sliced images. However, while the PNG-24 bit is definitely the better option in terms of image quality, the JPEG is far superior so far as size optimization is concerned. Since lighter images are no doubt the first priority, you may want to compromise on quality in the best interest of your website.

Getting into the Code

Let us now understand how you can weave in the sliced images into your HTML 5 code. Position the logo prominently on the HTML 5 page. Include a header tag within your body tag. Within the header, add a div with a Wrapper as its class value. Include the image tag with the image path in its source attribute. Make the logo clickable by introducing the anchor tag and linking it to any section or page of your Website. Usually the Logo is linked to the home page so as to enable users with easy navigation. Your code once completed should look like this:

Use the Nav tag of HTML 5 to create the navigation bar. Make an ordered or unordered list as required and add

  • tags to include the menu options. Append a unique class name “active” to the firs
  • tag which can be used in the CSS. You would also need to add an anchor tag to link individual menu options to a specific destination on the webpage. Converting a PSD to HTML 5 becomes easy if you have the right tools to help you do it. Using tools like Dreamweaver helps to substantially reduce your manual effort and also deliver good results.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8682870

How to Decide What Type of Logo is Right for Your Business
27 Features That Make Up a Successful Small Business Website
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25 Best natural sleep remedies to have sound sleep

Follow the 25 natural sleep remedies to ensure that you sleep about seven to nine hours of good quality sleep at night and cure insomnia. An occasional sleepless night can happen with anybody. But if you are having frequent troubles in getting a good quality night’s sleep, it can be insomnia that is a chronic lack of sleep on a regular basis.download

Causes of Insomnia: The most common causes of insomnia are stress, anxiety, medication side effects, extreme temperature fluctuations, noise, hormones changes, depression, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease, chronic pain, sleep apnea, alcohol / caffeine intake and smoking before bedtime, excessive napping in the afternoon or evening.

In many cases, the sleep problems can be treated with natural sleep remedies like lifestyle changes and proper nutrition to cure insomnia. But in case of acute sleep problems, consult your doctor, so as to rule out or to treat any underlying conditions, such as depression, sleep apnea, heart disease, lung disease, hot flashes, or diabetes.

1. Mattress & Bed-sheets: Is your mattress too soft or too hard. Go for a comfortable mattress. Use clean bed-sheets nicely spread out on your bed.

2. Pillow: Is your pillow un-comfortable. If yes consider changing your pillow.

3. Bed: Your bed should be comfortable and not make noise when you turnover during sleep.

4. Bedroom: Your bedroom should be noise-less or with least possible noise. Use “white noise” devices to block out surrounding environmental noise.

5. Environment: Ensure that your sleeping environment is dark and adequately cool.

6. Urination at night: If you frequently feel urge to urinate at night, avoid caffeine and alcohol especially before bedtime, as they tend to increase your urination urge at night time which lead to sleep disturbances.

7. Whirling thoughts in your head: Sometimes some thoughts actively whirl in your head. Try to relax your mind with calm breathing. Think of some sweet memories, it will help you to put aside the thoughts that are disturbing your sleep.

8. Consistent Bedtime routine: Have a consistent bedtime routine, like taking a bath with suitable water temperature keeping in view weather conditions, going for a relaxing stroll, or do meditation/relaxation exercises as part of your regular night time routine.

9. Avoid late-night exposure to bright electronic screens: Using iPads, smartphones, TVs, computers, etc., just before sleeping or late night can disturb circadian rhythms.

10.  Regular sleeping times: Adjust your sleeping times according to your working schedule. Make it a habit to go to bed at the same time every night, and get up at the same time each morning, including the weekends.

11. Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine intake:  Cut down on your intake of caffeine (especially in the form of coffee or soft drinks), alcohol and nicotine, particularly in the evening.

12. Evening Meals: Cultivate habit to have light meals in the evenings / nights at least two hours before sleeping time. Follow the saying, have breakfast like kings, lunch like queens and dinner like beggars.

13. Be active during day time: A major culprit for poor sleep is lack of physical activity. We are getting sedentary, spending most of the day sitting in a chair at work, sitting in the car while commuting, and sitting in front of the TV when we get home. It is a known fact that people who are physically active sleep well than those who are physically in active or less active. Your mind may be exhausted at night but your body may not be tired enough to fall asleep. So go for adequate exercises during the day time.

14. Avoid doing intense exercise before sleeping time: Intense exercising too close to bed time can increase adrenaline levels, leading to insomnia.

15. Keep your naps short: Get into the habit of having short afternoon naps. Preferably use a darkened room for this purpose.

16. Drowsing in the Afternoon: Do not drowse for long hours in the afternoon. As soon as you begin to feel the afternoon slump, get it off by moving your body. To sleep well at night keep your afternoon naps short.

17. Relaxation techniques: Practice relaxation techniques regularly, like breathing exercises, yoga or meditation.

18. Don’t obsess: Do not worry too much about not getting sound sleep otherwise you will aggravate your condition. While sleeplessness is not a healthy condition, but it is not life-threatening.

19. Natural day sun light: Spend time in the open air as often as you can to get exposure to bright, natural sun light. The bright sun light can actually help you sleep. Getting enough natural light during the day is important for maintaining circadian rhythms that control your sleep-wake cycles. If you are concerned about harmful effects of solar radiation, do it in the morning or after the afternoon when sun is not too bright or use sunscreen.

20. Avoid sweets: Sweets give you a burst of energy; it’s short-lived and can cause uneven blood sugar levels. This can disrupt sleep in the middle of the night as blood sugar levels fall.

21. Aromatherapy: Studies have shown that Lavender helps you in sleeping. It has been found to lengthen total sleep time, increase deep sleep, and make people feel refreshed. Use a spray with real lavender to spray on your pillow before bedtime or put a lavender sachet under your pillow. It seems to work better for women, as women are known to have more acute sense of smell.

22. Mantram, an old time natural sleep remedy: Mantram is the practice of repeating over and over in the mind certain syllables, words or phrases that help counteract negative mental states. It helps you, if your mind is restless and full of  aggressive thoughts that keep you away from relaxing and falling asleep. You can choose a word, sound or phrase of your choice that is pleasing to you, and repeat it over and over in your mind. If your mind strays, simply focus back on the word.

Dietary Natural Sleep Remedies to cure insomnia:
23. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in helping you to sleep. This you can get from certain foods and from exposure to ultraviolet light. This has wide-ranging health benefits, and that a lack of it may cause insomnia and other serious health problems.
24. Magnesium and calcium: Magnesium is a natural sedative. Its deficiency can cause difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, irritability, pain, cramps, and constipation. Calcium is a sleep booster. Eat magnesium and calcium rich foods. Foods rich in magnesium are legumes and seeds, leafy green vegetables, wheat bran, cashews, and whole grains.
25. B-Vitamins: B-Vitamins are essential nutrients for you to have good quality sleep. Especially B-6 is a source for production of serotonin, a hormone which helps you sleep and tend to combats restlessness and anxiety that can keep you awake. People diagnosed with insomnia and depression has been found to be lacking in Folic acid (B-9). Vitamin B-12 is also needed for good sleep and mental health. Some people, like seniors and vegans, are more likely to be deficient in Vitamin B-12. Additionally, niacin, or B-3, has been shown to increase REM sleep and help with depression. For good sources of B vitamins you can consume animal products such as fish and dairy, and whole, unprocessed foods such as whole grains, beans, and green, leafy vegetables.

Follow the above outlined 25 natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia.