Social Bookmarking

What is Social Book Marking?

Whether you own a business website or a website for other purposes, you might be aware of the importance of high rankings of your website on the internet. When you are aware of SEO, you must also be aware of Social Book Marking, which is becoming popular and hot these days. Apart from getting good back links, your website may also be placed in high rankings in web pages by these services. Social book marking is highly advantageous, but it is not so easy to do it.Social Bookmarking

If you want to have effective book marking, you must have many friends and followers to follow you online and read the contents and posts and repost them. If you want an effective social book marking, you must spend time honestly in it. Book marking is the best tool to create good back links in the process of promoting your website. Even if you are a business person, you have to spend truly some time on social media sites.

Ways to Bookmark:

You have to register with the most popular social media websites and this could be done by providing an email address and an email will be sent to your address to verify your account and you will be asked to sign in. It is better to sign in as many reputed social media websites as possible for social bookmarking SEO purposes. This is the best way to promote your website. Now onwards, you can start submitting contents.

You must provide useful and informative contents so that it is read by many users of your website. Over marketing your content and over using of social media website should be avoided. It is also important to post your content in the right niche to enable the visitors to have an easy access. The quality of your contents should be in such a way that you are receiving positive comments from the readers.

When you describe a content or website, you must be careful in using the right keywords, when you bookmark your articles in social media websites. The keywords, you use, must serve the purpose for which the content is created. It is more important to follow the rules and regulations of the social bookmarking sites or otherwise, you will lose your account. Further, if you have a lot of accounts, bookmarking will not be easy.

Nowadays, online marketing has reached its peak level and every business organisation, whether big or small have at least one website for their business promotion purposes. In olden days, internet was not popular, as it is today, and therefore, only a few business people entered into online business and enjoyed the benefits of top positions in many search engines including Google. But, now competitions are stiff in internet business and it is not easy to reach the top rankings in web pages. It is, therefore, felt that social networking sites and bookmarking are very important to stay in the competition.

Today, social networking sites are capable of attracting many visitors to your website and increase the traffic. More and more visitors are visiting these social media sites and looking for fresh book marked contents or to know the status of their friends. Your motive should be to increase more traffic to your website and for this purpose, you should have large number of network friends, your bookmarking must be very much interesting to the visitors and on your part, you must visit your friends’ websites and promote their bookmarks.

Only when you have a large number of followers, your website will be promoted to an expected level. Suppose you are bookmarking a story in your website, it must carry an attractive heading to create interest among the visitors in reading it. Each visitor will pass on the information to many of his/her friends and your website will receive heavy traffic and will be flooded with many new visitors.

Moreover, there are some basic ethics in participating in such social networking sites. First of all, you should not send any spam to your friends or to the submission pages. Then, you must also visit your friends’ sites, read their submissions, comment on them and actively take part in their activities.

Even though, there are many benefits in using social bookmarking service, there are some bogus companies, which will swallow your money and you should be careful in identifying such non reputed companies and avoiding them. It is better to use the services of reputed sites such as Google, Face book and the like.

Next important thing is to select a bookmarking service that is affordable to your budget. If you go for a cheap service, you have to check for the credibility of the company. There are many reputed companies that offer the services such as web designing, web development, providing search engine optimization services, social bookmarking, article marketing, link building and the like and you have to use your wisdom to select a good company for promoting your website and your business.

Top Ten Free Web Hosting Sites

Top Ten Free Web Hosting Sites

You are aware that web hosting is very much essential for your website and there are thousands of websites, available on the internet that come forward to host your website free of cost and these sites provide you necessary bandwidth along with reliable and faster service. In this article, there is a discussion on some important websites that provide you many features including web hosting and you will be able to get new and amazing ideas to start your own website free of cost. If you are not in need of advanced features for your website, it would be better to go for a blogger. But, if you require PHP, My SQL and some other features, you need a website and not a blogger.Top Ten Free Web Hosting Sites

Here is the list of top websites that provide you free web hosting with features such as PHP, My SQL, C Panel and others and that too free of cost. After learning about web hosting, you go for the purchase of web hosting from a reliable website, available online.

1. is one among the websites that provide you free web hosting along with features like PHP, My SQL, C Panel and other important features. Many users are using this site to host their website and enjoy great benefits.
2. is also another site providing web hosting services with necessary features with almost cent percent guarantee and provide you 1.5 GB disk space and 100 GB data transfer.
3. is also a free website builder and provides you free webhosting and other advanced features. This is also considered as a trusted website that provides you necessary services.

4. is yet another reputed website that provides you free web hosting with some advanced features. This website offers unlimited disk space and you have the liberty to start any type of website.
5. is also one among the great websites that offers special features like PHP, My SQL and others for your benefits. As thousands of templates are available in this website, you can make best use of them to start your own website.
6. is another website offering free web hosting to you and if you intend to start a business website, you can utilize the services of
7. is a site that provides you with PHP, My SQL, Control Panel and other facilities along with free web hosting and 1000GB disk space. The speciality is that you can start a professional website with the features that are offered by this website.
8. is another website that provides you with free web hosting with 25 GB free disk space and 6 GB data transfer. They also provide you 24 hours technical support to you.
9. 1 is also a free web hosting site that offers 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth and 5 free e mail accounts. You can also utilize the services offered by them to achieve fast growth for your website.
10. is a website that is liked by students and teachers, as they offer great features related to the study of several subjects. This website provides you with 32 GB disk space with some excellent features to build an education website.

Top ten Cheap Domain name Registrars

Top ten Cheap Domain name Registrars

Domain name is very much important for your website as search engines approach your site content by landing on your domain name and it would be also easy for the visitors to access your site. What you have to do is to buy a domain name from the websites that are selling domain names at cheaper rates. But, you must take care to select the website for the purchase of domain name by ensuring the reliability and credibility of the site from where you gat a domain name for your website. At the same time, you should get the same at a cheaper rate. Here are the ten websites that come under the above category to serve your purpose.Top ten Cheap Domain name Registrars is one among the top websites that provide you domain names at cheaper rates and they provide all types of technical services all the twenty four hours of a day. Using your coupon codes, you can get domain names at an affordable rate. is yet another website to buy cheap domain names and in addition, you can also avail webhosting facility to set up your professional website. is a website, from where you can get cheap domain names and other services are also available at reasonable rates with great speed. is also a website that has a large selection of domain names and you can choose favourite domain name at a cheaper rate and they offer web hosing to set up your own professional website. is another reputed website that provides you a lot of domain names at affordable rates, along with other services. is also a renowned website that deals with selling of domain names at cost effective rate and this site provides virtual private server hosting, which you can avail. is a website that sells domain names at cheaper rates as well as it also provides advanced features, such as unlimited e mail address, disk space and SEO services for the benefit of its customers. is another website offering cheaper domain names but, you can get them with coupon codes only. Their customer services are very quick. is a US based website that sells cheaper domain names, which you can avail and this website serves US customers also. is also a better choice for buying cheap domain names and they offer web hosting packages at a very reasonable rate, along with some advanced features.

keyword research tool

Top Ten Keyword Research Tools

You are aware that relevant keywords are very much important for getting a good number of visitors to your website or blog. Keywords are to be incorporated in title or in first and last paragraphs or in the body of the article, whenever you post contents in a blog. Keywords are also important for the search engines to identify your website and place it in the web pages with high ranking and thereby bringing heavy traffic to your website or blog. Many people ignore this fact and do not insert proper keywords in their blog posts and hence they lose a good number of visitors.

In this article, the top ten keyword research tools are discussed for getting SEO friendly keywords for your posts.

Google Ad word Keyword Tool is the best tool for finding apt and targeted keywords for your contents and the facility is available at free of cost. You will also be able to find short tail and long tail keywords and in this way, you can increase your ad sense earnings.

Word Stream Keyword Tool is another tool that helps you to find SEO friendly keywords. You can search for keyword grouping, keyword niches and other options using this tool. For a limited research of keywords, the search is free and if you want to get more than thousands of keywords for your appropriate selection, you need to use paid version.

Word Tracker is yet another tool to search for SEO friendly keywords and here too, free and paid versions are available for your research of keywords.

Keyword Eye is another useful tool in finding searched keywords and you are allowed to search for more than 10 keywords per day and if you register yourself with this tool, you can be benefited by more searches for keywords.

SEO Book and Uber Suggest are the best tools available for keyword research and if you enter any keyword in the search box, you will get a list of targeted keywords, from which you can select your relevant keyword.

You can get a list of SEO friendly keywords from Bing Keyword Research Tool and you can choose the right keywords to enhance your ranking in web pages.

Similarly, Keyword Spy, SEMRush and SpyFu are also the available best tools to do your research on SEO friendly and SEO friendly keywords.

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Top 20 do follow Forums to increase Back links

It is necessary to work hard in creating do follow back links and there are different methods to get high pager rank do follow blogs such as guest posting, social book marking sites, blog commenting and the like. At the same time, if you leave your site on any high pager rank do follow forums, you are assured of heavy traffic and more visitors to your site and you can also get some do follow back links to improve your pager follow Forums

It is natural that people work hard to share their site on social media sites and get more traffic. It is also true that do follow links are also there to help you in this regard. By the help of these links, you are able to receive some attractive traffic from search engines on each post of your blog.

You have to register on the forums in order to increase your back links, but before that, you must carefully read the rules and regulations of the forums for strict adherence. You must also mind that you are not expected to send emails and advertisement mails to the people, who have not asked for it. That is too much of spamming and will tend to block your account on a permanent basis.

The top forums are as follows.

1.CNET Forum

2.  V7nForum

3. Webhosting Forum

4. Site owners Forum

5. Mysql Forum

6. Digital point Forum

7. Joomla Forum

8. Search Engine Forum(Seo Chat)

9. Uk Busineess Forum

10. PhpBB Forum

11. HTML Forum

12. My game builder Forum

13. Affiliate Marketing Forum

14. Site Point Forum

15. Warrior Forum

16. Capital Forum

17. File Sharing Forum

18. Website fix Forum

19.  Geek Village Forum.

20. Letus forum

The above forums will definitely help you to get heavy traffic and do follow back links. Having registered in many forums you should not leave a single forum and you have to spend some time on every single forum, you have already signed up.