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Know about Directory Submission

Directory submission is the process of adding your website to a web directory. To be precise, you are you are submitting your website URL and other details of your website to the most appropriate category. For instance, if your website is health related, then you have to submit your site URL to health related directories in order to get back links from submission

Types of Directories:

There are three forms of directory submission and they are paid web listing, free web listing and reciprocal regular web listing. As far as the first category, namely, paid web listing is concerned, the owner of the directories website will charge you for submission and you will get the necessary approval for your links in 24 hours. Some directory sites are offering yearly packages or life time packages. In the second type namely free web listing, no charge is made and at the same time you will not be guaranteed for approval of your link and it may even take a long time for getting approval. In the third category, a reciprocal must be submitted to your site and your link will be approved after you activate the same.

Purposes of Directory Submission:

Links to your website will create more paths to reach your website and more people will feel the presence of your site. Search engine spiders are able to find the directions to your site by using the links to directories. When the visit of the search engines to your site increases, it will enable your site to get top rankings and your site will be considered as very important. It is also essential to target specific keywords or key phrases as titles for your directory submissions. You are aware that important keywords will increase the traffic to your site and if your site is an online business website, then your business will flourish.


Links are created as references to the website and when the number of references is high and then search engines will start giving priority to your website. But, it is not so easy to create back links and this can easily be achieved by link building services. Directory submissions are considered as one among the forms of link building services. Directory submissions are quick and cost effective and this is the reason for the SEOs to give preference to directory submissions.

Moreover, submission timings are also important and for the websites, which are less than one year old, directory submissions must be processed slowly. This is essential to achieve better results. For an already well established website, this could be done in a single day or slightly more that that. At the same time, you must ensure that the directories to which you submit your website should be SEO friendly.

You must also understand that all the directory submissions are not approved, and therefore a good submission should not be submitted to more number of directories. You must also see that your submission includes tracking service to enable you to find out how many of your links have been approved.

Types of Directory Submissions:

There are two types of directory submissions called manual submission and automated submissions. In general, automated submissions are not preferred because it may submit your website to a network of poor directories. Manual directory submission is the best option. But for manual submission of directories, you require proper planning and it involves much labour. It is better to seek the help of experienced professionals to do this on behalf of your website.

Manual submission of your website link to a directory will bring great benefits to your site. Manual submission is the best available option in terms of search engine optimization. Such links will be most popular than a directory submission done by using software. The popularity of your site will also increase by manual submission as more people will review your site, scrutinise and look for quality contents.

Advantages of Directory Submissions:

The main advantage is that most of the directory submissions are free and therefore, the cost involved in utilizing the search engine optimization services will be less. Further, you are receiving an anchor text for your link and you can enter the title for your website that contains apt keywords and as a result, your website ranking will be improved by SEOs. Another important advantage is that targeted traffic is diverted to your site and thus improving your rankings in web pages.

Most of the reputed search engine users highly recommend the directory submissions services as a great opportunity to make your site popular, to increase the visitors and potential customers to your website and the like. These are the best ways of improving the rankings of your website. If it happens to be a business website, link building and directory submission services are the best ways to improve your online business in selling your products and services and to earn a good profit.

You have to Optimize Images for SEO in Blogger

You have to Optimize Images for SEO in Blogger

Any website would like to have more visitors to gain popularity against competitive websites and for this purpose you have to create images in blogger and optimize them. This is because, search engines prefer optimizing images to provide high rankings to any website or blogger and therefore, optimizing images has become an essential part in gaining popularity to websites. Many people ignore this part of optimizing image, but, it will consume only less time in doing this optimization. If you optimize your blog image, then you can feel the experience of receiving a large number of visitors to your blog or website.You have to Optimize Images for SEO in Blogger

First of all, you must select the image in proper format and save all image in PNG or JPG format. Moreover, when you optimize an image, you have to compress its size to occupy less space in your blog or otherwise, the blog loading time will increase. Compressing the image will help in getting higher rankings by the SEO. As soon as you capture an image, you have to provide it with an attractive name that is SEO friendly keyword. This will enable to get more traffic.

You have to use hyphen in lieu of blank space to your images as search engines will easily crawl it. For example, if the title is Optimize Images for SEO, you have to change it in the style Optimize-Images-for-SEO. This is only an illustration. Here are the necessary steps to optimize images for SEO in blogger.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Create New Post >> Upload your image.
  2. Click on image and select properties.
  3. Here, add your image title and alt tag.
  4. Now, click on OK and you are done.

It is, therefore, asserted that you have to optimize image in your blogger and then search engines will work on giving higher ranking to your blogs and thereby increase your web traffic.

SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs

Top Ten Best SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs

Top Ten Best SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs- For any website, particularly for a business website, traffic is vital and the success of your website and online business depend on the amount of traffic to your website. To increase the traffic, search engine optimization is very much essential to bring the rank of your website to a higher level in web pages. Those, who are familiar with SEO tricks and tips, can mange their traffic to their websites, but what about the people, who are ignorant in such techniques?SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs

Actually search engine optimization is divided into two parts namely on page SEO optimization and off page SEO optimization. If you are a user of a blog, then you need to make certain changes in your template to make it totally friendly with SEO or otherwise, you can use such blogger templates, which are already optimized with on page SEO. When this process is completed, you have to go for off page SEO optimization and do your best to increase your blog ranking.

Top Ten SEO Tips:

Choosing correct post URL will always help you to get more visitors to your site or blog. This will actually help remove stop words from your post URL and make it SEO friendly. When you write one post for your blog, then change its permalink and remove stop words from your post URL.

Search engines usually give importance to the post title at first and if you optimize your blog post titles, your site may find a place in the first page of web rankings and hence you get increased traffic. The steps in this regard are as follows.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template>> Edit HTML.
  2. Find <title> < data: blog. page title/></title>
  3. Replace the above code by the new one as bellow.
  4. <b: if cond =data: blog. page type ==& quot; index & quot:>

<title>< data:blog. title /></title> <b:else /><title><data:blog.pageName/ I

<data:blog.title/>< /b:if>.

Search engines give due importance to Mega Description for your blog. You can add more than 150 characters in Meta Description followed by post description.

Enable Custom Robots Text is also one among the SEO tips for making your blog SEO friendly. Similarly, Enable Custom Robots Header Tags is also considered as a better SEO tip to make your site SEO friendly.

Optimization of images in your blog is also one of the best ways in increasing blog traffic and there are different methods to do this and some of them are Using Keyword in Image Name, choosing the best format, adding Title tag and Alt. tag and using of proper dimensions.

Inviting blog comments are good to increase the web traffic, but on the contrary, if you get irrelevant and bad comments, your blog reputation will be in lurch. Therefore, you need to add no follow attribute in your comments section. The steps involved are as follows.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Edit HTML.
  2. Find expr:href=data:post.createLinkURL

Replace the above code by the following one.

rel =external nofollow expr:href=data:post.createLinkURL.

  1. Click on Save Template and you are done.

You need to optimize blog labels to enable the visitors to navigate your site easily and this is one among the best SEO tips to get more traffic.

You have to add internal links to make your blog SEO friendly. Internal links are nothing but hyperlinks that are to be added on targeted keywords.

Improving your blog loading time is very much important. This is because, if the visitors experience more loading time to reach your blog; they will lose their patience and move to other sites, without spending much or no time on your


Top Five Websites to buy or sell Websites and Blogs

Selling and buying of websites is a great business nowadays and if you are the owner of a popular website, you can earn money well. You must have enough knowledge in programming languages like HTML, XML, CSS, Java Script and the like and have the efficiency to create a professional website. You must also possess deep knowledge in web designing and web development services. However, you can engage the services of expert web designing and development companies for this purpose in creating a blog or website for you.Top Five Websites to buy or sell Websites and Blogs

Having created your well designed website or blog, your website should gain popularity and for this, you have to use SEO services offered by many companies and you are aware about the tricks to be followed to get a good ranking to your website in search engine pages. Now, if you sell your website or buy a popular website, you can earn a lot of money and here is the discussion on top five websites, which are engaged in buying and selling of websites. is one of the popular website that helps you to buy or sell websites and many people have been benefited by the services of this website. is yet another popular website that is engaged in buying or selling websites for its customers and others. Through this website, you can also sell your attractive domain and earn a good income. Another important and reputed website, through which you can sell or buy websites and blogs, is After paying an amount to be specified by the company, you have to list your websites or blogs intended for sale.

If you list your websites or blogs with the website namely, then you are likely to get many bidders and earn a sizeable income by selling your website or blog. You can also buy some popular websites through this website and earn an income. Similarly is another platform, through which you can do the business of either selling or buying websites in an attempt to earn money. Apart from paying money for listing, you may have to pay commissions also for selling or buying websites.

Top Five High Paying Topics from Google adsense

Top Five High Paying Topics from Google adsense

If you have thorough knowledge about Google adsense and how to use it to attract many visitors to your website and earn a lot of money, then you will be much benefited. Choosing of incorrect niche and start blogging on it will end up with less traffic to your site and your site will also lose its reputation. There are several topics to choose and commence blogging on it. But, if you go for high paying topics and work hard in writing quality articles, then you can earn sumptuous money with ad sense account or with any other advertisement network. Let us discuss about five top high paying ad sense topics to earn a handsome amount.Top Five High Paying Topics from Google adsense

In general, people should write on topics of their own interest and produce quality articles and contents and one should not follow illegal tricks to earn money online and through websites.

Make Money Online:

This is the best topic that is liked by many visitors and searched online. If you are aware of the methods in making money online, you can write on these topics and post them in blogs and link them with the leading advertisement platforms. Then, many visitors and business people used to visit these websites and advertise their products. You can earn a lot of money through these posting of topics.

Health tips:

If you are an expert in giving health tips, you can write on this topic, as this is the most searched topic by a majority of visitors. This topic is popular in USA, Canada and other western countries and hence, you can get easy approval of ad sense or any other advertisement network, due to increase in visitors from these countries.

Blogging tips and Tricks:

There are many people, who have no knowledge about blogging and therefore this topic will also have a lot of followers and if you make a blog on this topic, your visitors’ strength will be increased as well as your income. You can also go for writing about blogger tips. SEO tips, Word press tips and so on to earn more money.

Business, Banking and Finance:

This is also an interesting topic that attracts many people, especially business people and students pursuing education on these subjects. By writing various interesting topics on banking and related subjects, you can invite more visitors and earn good income.

Beauty Tips:

It is a Universal truth that every one wants to look beautiful and therefore, if you provide tips on this topic, your followers will soar like any thing and it is needless to say that your income will also equally raise. But, you have to be genuine in giving beauty tips and avoid wrong and unhealthy tips.